Will Hope See Liam Kissing Steffy Claus on The Bold and the Beautiful? (SNEEK PEEK)

Hope Logan (Kim Matula) must have been born under a bad sign for weddings. Today on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful, the blushing bride gets the shock of her life, when she spies her groom with his ex-wife.

Okay, I am lying. It isn't really the shock of her life, since this sort of thing happens each and every time Liam (Scott Clifton) tries to marry one of these broads.

At least if Liam picks Steffy (Jacqueline M. Wood) this time around, Hope has a hunky back-up plan in Wyatt (Darin Brooks). Watch Friday's B&B sneak peek after the jump!



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    Oh God. You know I liked Hope but now she’s getting on my nerves. Liam can’t send a video to Steffy, he can’t hug Steffy, can’t talk to Steffy etc. Hope, what more do you want? And frankly, I just think she is making excuses to Liam because she really likes Wyatt and all this is a smoke screen.

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    Okay I may have missed something. Did Liam really leave that note for Hope to meet her or did Quinn leave it knowing that Steffy is in town and going to speak with Liam?

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    as long as we keep hope and liam in the spotlight w/message boards, their stories will never end. Sad, but we ask for it. I even hate to type her name and usually use another for her. I guess all this is to gain interest for people to see who she is and tune in??? not me, can’t stand to watch her animated face..smirking,bobbing of head, flipping her hair, etc. I use close caption when she comes on so I don’t have to watch her animations.

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