Ava Vows to WIPE Carly Off The PLANET on General Hospital! (PROMO)

General Hospital has no plans to slow down in 2014, judging from the action-packed trailer the soap recently released. Morgan (Bryan Craig) has a target on his back. Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) have never been happier.

Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West) is threatening Carly (Laura Wright) within an inch of her intergalactic life. Talk about blonde am-bitchin'! Check out the General Hospital 2014 teaser after the jump.



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    [quote=GHFan777] Anyone that wants to rid Port Charles of Carly, is all right in my book. I would give her the key to the city for that. [/quote]

    THIS! I am ready for Carly to be put away wet because GH has ridden her hard.

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    Maura West is Gold, if they keep writing her like this.. she will definitely win an emmy!!! Plus, to have two carly’s one from ATWT AND GH IS PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

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    Bwah! Ava obviously has no idea who she’s dealing with. Team Carly!!!
    Love her expression at the end, it’s almost as if Ava’s threat gave Carly permission to go full throttle on her. Ava obviously doesn’t realize this is the woman that ordered a hit on her ex, Franco.

    I love MW, but I’m annoyed by Ava’s constant smugness and attitude of thinking she can get away with anything. Bitch needs to start paying for something already.

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    Morgan is BOSS, just like his Daddy. He made sure he covered his ass where Dante Sell a Brotha out Falconeri was concerned. Cause he would sell him up the river like he did Michael.

    Obrecht, was cuckoo as a bird in the Cell next to Sonny with her beautiful voice. It was a great show. Keep up the good work Cartini.

    Carly, AJ scenario either or cause they are both bad Bitches. Can’t wait for the show down.

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    I love Ava, but Maura needs to cut back on the botox and the plastic surgery or she is going to end up looking like Bobbie or a blow up doll (which she resembles in the above photo.)

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    I love it!! Team Ava all-the-way!! :-) For years Carly has been running around Port Charles like she owns everything & everyone (as in every man in town) in it…with little-to-no consequences. It’s about time she gets knocked-down. I’m soooo glad I’m no longer seeing Carly & Sony on the screen 24/7 anymore!!! In this epic battle between Ava and Carly, I’m putting my $$$ on Ava! Carly knows how to ‘order hits’ but Ava DOES THE HITS HERSELF! Can’t wait to watch this all unfold.

    Thanks FV/RC for bringing back the GH I’ve loved and missed! muah <3

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    Team Ava all the way to the bank! If Guza was running the show, Carly would always win hands down, but the tide has turned, so Ava needs to stomp Carly’s ass and give Morgan some of her good good! :bigsmile:

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