SPOILERS: Nick and Sharon Heat Up on The Young and the Restless!

Nick/Sharon: Add Abby to the list of Newmans who aren’t keen on Nick kicking it with Sharon. The former Naked Heiress is alarmed when she visits her big brother and sees how tight he is with his ex! 

Abby giving Nick her two cents doesn't slow his roll. Watch for sparks to fly for Shick at Neil and Leslie’s New Year’s Eve engagement party, much to Victor and Nikki's dismay!

Adam/Chelsea/Victor: The two ring in the New Year with great news regarding baby Connor. Adam should get too comfy, however. Mr. Money Bags is getting dangerously close to finding out who killed Delia. Will he turn his own son in?

Victoria/Billy/Kelly: The Abbott playboy gets a key clue in Delia’s hit-and-run accident. He also hits the sheets with Kelly and follows it up by getting freaky with his wife. Hopefully he showers in between!

Kevin: He comes across some shocking information.

Dylan/Avery/Nikki/Nick: This cat just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Dylan decides to seek out his real father, Ian Ward, despite warnings from Nikki and Avery. Watch for Dylan and Nick to eventually team up to deal with the threat Ian brings to Genoa City.

Jill: The vixen’s night takes an unexpected turn.

Lily: Her cancer test results are in! Look for a surprising business opportunity down the road, courtesy of a relative.


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    Lily working for Colin? Or will Devon fund some business for her? Neither one makes sense. If it’s Colin, why would she work for the man who tried to kidnap her kids. If it’s Devon, why would he fund a business for her to run instead of himself. Almost as ridiculous as Neil’s story turning into Hilary trying to destroy lane’s marriage equaling more airtime for Lane than Neil.

    How much great news regarding Connor can Chelsea and Adam get…hasn’t he already been given a great diagnosis for his transplant. Why are we still discussing this kids health?

    Billy can’t go lower.

  2. Profile photo of scrumptious

    Billy. Vomit, vomit, vomit. That’s grimy as hell. It reminds me of this summer when Lauren hopped from Carmine’s dick to Michael’s without showering in between. Doing it on the back of a dead child is even grosser.

    They should do another HIV/Aids story like with Nate/Olivia/Keesha.

    Who busts Adam first, Victor or Kevin? Looks like he’s heading to prison either way unless somebody caps his ass.

    Dylan and Nick teaming up must be Ian Ward does something to Avery or Nikki.

  3. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    The whole mess sounds terrible in my humble opinion. Firing their best actor and letting a great one, like Michelle Stafford get away is just beyond me. Billy has lost me, in regards to caring for him. Dildo couldn’t improve, no matter what he did. After way over 30 years of watching only Y and R, as a daytime show, I am about to pull the plug. So many non talented newbies, terrible stories that are not of interest, and I could go on and on, but won’t do like YR and bore you any more.

  4. Profile photo of bobbyew

    I am loving it right now. Slow but it is going at the pace Bill Bell had his stories go.

    Villy can’t catch a break. Billy always gotta be putting his peen in some nasty cooch.

    These last episodes with Adam are going to be excellent. The new writing is good. I just want them to hurry up and get that music box shit over with.

  5. Profile photo of Yoryla

    There was a time period on GH a few years back, yes, when Jill Farren Phelps was in charge, called “Summer of Sleaze”. Seems to me this is Y&R’s version of it.

    Winter of Sleaze, that’ll bring up great promos for the coming weeks. Ugh.

  6. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’m not really sure why Dylan is sooooooooooooooo stupidly insistent on finding his father when he isn’t really interested in getting to know his mother. NOR is he interested in reaching out to the convent where he was born or even the aunt, his mom’s sister, who knows the whole story of why he is who he is.

    It is a 2 episode arc to this story that would give more balance to why this moron wants to find his father, which from what the faces and the stern WHISPER from Nikki proves is a bad thing to do. Even having Dylan walk into the police station and talk to Paul would be a smarter thing to do in this story than to unleash what would become a typical and predictable storyline.

    Plus, Colin is coming back to town so how many evil father’s does the GC need besides Victor and Colin?

    Please give Lily a smart story and pants to wear or even a longer BUT CAN BE TIGHT skirt! It’s WISCONSIN in the middle of December, no woman is that FASHION SAVVY that she would expose her NEVER REGION to the bitter cold snaps of that part of the country!

    And Billy sleeps with Kelly?! Seriously?! At least when this part of the story was done with Victoria’s brother Nick with Phyllis, there was more of a motivation and even a bigger relationship at the time. THis is just a poor copy.

    AND NOT EVERYONE WHO LOSES A CHILD SLEEPS AROUND! This is one of those ridiculous stories.

  7. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I don’t understand Dylan’s “thinking” either, and I certainly don’t understand Avery.

    Why in the world would she encourage him to find his dad knowing what a nutjob he is?! She’ll be the first one boo hoo’ing when things go bad (and they will…) that it was “all her fault”.

    And she’ll be 100% right.

  8. Profile photo of tedew

    Maybe Mr. Muhney was fired because he finally punched some silly writer for giving him such stupid story lines … story lines that always turn out to make him a villain of some degree or other … story lines that go on and on forever and just make us frustrated and mad.

    And so true that GCPD had all the information they needed, yet Victor is the one to pick up on it and will probably use it to his advantage.

  9. Profile photo of noway

    Billy, I love my wife, my azz.

    He is just a pig. Really losing your daughter and two months later banging some strange.

    The sooner JFP and Stevie evacuate the premises the better.

  10. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Adam is going to die. Billy will kill him, but eventually he’ll get off. I’ve heard it on good authority. Of course, TPTB will be able to resurrect Adam if they ever decide to bring him back. But don’t look for it to be within 3 to 6 months. He’s going on ice for a very long break, if he ever indeed comes back.

    They want to focus the show on Dylan as the “new Newman”.

  11. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    (nudging Phyllis…)’Wake up Phyllis….
    Wake up.



    WAKE YOUR ASS UP AND GET BACK TO GC… NOW! The Queen of Paternity tests is getting close to leeching Nick again. You need to get back there with Jack to get the truth out about Summer, how and why you were in a coma.
    Put her in front of a real judge, find her guilty of a multitude of crimes and lock her up for 6 mos. to a year, at least!
    Then when her time is up…
    recast her!

  12. Profile photo of harlee490

    The Shick story is one of three stories I will watch and I love this re-coupling of these two, but it will come crashing because JFP & Josh screwed up the story because of Phyllis, the other is Victor\Nikki (scenes together) and Jill, even though not overwhelmed by the story and the Fingerhut music box story but hey it has Jill Foster in it so I can be pacified with that fact.

    The rest sounds not too appetizing or worthy as much to watch. I’m sorry I love Greg R. but him & Chloe is on overdose for me and I’m not enjoying any of those two….Billy don’t get me started.

    Adam\Chelsea I’m liking back together but hate the Delia story, its just draining & awful to watch. So Adam\Chelsea will remarry, Adam than goes to prison and Chelsea & Connor will inherit his millions….yawn city. I don’t believe the rumors that they will kill Adam, I just can’t see it…could be wrong but I don’t think all in charge will take that chance. ;)

    Dylan\Nikki\psycho dad….UGH!! |( the rewriting of Bill’s cult story I do refuse to watch any of this horse shit on my TV!! |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( |( …this story I literally hate with a passion! >)

  13. Profile photo of Patchworks

    I am excited to see Sharon and Nick fireworks. With Phyllis out of the picture, this makes the most sense to me. I don’t care about much else happening on the show right now.

  14. Profile photo of pferrando

    I am glad they finally are moving Nick and Sharon back together. I keep hoping she imagines she switched the paternity test. Otherwise this reunion may be short lived.

    It has been great having Jill back so much!

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