Nikki is Worried About Dylan’s Next Move on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Does Mama know best in Genoa City? Today on The Young and the Restless, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) discourages Dylan (Steve Burton) from searching for his cult leader bio daddy.

Jill (Jess Walton) wants to know where her son is; while Victor (Eric Braeden) is having his kid investigated. Watch a sneak peek of Monday's Y&R after the jump!


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    OH gosh this is and will be horrible today to watch this farce of a story involving once again Dylan, Dylan, Dylan!!!!! |( |( I think I will skip today’s show completely and tune out if today will be about Ken\Cupcake Barbie and grief sex!!!! :| :| :| :| |( |(

    Jamey, it would be appreciated if you could do alert to viewers on the site when Dylan is appearing…. ;)

    JFP, Sony & AngMcD’s agenda is to keep pushing this character down everyone’s throat and to keep changing this character’s story thinking the viewers will eventfully fall in love this no talent actor & character!!! I realize that more than likely Steve Burton’s salary is monstrously high compared to the other newbies & vets but they are delusional fools!!! |(

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    I will say that I can’t wait to see Ray Wise and how he does. Dylan doesn’t really bother me at all. In fact, I haven’t been fast forwarding through his scenes lately. I didn’t like him with Chelsea and that storyline.

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    Great Episode!!! Every scene from beginning to end was written well. The acting was Emmy Worthy and so was the music. Loved the set usage.

    Upset that Dyldo is on the cover of CBS soaps in Depth for the first issue of the year though. Other than that pleased.

    I told ya’ll Kelly is Stitch’s ex-wife.

    It’s getting good.

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    With the exception of the Abby and Tyler “romance”, and of course too much screen time for Dylan, I think the show has been relatively good during the Altman transition, and the past week with Jean.

    Of course, it’s waaayyyy to early to jump on the new HW bandwagon, but I like the direction it’s headed.

    We’ve had a lot of Nikki, Jill, and Sharon. We are back using more of the classic sets…and I even got one full episode with Gloria.

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    It seems that the show is intent on rewriting history where ever possible. There were many scenes where stitch spoke about his son and how fulfilling life is with him. If what one poster here said is true and Kelly is his wife than it’s awful that we have yet another kid killed and stitch never once mentioned it to anyone when Delia was killed.

    Seriously this show is 20 funerals, 5 DNA tests and a joke away from being the ultimate in boring.

    And I understand Dylan wanting his real daddy… What 45 year old (do the math) wouldn’t want their daddy especially one that shows he is evil more than victor Newman. Seriously, not only should Delia’s eyes be given to Dylan’s non son so should her brain be given to Dylan.

    As for the story, why bring this guy and Colin to town before DULLyan and Nikki start a relationship.

    CBS… You may not own the show but you have an invested interest in keeping it. Bill bell jr exact some power over Sony and tell them to can Jill and the poor writing

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    *Takes over the Y&R writers room* Dylan then takes a ride to see his alleged father. On the way he has a war flash back, and while he is having a flashback he hits a tree. They rush him to the hospital, and when he wakes up he sees Leslie and calls her Keisha. Leslie is all confused she calls Avery and Nikki,but Dylan calls them Carly and Monica. It turns out, that the current from the pier dragged Dylan/Jason all the way to Genoa City. Jason/Dylan wasn’t really having flashbacks of the war it was really his time with Sonny and the mafia. Julian and Ava Jerome set up this awful yet clever trick all alone and now Dylan must go back to Port Chuck to avenge them.( I had to promise Cartni that I will make Victor sing a musical as a trade off for ABC and General Hospital characters.

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