The Vampire Diaries Gets a Gay Character

The Vampire Diaries' spinoff The Originals introduced a gay character in its first season. Now it looks like the parent soap will finally be getting a gay character too. According to E!, TVD will introduce a gay character named Luke during the second half of the season.

Shania: TVD me right now!

A new hottie is enrolling at Whitmore after winter break! And he'll be spending time with Caroline! Except he's so not into her in that way as Luke, handsome and sarcastic, is gay. And also happens to have a sister on campus, one that he will do (or sacrifice) anything to protect.


Photo credit: The CW

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    I am just catching up on The Originals and that gay character is hardly important (only 5 eps in). The Originals is this year’s The Secret Circle for me. I feel like it’s about to tell a story, but never quite gets there. It’s all exposition and set up so far, whereas TVD just gets me every episode. Half the time I need a flow chart to figure it all out, but it makes sense in the end. There’s always a gasp. On TO there’s always a sigh and a maybe next time.

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    Unless there are at least two gay characters either teasing a relationship, or actually in one, or now out of one with a history, then what’s the point? Otherwise it’s like gay eunuch syndrome.

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