Is It (Mercifully) The End For Hope and Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful? (SNEAK PEEK)

Hope Logan (Kim Matula) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) are once again at cross purposes on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Has Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) finally come between them for good?

Back home in L.A., Katie (Heather Tom) is vowing to be happy, while Bill (Don Diamont) is making promises. Watch a sneak peek of Tuesday's B&B after the jump!


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I think that B&B has some awesome storylines ON PAPER. The longevity of HOPE/Liam/STEFFY triangle and the introduction of Wyatt ON PAPER is an extraordinary nod to the beginning of the show with CAROLINE/Ridge/BROOKE and then the introduction of Taylor. But the big difference there is that it was told believably over time... months and years and wasn't truly a flip and a flop on the part of Ridge.

Sure, Ridge went from one woman to the other like I go from one pair of socks to the next but it was timed well and not a weekly event. AND MARRIAGE wasn't always the BIG story of it. It was always about love. Ridge confused and the women wanting him.

With the younger generation version, it's told with very talented actors but in a vacuum. It's the minute one does something that gets Liam mad he jumps to the other girl and proposes. He must have a rewards card at ZALES because this guy is constantly buying diamonds.

If they would slow it down I would be invested. Otherwise, I am just a passive once in a while watcher of the show.

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Don't tease me about the end of Hope and Liam. Please please please let it be true. Love Hope/Wyatt and give a story to Scott Clifton worthy of his talent AWAY from Hope.

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I cannot take any more of this storyline, I not only want to see an end to it, but I want Kim and Scott off my screen forever, sorry, too much over-exposure.

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I don't care either way. It is still good though. Whatever they do. Brad and his crew are delivering every day. This show is excellent.

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It would be a welcome relief not to see any more of the trio of
of Hope/Liam/Wyatt storylines, even not to see their faces except during family reunions & holidays for a short visit

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I want to see less of Cry baby Katie! Either have her grow a backbone and own up to her mistakes (dumping Dollar Bill, blaming poor Brooke) or put her on less and less.

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I still don't see Ridge in this new actor at all. It's distracting so far.

But stick a fork in the Hope/Liam romance for now. We need a break.

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I too want Hope and Liam off my screen. They are one reason I can't watch the show any more. I used to love Scott's work, but now he is just a broken record. Kim needs acting lessons. She is terrible. Pretty girl but she has no sex appeal.