Stitch and Kelly Share a Past on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Fresh from getting randy with Billy (Billy Miller), Kelly (Cynthia Watros) runs into Stitch (Sean Carrigan) and calls him "Ben" today on The Young and the Restless. Even Baby Connor, with his original set of corneas, saw this coming!

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is apologizing to Billy, as he stands in her turquoise living room reeking of another woman. I am kinda digging this…it's at least soapy! Watch Tuesday's Y&R sneak peek after the jump!


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    I love the fact that Eileen Davidson is in town again! Honestly, if they have to get rid of Michael Muhney and even Billy Miller to bring her back to town then do so! Sorry, soaps are shows geared towards women (essentially) and I think there is no other character OR actress on daytime right now that has the charisma or talent of Eileen Davidson’s Ashley.

    Sure, she is an idiot when it comes to love and always ends up on the losing end of things in that category, but Ashley is a smart business woman who could hold her own with any man when it comes to business. PLUS, Eileen’s smile, along with Beth’s smile, makes the show so warm, fuzzy and special for me.

    Just that promo alone, made me smile and remember when Y&R was great!!!

    As for Kelly and Stitch/Drew… what the hell?! We don’t need another set of mourning parents or even a rewrite of a supporting cast member. I liked the idea of Stitch being a good guy with a wife and kid back home. In my mind, I was thinking that if Stitch stayed and the family didn’t come on that it would be told that his wife had an affair and although she loves Stitch she isn’t in love with him. And that Stitch returns to GC single and into Ashley’s arms.

    It’s contrived having Billy suck face with the tired and sad Kelly only to have it be Stitch’s wife after the major flirting session with Victoria. HOW will they explain that Stitch NEVER once mentioned his kid being killed all this time, even to DULLYAN, the man who thinks the world revolves around him (which will be why stitch didn’t tell him because he was concerned for his “buddy”.)

    PLUS, Kelly has been in and out of the coffee house that Dylan has to be ONE BIG EFFIN IDIOT not to recognize her as Stitch’s ex wife/or present wife. HELLO!!!! Ever soldier with a wife and kid back home shows their pics around in war… it’s what keeps them wanting to go back home and grounded during war.


    OOOOOOO Eileen Davidson and Beth Maitland are in town!!! STAY LONG TIME… LONG LONG LONG LONG Time!

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    hey mon

    I understand that once again has to ret-con another character, even one that has been around only 5 months like Ben (Stitch), but I like the fact that JFP listens to her audience somewhat — in that we all like Ben and Kelly on the canvas.

    First off, as much as Michelle Stafford lights up the screen, she can be a screen hog, and probably wants a lot of money to be on The Show. But Cynthia Watros as Kelly is doing a great job replacing her in the 35-50 age group range of Y&R females. Watros is believable and seductive as the messed-up Kelly.

    Everybody likes Ben. Carrigan already has an instant following, can act the hell out of his role. Its too bad, he has to re-written in all the ways you wrote pjc — Dylan didnt recognize her, Ben has a child that died that he never mentioned, etc. But that can be overlooked to keep these two front and center.

    As Dylan searches for his father, look for Sharon’s mother, Doris, to start popping up on the screen, having flashbacks about Ian, as well. The ingraining of Dylan into the canvas as Sharon’s brother is probably just around the corner.

    Speaking of Phyll, my guess is that she is going to stay in that coma for some time to come. Her son Daniel is gone with her granddaughter Lucy, Summer is rarely on (only as the conscience of Fenmore), and Jack is going to move on with Hillary. So poor Red is going to lay in the hospital room in Savannah for months to come, may be years?

    A lot of who wanted certain things are getting them… they just happen to be Dylan-ized.

    Nikki is on almost ever day, but it is all about her new-found son. There are palatable, dramatic characters, Kelly and Ben; but Stitch is Dylan’s best friend–especially if Ashley is put on as Ben’s new love. Jill is on 3 times a week, to talk about Billy or try to get back Chancellor (Hopefully the music box is tied to Colin Atkinson, really, what else could it be that is so important?)

    So I am drinking the same kool-aid that Melody Thomas Scott drank back in the late 1970s. Liking Dylan Mcalroy, or at least the people that have been around him.

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    I love both Cynthia Watros and Sean Carrigan, I’m liking their respective characters and I suspect the two will have good chemistry. And yes, this might’ve been seen even farther away than the icky Billy/Kelly grief sex. But considering ALL the times Dylan’s brought up his wife(“Jenna” I believe was the name) and child and the fact that Stitch himself was somewhat comforting to Victoria when she was going on about Billy’s distraught state over Delia–not to mention pjc’s pointing out all the times Kelly’s been in Dylan’s coffee house–the whole thing just seems a little too implausible(yeah, I know it’s a soap and all but still)and lazy.
    Next thing you know, we’ll find out Kelly used to be a nurse in some town called Springfield and that she might even be a little unhinged. ;)

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    WTF? These writers are stupid. They spend months and months telling us that Stitch has a wife named Jenna and a 3 year old son named Max, and even go as far as to have Dylan talk about knowing them, and Stitch talking to Jenna on the phone in front of Dylan and Chelsea, and showing Chelsea a picture of Max, and telling us a long story about how Stitch and Dylan were the lone survivors of their miltary unit because Stitch left for the birth of his son …. yadda, yadda, yadda….

    Now this? A slopping ret-con. Are we just supposed to forget all that backstory they fed us about Stitch and Dylan from this summer?

    Wow. This just shows these writers are idiots who don’t pay attention to their own writing from 4 months ago.

    Another shocker for Dylan. His best friend and buddy he grew up with…has been lying to him his entire life! SMDH.

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    Lazy doesnt even begin to cover this.

    Just another pathetic attempt to anchor Steve Burton to this sinking ship.

    Watros would have been better as a Phyllis recast, she definitely has an edge to her which is why she was so bitchtastic as Annie on Guiding Light.

    Im not feeling this forced connection, Id rather it be she who ran down Delia and this is her way of “atoning”.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]UPDATE: Okay, I might have misread this promo. I’ve been told, while they obviously know one another, Stich may not be Kelly’s hubby![/quote]

    I believe that Billy/Kelly have been in the coffee shop at times. I doubt that Dylan would know Stich’s wife, unless they came from same town. If she is or was his wife and knew he was in GC, since it is small, there would be a chance of running into him. To me she appears, way too old for either him or Billy. No matter how they do it, the writing and whole storyline, SUCKS, big time.

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    [quote=blake3b]I agree that Cynthia Watros is covering what Michelle Stafford’s loss for the show.

    I’d love to see Watros bring some Annie Dutton realness![/quote]

    I would love to see WATROS, gone. As a Phyllis recast, thank God that didn’t happen. I find her acting so so and she looks way too old to them even thinking of making her Phyllis.

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    katy kennicott

    Did you see that Annie Dutton bad girl act with Stitch today. I loved it. I don’t care how they do it, just keep Cynthia Watros on our screens. She is such a good actress and can be just so deliciously evil like no one else except possibly Michael Muhney.

    I just knew that there was something hinky in Kelly’s background that we didn’t know about. I can’t wait to find out just what it is.

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    I get that some like CW from her previous work, but to say she is filling the void from Phyllis is so inaccurate. She’s so boring and what powerful scenes has she pulled off? Thus far she’s a waste of screen time with no purpose.

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    I hate to say that I didn’t like CW on YR at all UNTIL she and Stitch recognized each other today. Finally things can be interesting with this character.

    And THANKFULLY they didn’t make her his wife. That’s wayyyy too obvious.

    For those that are saying this is a repeat of the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis story, it’s completely not.

    It’s time to break up Billy and Victoria anyway…and I’m sure they’ll eventually find their way back to each other (if David T and AH have chemistry).

    And LOVED seeing Carmine back on my screen. 2014 is looking promising at least for January.

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    hey mon

    I love Cynthia Watros!!

    I am now drinking the Y&R kool-aid, just like Nikki did in 1978 with Ian, and out popped Dylan Mcalroy!

    I luuuuvvv everything Dylan!

    But seriously, the Show isnt nearly as bad as it was in 1994 and 1995, when the focus was on Mary Jo Mason, and Rick and Blade Bladeson.

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    I think Kelly is a woman Stitch slept with. His wife found out and they broke up. I came to this after watching today’s episode. What will it bring? Loving it all right now except Dylan on the cover of CBS soaps in depth with Avery for the first issue of the year.

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    Nikki was an ex stripper who popped pills and Ian was a crazy cult leader yet Dylan is the most boring punk in daytime television. All he does is does stupid gestures with his hand and blows out air through his mouth.Him and Avery are bland. I watch their scenes when I’m constipated.

    Kelly is super boring and the only reason I see Billy kissing her is because he wanted to run his fingers through some clean, combed hair

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    They best bring Phyllis back soon. Sharon is working her hooks pretty deep.
    IF it comes out that Dylan and Sharon are brother and sister that will flip out a few people. (LMAO)
    Sharon will go off her pills, Cassie will come back to tell Sharon what she wants to hear, and…
    Nick will need someone since her fiance is, well…
    who will she shove this time?
    Who’s home will she burn?
    So many questions.

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    hey mon

    The problem with the whole Dylan is Nikki and Ian’s son, is that Nikki was married to Greg Foster at the time, and was travelling the countryside with Paul, after escaping from Ian.

    So this whole hulla-balloo about Ian definitely should be proven with some DNA testing later this month. Maybe Dylan is Jill (Foster Fenmore’s) nephew. Maybe he is Paul’s son, which would be pretty soapy, since Victor and Paul have always had a semi-rivalry over Nikki. Making Dylan the son of Paul wold give Paul something to do, and would permanently alter the boring ‘super-couple’ of Nictor.

    Of course if Sharon is going to be Dylan’s brother, then Ian had better be the father.

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    I have been saying for years that Sharon’s backstory should be explored, who is her father, does she have a brother out there. But not sure I want it to be Dylan, I don’t want Dylan anywhere near her. But strictly from a Sharon perspective, her roots explored would be great.

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    Love Traci back in town! Love Ashley is back in town!

    Yesterday’s show was on FIRE!

    I love Chelsea and Adam…. love MM’s scenes with the child actor who plays “Connor” – that child seems to love being around MM.

    Loved Nikki and her ” ladies who lunch ” ensemble…. smoking….

    loved Nick and Sharon reconnecting. I foresee Big Red awakening soon, now that this is happening..

    Carmine! ? ‘Nuf said…… :)

    And Stitch…… let’s lose those scrubs….

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    The new year episode was better than Christmas, simple fact of Ashley being present which made the episode.

    I liked the scene between Kelly & “Ben” because of CW fan here but I didn’t think of them being exes but I got the vibe immediately that Kelly could possibly be related to Jenna as possibly a sister, from her attitude and distaste for him. Something is up why Stitch hasn’t brought his family to GC.

    P~ sorry but I totally disagree with you about “all of those saying this is repeat of Nick\Sharon\Phyllis”, it’s exactly the same setup and but the difference is the setup. Good lawd this time around how the writers just plowed into the story with no thought. At least the first go around the setup was paced with story, flirtation and commiserating together because Jack\Phyllis was having problems at the same time. Nothing but grief sex is disgusting to use as a tool to bring in DT. I agree Villy needs to be broken up to create more story for both.

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    harlee…I see your point, but it’s for different reasons. I doubt these two will get together like Nick and Phyllis, however, I could see a pregnancy happening. I just see it more as a one time thing, unless I’m completely wrong

    It’s happened once or twice. ;)

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    IMO the most important thing that made Nick & Phyllis so successful was that firstly Phyllis was already a well-known, established, leading character, which meant that the audience knew her and cared about her. In addition to that, we had just seen almost six months worth of animosity between Nick & Phyllis due to the accident and Nick not teeling the truth about Daniel’s innocence. All these things made their subsequent affair majorly scandalous and *such* good soap. In my opinion, that was the last Y&R storyline ever told that could be said was the True, Gold Standard Y&R. After that it went downhill.

    With Kelly, none of these elements are in place. The story is contrived and very obvious. Everyone could see from the minute Billy started going in the support group and met her, that they would wind up in bed. Also, it’s a cop out of sorts, because it is very likely she will turn out to be the driver aswell. At which point Billy will regret it but by that time Victoria will have already have found out about it and it will be too late. Which will pave the way for BM’s Billy to exit and DT’s Billy to return. Because you know they’re not gonna have them together anymore with DT in the role.

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    Exactly Yoryla, the setup was completely different, an actual story was happening on canvas for both Phyllis & Nick.

    P~let us pray there isn’t no pregnancy pause in this story! Please JFP stop the madness if this is where the story is leading!

    This could be why they could be setting up the story between Kelly & Ben because David Tom is younger looking (maybe he is truly) than Billy Miller. It would balance the difference.

    I say bring back Ashley FULL TIME and do a story involving Ben\Ashley romance with Kelly being the interloper. ;) Some Eileen vs Cynthia would be a delicious dish to watch play out! :X :love: :love: ;)

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    Of course Kelly was going to sleep with Billy…but I don’t find that contrived at all. It actually was a realistic way to “split” up Billy and Victoria (eventually). Both for storyline and casting purposes as Miller leaves and Tom comes back.

    Soaps are predictable. Look at Sabrina getting pregnant on GH. That’s about as “contrived and obvious” a soap storyline can be. But I’m assuming it works for that situation. Soaps have their staples and these are all part of them.

    I think Kelly has more issues and backstory that won’t involve Billy much. I thought CW’s character was pretty bad up until we saw he talk to Stitch, so I’m glad she’ll be sticking around.

    I’m not quite sure she’s the driver either…but the writing has me interested right now. That surprises me.

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