10 Best Soap Opera Newbies of 2013

No. 10: Robert Scott Wilson, All My Children

All My Children's casting department won the showcase showdown when they found The Price is Right model Robert Scott Wilson for the role of Petey, err, Pete Cortlandt. Wilson brought charisma, charm, maturity and one killer bod to the part of Palmer (the late James Mitchell) and Opal's (Jill Larson) son.

Not even Wilson could save Pete's insipid relationship with virginal Celia (Jordan Lane Price) on the internet soap. However, the digital sparks Wilson and fellow outstanding newbie Brooke Newton created when Pete and Colby were sexing up our second screens, had us needing to download an app for cooling down our laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

No. 9: Parry Shen, General Hospital

Love him or loathe him, General Hospital's Parry Shen has cemented lab technician Brad as one of the most outrageous characters on the ABC Daytime soap — and that's saying something! Whether flirting shamelessly with every citizen over 18 possessing a phallus, or showing genuine feelings for fellow hospital staffer Felix (Marc Samuel), Shen has worked hard to make Brad less of a prick and more of a human being.

The talented actor managed to turn a character, which started off as merely The Britch's (Kelly Thiebaud) flying monkey, into one we can actually root for. With Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) on his way back to town, we wonder if Felix and Brad's budding connection is about to become quite the three-way? 

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    “mocha schemers” Really? Please reconsider the way you described MM & LA. I’m sure the intent was to be flattering, but it comes across as something else. They are both great additions to the Y&R cast.

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    7 of those choices are good. But sorry Perry, Brooke and Bryan not so much

    I personally see no personality in Brad. Maybe that is not Perry’s fault and how its written. However I just dont see the worth in Brad

    Now as Brooke & Bryan this is more about the characters for me.

    I cant stand how PP had Colby regress to a spoiled and entitled brat. I honestly cant remember Colby acting this extreme on ABC. I have a feeling Marlene & Elizabeth just wanted a bitch and chose Colby when the years at ABC showed that she tended to be very level headed in her family,

    Bryan Craig seems like a nice guy and looks great shirtless but the way Ron & Frank has concieved Morgan 2013 is epic fail to me.

    Morgan boo-hooing about not being loved by his folks and then going aganist his dad and siding with the Jeromes. Doesnt fit the Morgan personality that we already know.

    I believe the icing on the cake was when he shot Max and ran out of there like a little bitch. Sorry I just cant with that one.

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    Y&R has actually lucked out with having added both Mishael Morgan and Sean Carrigan to the cast. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t fully figured out what to do with either of them yet.

    TPTB have finally begun moving Hilary forward into connections that are more worthy of the character–her “hate/truce” relationship with Jill has very mild echoes of the classic Jill/Katherine relationship from the classic years; her mentor/mentored relationship with Jack where she is showing that no matter what bad she may have done in GC, she is still quite a capable personal assistant (the latter part is reminiscent of Jack’s long-ago secretary, Carol Robbins); and finally, they’re pairing her romantically with Devon (who had a capable actress/girlfriend in Roxie/Tatyana Ali…but that never fully gelled storywise or actor connection). MM has the potential to play the schemer with a good heart for those she cares about. She may make Lily less of a “Dud(lette Do-Right)” if they just don’t make them bosom buddies anytime soon. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of Miss Morgan. I just wish they hadn’t muddied the water immediately with the stupid blogger story. That might have worked better if we had gotten the story seeding we’re seeing now. Get us to like (or hate) Hilary for a year or so and THEN they could have started a blogger storyline, revealed it to be Hilary, and it would have had TONS more impact. The emotion behind her reasons to do it would resonate more if the audience had grown to care about Hilary. Oh well… Let’s hope the writers do well by Mishael’s talent!

    As for Sean Carrigan, somehow he’s lucked into the Douglas Marland Rule of Characters (or whatever it is called) because his character has been on the show for 6+ months now and although he’s involved in a story and has interacted with a few of the leading ladies, we’re not knee deep into something uninteresting about Stitch. All we know is that Stitch has a wife and children (I believe, on the latter?), why they’re not there with him is a complicated reason, and we just don’t have the full story. YET. That’s perfect! Not everyone need to come to ‘Soap Opera Town’ with their entire story laid out bare! Let’s see Stitch stay a second lead for another 6 months or more before we finally move him more to the front burner. Thankfully, Sean Carrigan is capable enough as an actor (and attractive enough) that he will still be interesting enough to watch. (Unlike Lamon Archey who, while very handsome, isn’t extremely talented, IMO. Watching him act, I hear the gears turning inside his head, I’m afraid. Ouch.) Anyway, Carrigan has been a pleasant surprise as he was touted as a stand-up comic when the casting was announced and he turned out to be more than capable with what they’ve given him so far. Let’s hope they don’t waste him!

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    Excellent list for GH and OLTL.

    Morgan was a sweet kid raised mainly by Jax and not Sonny. However, Morgan has not been on screen the last two years, so RC/FV decided to write Cain versus Abel since they could not tell the same story with Jason/AJ, because SBu did not come back to the show, JMO.

    BC has been on the money as Morgan Corinthos.

    I really miss the OLTL dynamic of Jeffrey, Matthew and Danni.

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    I have to admit I wasn’t sure during the initial return of Morgan Corinthos to the screen SORAS’ed whether this was going to be a pass or fail. Despite some questionable writing, the young man has been a more than pleasant surprise and I think he has benefited greatly from working with vets like MB and MaWe.

    I was hoping that Emily Wilson might have been included on the list as I found her Ellie Trout to be quirky and refreshing…. 0:)

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    Good list. I just have to say the storylines which feature newbies rarely interest me that much.

    Which was totally the case in JJ’s story. And I agree that since the writers made the decision to kill off Jack, they should stick by it then. If you’re not gonna bring him back, don’t mention him either. Also I never cared about the character much anyway, I know it’s probably a minority. I did appreciate the phenomenon that was Jack & Jennifer.

    And while I like Morgan, I do not like his over the top childish behaviour nor the horrible Morgan/Kiki/Michael triangle. Morgan & Ava is hot, fresh and exciting, but they should have kept the suspense on that much much longer and have that bomb drop at just the right time. But they’re not in love, that’s not gonna happen.

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    Hmm, someone from GH at #1. Shocking.

    All in all not a bad list at all. Y&R might have sucked the life out of all it’s characters–and the passion and desire to watch from its’ viewers–but both Morgan and especially Carrigan are gems stuck in the middle of some very bad storytelling and thus far have managed to emerge fairly unscathed.

    As for the rest, I would’ve ranked Rob Wilson–aka Marco Dapper if Dapper was actually a good actor and not just pretty–and Corbin Bleu higher and probably wouldn’t have ranked Brooke Newton at all; she tried way too hard to be way too over-the-top campy early on, though I did see talent during her scenes with Cassandra(Sal Stowers was good but being placed at #3 is overly generous IMO).

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    I liked the newbies and recasts on oltl/amc. I am still heartsick that PP did not make a go of the project. Both shows were good. Just don’t get it and I still believe it was politics.

    Too bad some billionaire would not take chance on the project. Of course, because of politics, PP/Disney would give anyone a problem. It is like, I couldn’t do it, no one will. There would be that same old same old battle for rights. Too bad. Hey, I would even support Trump. That is how desperate I would be.

    So many of the oltl/amc newbies were so good. Two showings a week were just enough to follow the stories. It is a shame. Two years from now more and more people will be watching hulu. Netflix also. With smart tvs selling….blue rays selling…

    Oops getting off topic. I like online pics. I also like Morgan. Every time I see the actor I think of Eric Roberts. He could be younger brother of Julia and Eric. He is similar.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Hmm, someone from GH at #1. Shocking.
    Considering this is the first of our 2013 Best Lists that GH topped…

    Best Storyline (Kristen’s Revenge) AND Couple (EJami) went to DAYS if you actually read those lists.

  10. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Hmm, someone from GH at #1. Shocking.
    Considering this is the first of our 2013 Best Lists that GH topped…

    Best Storyline (Kristen’s Revenge) AND Couple (EJami) went to DAYS if you actually read those lists.[/quote]

    Yeah, I DID read both those lists and agreed with both choices. Nonetheless, thanks for the response.

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    [quote=Secrets and Lies]Agree with the top 2 but I might put Moss #1. He managed to make Daniel bearable to an extent which is nothing short of a miracle.[/quote]

    Yeah, I forgot to mention him in my post but he really has been excellent after a little bit of a shaky start. And I think Jamey’s right, I can’t imagine him not being a strong Emmy contender come awards time. Great work from that kid.

  12. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=Secrets and Lies]Agree with the top 2 but I might put Moss #1. He managed to make Daniel bearable to an extent which is nothing short of a miracle.[/quote]

    Ugh, the dreaded double post. |(

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    jeremy in chicago

    I was hoping Bryan Craig would place high on this list… I think #1 is completely appropriate. Considering he is pretty to look at and a total newbie to soaps, he is an EXCELLENT actor and a great find. He is 10 times more entertaining than Michael and Kiki combined, and he is doing a great job with some pretty difficult-to-swallow writing. I think he has enormous potential.

  14. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    Was Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne Milbauer on DAYS) on any 2012 list? She only had a handful of episodes then from her debut late in 2012, so I’m guessing not. Much like Casey Moss, she deserves recognition for saying what most everyone thinks about “Dannifer.” She’s a hoot! And like Sean Carrigan, somewhat older than most fresh faces, but new to daytime soaps.

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    WOW! totally disagree with #1. BC is one of the worst actors i have ever seen on a soap (and i’ve been watching for too many decades to publicly admit LOL)!!! he’s flat, monatone and completely whiny!!! very bad casting choice for what could have been a great story!!! i find nothing watchable about his performance!!

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    Great avatar, DanMan, and great post to boot!

    @ChrisGa — gotta co-sign with Jamey, DC had many of GH’s low points in its lists. YR had 4 sucky storylines in its worst list and rightly deserved so. I see no favoritism here amongst all the shows.

    I too would’ve put Casey Moss at #1 — based on the excitability factor of watching a future superstar — but the referenced scene between Craig and Benard was a great one i discussed with friends MANY times. Craig had numerous moments of acting from within, definitely Brando-esque and similar to OLTL’s Trevor St. John, who btw will ALWAYS be a better actor than mugging, grating scene chewer Todd #1, Roger Howarth. Sorry, off-topic!

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    Great list! Robert Gorrie and Corbin Bleu were excellent on OLTL, and Parry Shen and Bryan Craig have been great on GH. I can’t say I’ve always loved the writing for the GH characters, but Shen & Craig have done a lot with what they’ve been given: Shen isn’t given much in the first place, so it’s to his credit that Brad seems so human, and Craig has beautifully shown us Morgan’s arrogance, vulnerability, charm, and disappointment.

  18. Profile photo of Patchworks

    These were good choices, all. I think Casey Moss did WORK in 2013. It feels as though he’s been in town all along. Bryan Craig was excellent as well. I think we had a good pool of new faces this past year.

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    I wish Emily Wilson as Ellie on GH had made this list. I think she’s just great and was a breath of fresh air all year.

    How about casting Brooke Newton as a new Lulu? Emme Rylan just doesn’t make me feel the character anymore.

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