Brady Black’s Friends Try to Get Him to See Crack is Whack on DAYS (VIDEO)

It's a good thing Isabella Toscano is up in Soap Heaven. It would break her heart to see her baby boy all strung out and foaming at the mouth like this!

Brady's (Eric Martsolf) step-brother Eric (Greg Vaughan) and pals Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) are doing everything they can to get him to let his nostrils take a break on Days of Our Lives. Will the hunky crackhead listen to reason?

Elsewhere in Salem, EJ (James Scott) has taken command of Operation: Waterlogged Nick. Will Kate (Lauren Koslow) fall in line like a good soldier?

Kate may be the least of their problems, if Sonny (Freddie Smith) can't keep Will's (Chandler Massey) pesky Horton conscience at bay. Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump! 



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    Secrets and Lies

    Not sure how long this Liam character is sticking around but while he’s here can they please get him some clothes that fit properly? All of his costumes look baggy and not in a good way.

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    Eric Martsolf’s performance has been very good the past several days in this storyline. I think that he is usually underrated because of his considerable physical assets, but he continues to grow and impress as an actor.

    By the way, as with GH, DOOL has been a very hard sell for me over the years/decades. (I am a true soap snob for my beloved – but in terrible shape – Y&R. I also watch B&B – but, for many reasons, I will not hold it to the same standard as Y&R.) Because I have been on work vacation the past several weeks and almost every year end daytime drama related publication/podcast has sang its praises, I decided to give DOOL a look-see. And I like what I have been seeing. So, I added it the DVR today. :-)

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    Welcome to the DOOL family Soapsnob! Its a terrific show with lots of deep history. I’ve been watching since 1970. I have fallen off the wagon a few times but always got back on. And now that soapnet was taken off the air, I’m scrambling to find a new way to watch. Just like I got my first VCR for DOOL, I will probably delve into the world of DRV for it too.

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    Soap Snob: If you haven’t watched DAYS before and missed the return of Kristen, you should check it out on Youtube to catch you up on why Brady is all out of sorts. Not just for that reason though. There are some really great performances by Eilleen Davidson that I’m sure you would enjoy (daylight and dark when compared to her Ashley on YR). Welcome aboard and may you have lots of sand in your hourglass!!!!

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