Ex-Young and Restless Star Victoria Rowell and Artist Husband Split

Sad news for soap alum Victoria Rowell. TMZ is reporting The Young and the Restless grad and famed sculptor hubby Radcliffe Bailey are getting a divorce. From the report:

Victoria's husband, collage artist and sculptor Radcliffe Bailey, filed to end their 4-year marriage.  TMZ has obtained the settlement agreement, which shows the couple had a prenup so no money was on the line.  And, they had no kids, so it seems the divorce was pretty simple, with one caveat.

According to the settlement, "Each agrees that he or she shall not in any manner disturb, bother, harass or otherwise interfere with the other party."

The ex-couple's splashy wedding four years ago was covered by the New York Times. Movie star Samuel L. Jackson walked Rowell down the aisle.

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    Never going to happen and these people just can’t seem to understand this. How sad, and how nice that the people in charge are intelligent enough, to not make that mistake.
    Does anybody out there see this woman on any of the big 3 networks?

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    [quote=tashikins]Oh that is Law and Order SVU, the new episodes without Stabler. So, yes, a pretty recent appearance.[/quote]

    U are right. I saw that show also. Made the comment at the time, to wife, “U could have done that part, as easy and short as it was”

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    [quote=tashikins]Don’t know wife…but I doubt it. VR brings a flair to verything she does.[/quote]

    Did U see that show? Can U honestly tell me, that she did a fantastic and outstanding job as that judge?

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