ABC Limits Next Day Streaming of New Episodes Starting Jan. 6

ABC is making changes to its streaming policy for your favorite shows beginning January 6. Unless you are a cable subscriber and have the Watch ABC app, or have a subscription to Hulu Plus, you will no longer be able to stream new episodes the following day.

Streaming availability will be delayed by a week for non-subscribers. To find out if your cable provider participates in Watch ABC,  visit If you don't see your provider on the list, you can always subscribe to Hulu Plus. Viewers are still able to purchase episodes via iTunes and Amazon.


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  1. Profile photo of cord2012

    I understand why cable-only channels put these types of restrictions on streaming, but it kind of surprises me that a network channel is using this method too. I don’t have cable (not even basic) and receive ABC over a digital antenna. So, now I have to pay if I want to watch something the next day that I could otherwise watch for free when it airs? Not a fan.

  2. Profile photo of snizzle

    Guess this explains why they are trying to shut down all the youtube channels that show same day episodes.

    BTW, Directv is so much better than those cable alternatives. Tried Hulu plus during the AMC/OLTL reboots and not interested in that either.

  3. Profile photo of Patchworks

    I have an account on, and next day watching is the only way I’ve watched GH. I love soaps, but I don’t know if they are so important that I need to inconvenience my life for it. I guess I’ll be watching these shows a week later. Whatever…

  4. Profile photo of Garyclt

    This is total BS, ABC broadcasts for free and they should make people to pay to stream it, especially since the streaming has commercials.

    Shame on you ABC

  5. Profile photo of mlauenstein

    Good idea ABC.

    So now if I miss an episode of an ongoing show like Revenge, I can’t catch up before the next live episode airs so I am stuck one week behind the rest of the world always having to watch it online for the rest of the season until I bail on the show because it’s not worth the trouble.

  6. Profile photo of MeltStuff

    Great! Now I guess to stay on top of General Hospital I’ll have to search YouTube. I don’t want to do this because I want to support ABC and the cast and crew of GH. But this leaves myself and many others with a crazy work schedule with no other choice!

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