The Good Wife Returns Sunday with “Goliath and David” (PROMO)

The Good Wife returns for the second half of its explosive fifth season this Sunday. Look for the sexually-charged legal battles to heat up on broadcast TV's best drama!

 In Sunday's "Goliath and David", Alicia (Julianna Margulies) tells Will (Josh Charles) he should get over her. I'm fairly certain Will, nor fans of the show want that to happen any time soon.  Watch The Good Wife's promo for "Goliath and David" after the jump!

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    Been waiting for this massive return but will have to DVR with some episodes when colliding with PBS’s Downton Abby. DA starts Sunday too and if follows same pattern as past seasons will kick off with 2 hour episode. Sundays are jam pack with awesome goodies for any soap lover! :love: I did see that DA has been already renewed for a 5th season….Awesome news and I do feel CBS will renew GW without question because it’s solid in maintaining its ratings because is hard night for shows on CBS during football season….many shows haven’t survived on CBS’s Sunday because of their lineup is always delayed by 2-3 hours.

    I love to watch GW live regardless of lateness (extremely tired the next day at work but so worth it)but I’m so torn between having 2 outstanding prime time shows available at the same time…makes me giddy! :bigsmile: :beer:

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    J Bernard Jones

    many shows haven’t survived on CBS’s Sunday because of their lineup is always delayed by 2-3 hours.

    Not exactly true. CBS’ shows are generally delayed on average about 15-30 minutes, depending on sports overruns during their regular seasons.

    For the last few seasons, CBS has employed a strategy of moving aging shows on the verge of cancellation to Sundays in order to actually extend their lifetimes. CSI: Miami (which was becoming hideously expensive to produce) lasted 2 more seasons on Sundays; The Good Wife was about to by axed on Tuesdays, but since moving to Sundays, it will very likely go into season 6, as pointed out. The Mentalist was slipping badly on Thursday, but the move to Sunday has extended it by a few more seasons (even if this one becomes its last).

    Sundays have been a godsend for The Good Wife. It skews to an older, wealthier demographic. It’s one of the few almost universally critically acclaimed shows on broadcast, with multiple nominations and win for bragging rights. CBS is lenient because of football overruns and are pleased with the results.

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    Thanks for the Downton Abbey tip – did not realize it was starting so soon. Love the Good Wife but cannot stand Will – not all that attractive and a big damn baby.

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