Will You Miss SOAPnet? (POLL)

What if people could watch their favorite soaps at night? With that revolutionary-at-the-time question in mind, Disney launched SOAPnet back in 2000. I remember, because as a college student in Arkansas, I was thoroughly pissed my cable provider didn't carry the channel.

How was it possible that a channel existed where re-runs of Dallas, Falcon Crest and Knots Landing aired constantly and I couldn't get it? A few years later, when I moved to Illinois for work, I discovered the majesty of SOAPnet.

It had it all. There were my aforementioned primetime soaps from boyhood, Another World, Ryan's Hope and a soap talk show featuring Lisa Rinna talking about her toe fungus. Those were the days. Oh, and if by chance my VCR mucked up during the day, I could still watch my daytime stories at night. Heaven.

Somewhere along the way, SOAPnet began to lose focus. Tacky reality shows were added, as well as beyond lame movies. "What the fudge is Clue doing on SOAPnet?" I screamed at random strangers in grocery store aisles. Yet those weekend marathons of Beverly Hills, 90210, One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars kept me watching.

Now that SOAPnet has gone on to that Great Cable Landscape in The Sky, are you sad to see it end?

Will You Miss SOAPnet? (POLL)

  • No. Three words: "Southern Belles: Louisville". (9%, 111 Votes)
  • Yes. SOAPnet was an integral part of the genre for me. (91%, 1,112 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,223


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  1. Profile photo of brettyboy

    It really annoys me the way they say Soapnet isn’t needed any more because people can watch GH online. A lot of soap fans are not internet users and even those that are might not want to watch the show at their computer. Plus, this means no more AMC or OLTL reruns so those shows will most likely never see the light of day again :-(

    The same thing happened in the UK in 1999 when Sky Soap dissapeared, meaning British viewers lost GL and ATWT 10 years before they ended in the US.

  2. Profile photo of tmac

    With ABC’s announcement that it is no longer offering next day airings of shows I guess that means GH episodes will be delayed a week as well. That sucks if you happen to miss an episode.

  3. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    I am in mourning. that was my time to watch my DOOL and now its gone. Its a huge loss for the Soap World. I don’t have DVR and its comes at least one or two days later on the computer and I don’t like watching on the computer, its not the same. My husband and I always settled in up in our room at 8:00 and watched it together. I always said I could live with just 3 channels — NBC, tennis Channel and SoapNet. That’s all I needed. Hopefully another network like TVguide will air Days. GH is already on Fios Demand.

  4. Profile photo of Jon

    My cable provider switched to Disney Jr well over a year ago so I’ve been weaned off it. I still miss not being able to record backup episodes of DOOL and GH as my local affiliates interrupt the soaps at the drop of a hat…..they’re already delaying programming 5 minutes on the hour to discuss the “coming wintry weather” and there’s not a snowflake in the sky and the temp here is currently 36! Thank God for TVGN and their airing of Y&R. A soap channel that shows same day repeats and classic soaps is still so needed, imo! SoapNet was fantastic when it started!

  5. Profile photo of Patchworks

    The promos on Soapnet were always better than those found on the network channels. I wish TPTB would have put forth some effort, any effort, to have made Soapnet great. It could have been a contender.

  6. Profile photo of radrobd

    SOAPnet was awesome back in the day when it premiered in 2000. Not only did it allow evening and weekend repeats of the ABC soaps, it also aired prime time soaps that hadn’t aired in years (Knots, Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest). I enjoyed Soap Talk and Soap Center before that. However, times change and with the DVR, SOAPnet became less a necessity. It was still cool when SOAPnet did the special marathons. But it lost it with the reality shows and movie nights and endless reruns of 90210. R.I.P. SOAPnet.

  7. Profile photo of FoxyMegan

    I already miss SOAPnet. I have to wake up hours before dawn and I enjoyed having the OLTL and GH reruns on even if I wasn’t watching them very closely.

    Not to mention that whoever did SOAPnet’s promos had a great sense of humor. (The ‘One Tree Hill’ promo featuring Chad Michael Murray grunting and sighing — ‘Never has anyone said so much by saying so little’ — comes to mind as particularly amusing.)

    Ah well, maybe TVGN will reach across networks and make a deal for GH and DAYS nightly showings.

  8. Profile photo of Jagger1966

    SoapNet was wonderful in it’s early years. Soap Talk, Ryan’s Hope, Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest and Knots Landing back-to-back everyday was amazing! It lost its way several years ago to the point where I would only watch the evening airings of current soaps, but for awhile there it was the only channel on in my household.

  9. Profile photo of Cordelia Chase
    Cordelia Chase

    I stopped watching SoapNet once they canceled Soap Talk and stopped rerunning Another World and Dynasty. It was a great idea which could have become truly outstanding, but it was left to languish. When I think about all the wonderful soaps that I’d love to see rerun, e.g. Search for Tomorrow, Capitol, etc., I wish SoapNet could have delivered on that.

    Also, Clue is not, and never will be, a lame movie. Blasphemy!

    Flames. Flames on the sides of my face…

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