Chelsea Wants Adam to Come Clean on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) isn't waiting for the minister to ask if anyone knows just cause why she and Adam (Michael Muhney) shouldn't be married on The Young and the Restless. She's asking that question her doggone self! Will Adam come clean?

Lily (Christel Khalil) and Cane (Daniel Goddard) are awaiting her diagnosis. Meanwhile, Kelly (Cynthia Watros) has the nerve to walk her nasty, trifling, stank behind up in Victoria Newman's (Amelia Heinle) crib, after she's been cavorting with the woman's husband. Good thing Stitch (Sean Carrigan) will also be there to add to the, ahem, ambiance. Watch the sneak peek for Monday's Y&R after the jump!


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    Kelly has brass balls. We need Heather Tom. Amelia will not bring it like Tom would when she finds out the truth. She’ll run and cry to her daddy and not handle the situation herself.

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    Geez, another one of mother death coming from Ms. Satan herself….JFP! No need to kill Adam but later recast the character. Just send him to prison to reset the character for the future. |(

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    If Adam is “killed” it won’t be long before he returns with a new face. And I hope everyone will be able to put this whole mess that has embarrassed actors, fans, and CBS/Sony behind.

    If Phelps is cultivating this type of work environment (I’ve worked under similar conditions), she needs to be relieved of her duties ASAP.

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    Michael Muhney and what he may or may not have done aside …

    The real reason Victor hates Adam so much is because Adam is simply a carbon copy of his father and Victor can’t handle it.

    What is worse anyway … Adam thinking he may have run Delia over (yes not good) or Victor using all that info to yet again get his way. This time to grab hold of Connor? Why Why Why? Victor did much to endanger Delia while she lived and now he sullies her memory?

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    This may be classic Victor, but it is also mouldering Victor; and I personally hate it. Except of course, when you really think about it it is a pretty good deal for Adam to take when Victor has him over a barrel. Except again of course, Victor should not still be up these sorts of hijinks against his flesh and blood; let alone his mini-me.

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