When Will Sami Stop Punishing EJ For Kristen’s Crimes on DAYS? (VIDEO)

Nothing EJ DiMera (James Scott) does for Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) seems to be good enough for the spunky vixen on Days of Our Lives. He gave up the DiMera empire to keep her out of prison. He took over the botched cover-up of Nick Fallon's (Blake Berris) murder, to protect Sami and her co-conspirators and he wants nothing more than to marry the woman he desperately loves. So why is Sami still acting a fool?

It isn't EJ's fault his sister drugged and raped one of Sami's brothers, while making a cuckold out of the other. Will she stop punishing EJ for Kristen's (Eileen Davidson) crimes before it's too late?

Elsewhere in Salem last week, Eric (Greg Vaughan) was wrestling with his feelings for Nicole (Arianne Zucker), while Brady (Eric Martsolf) was catching a beat down in the park. That boy better start working those 12 Steps and fast. Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump!

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    Sami blaming EJ is ridiculous if for no other reason, because she herself has not only done worse in her entire lifespan, is continuing to cover up killings and throwing bodies into rivers. But in addition to all of that, the mere notion and the talks of “how EJ could cover up for Kristen” is *major* WTFery. Hello, that’s his sister, of course he’s going to protect her. What, did people think he would throw his sister to the wolves? Not to mention that this family are DiMeras. If there family loyalty in a normal family (and there should be), this family has it 10 times more. If Kristen was in EJ’s place everyone knows she would have done the exact same thing and never would have sold him up the river. Additionally: *Being with someone does not mean you have to tell that person everything*. That is not the way it works ever. And it has nothing to do with trust. A person should never have to even be put in the position of having to choose between your family and your spouse in the first place. Even demanding that is very offensive and insecure from the person demanding that. A person should trust their spouse enough that if they’re not trying to hurt them directly, they should leave it be. And if they think they’re trying to hurt their family, they should in that case examine their own reasons for being in that relationship or if they want to continue in it.

    I *really* hope I never have to read people complaining about Kristen anymore. This is also the reason why I had to tune out of the show after she left. I refuse to look at people such as Sami walk around in Kristen’s house and trash her, and also others treating her as a piraija. She is not, and she should come back and soon to reclaim her rightful position as the Queen of Salem and the Queen of that Manor. Hopefully these latest developments will drive Sami out of that house for good.

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    ^^^Umm, that’s kinda intense. I have a different opinion. If EJ had knowledge that his sister was going to RUIN Eric, an innocent bystander, then his commitment to Sami should have overridden misplaced family loyalty. I’m sorry this story has caused some to “tune out of the show” because it is still great.

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    Well I don’t agree at all. So what if EJ asked Sami to help Kristen out, would she say “yes”? No, I don’t think so, nor would she have to. What I’m saying is that just because someone has a significant other doesn’t mean they would have to turn their back on their other family members. And family loyalty was not misplaced. Kristen would have done the same thing with EJ even if Brady had insisted her upon it.

    And yes I will say that the gross hate and vitriol against Kristen has driven me away from this show. I cannot stand not only the characters but the viewers being on their high horses and trashing this one character, even though this same thing has happened from the direction of BOTH EJ and Sami, not to mention others such as Jack. I can’t wait to see these people fall and be disillusioned with this show.

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