Could Meredith Vieira Benefit Most From Katie’s Cancellation?

Disney's pricey two-year experiment with Katie Couric's talk show and its subsequent cancellation has left other syndicated shows fighting for the time slot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Meredith Vieira's talk show, Meredith, could benefit most from Katie's demise.  

"Most stations already believed [Katie] was not going to return and have made decisions and acquired new product or rescheduled product they already have," says Bill Carroll, vp/director of programing at Katz TV Group. But Carroll notes that it's still unclear what ABC stations, including the network-owned outlets, will put in Katie's place, presenting an opportunity for Vieira and others.


Reportedly, other syndicated shows competing for the real estate are: The Real, Celebrity Name Game, The Queen Latifah Show and The Arsenio Hall Show.

Meredith ended 2013 having cleared 85 percent of the country. 

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    I could see ABC giving the spot to Meredith since she does have a bit of a relationship with ABC thanks to The View…but then a part of me thinks they should go with a proven hit like Queen Latifah

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    Now that ABC has learned the error of it’s ways by throwing good money after bad, maybe they should try half-hour reboots of All My Children and One Life to Live! With all the daytime soaps having such growth these past two years, maybe ABC will admit their mistake and try and fix things with both their loyal viewers and Prospect Park…

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Katiebug9624]I could see ABC giving the spot to Meredith since she does have a bit of a relationship with ABC thanks to The View…but then a part of me thinks they should go with a proven hit like Queen Latifah[/quote]

    Like Katie, The Meredith Vieira Show is syndicated (this one by NBC’s syndication division), so it’s not a network’s decision where to put the show, it’s the affiliate’s.

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    The Queen Latifah Show already plays in my area in Oprah’s old time slot. Katie is in GH’s old time slot and nothing has been announced yet to take Katie’s place.

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    I always saw Meredith as what Katie ‘should have’ been. Meredith seems pretty accessible and genuine whereas Katie always seemed to be a bit of a phony. Not saying she is, but she just never seems genuine to me in her concern, always just a woman out to self promote, and cash a paycheck regardless of the quality of her work.

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    TV Gord

    I see what you’re saying, angrierblackerman, and while I wouldn’t call her a phony, I do think she seems really uncomfortable trying to open herself up to her audience. The talk show wasn’t a good fit for her. She did do some excellent shows, but they were always the ones that were “ripped from the headlines”, such as the aftermaths of Hurricane Sandy or the Sandy Hook school shooting. The lifestyles segments that this kind of show has to do show how uneasy she is trying to relate to the general audience that would normally tune in for this kind of talk show.

    By contrast, Oprah probably had little in common with her daytime audience, but she was open and honest about how she didn’t have to worry about stretching her weekly salary to make ends meet, and somehow, her honesty made her oddly relatable. When Katie had to talk about stretching a dollar, you could see in her eyes she was “checking out” of what she was saying.

    There were a couple of times where Katie did remote segments from her “home” (and even had an audience there once), but you know it isn’t where she really LIVES; it’s the Manhattan apartment where she stays when she’s taping her show (I don’t know, but I’m guessing she has another home outside of the city). In that way, yes, I can see where that comes off as phony, but presenting a public image for talk show hosts isn’t uncommon, so the most I can say about that is that she wasn’t as convincing at pulling off that facade.

    Part of my career is about watching these shows to keep up on what’s going on in television, and I would say I liked watching Katie. I would also have to say, though, that when the show was finally cancelled, part of me was relieved that I wouldn’t have to watch it once it wraps in May.

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    Katie is rich and comes off that way. Not relatable. Good explanation by TV Gord. I agree.

    I don’t care for Meredith either. Never watched her on Millionaire. She was just too annoying by being cutesy. Liked her less on View. Did not watch Today while she was there but don’t see why I would like her there.

    Dr Oz, Rachael Rae, Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams all have more universal appeal.

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    Actually, a lot of people care about talk shows. That’s why so many of them are higher rated than the few remaining soaps. Even Katie got higher ratings than the final years of AMC and OLTL.

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