First Impressions: Ryan Paevey as General Hospital’s Nathan West (PHOTOS)

Ryan Paevey has sexed up Port Charles as General Hospital's latest crime fighting cop Nathan West Do you think he has what it takes to bring the Jerome and Corinthos crime families down, not to mention Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton)? Will Nathan be able to rekindle Maxie's (Kirsten Storms) spirit when she eventually returns to Port Charles? What were your First Impressions?

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    I think he is very good looking, but the jury is still out on his acting ability. I think he came across a bit stiff at times. However, I am keeping an open mind on a full judgement until he actually has a chance to get his feet wet.

    My next question is why does he have to wait months to get hooked up with Maxie? KS won’t be back for quite some time…Personally I think it would be an interesting twist to have Maxie come back to town with a new guy in tow. I don’t think Maxie and Nathans chemistry was all that spectacular to put him on a back burner for her.

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    Daniel St. John

    His scenes with Maxie did nothing for me so I am not interested in having him wait around for Maxie to come back.
    Wouldn’t mind having him and Lulu given a chem test so we could finally end Dante and Lulu as a couple.
    Or maybe he could be the guy to get Sabrina over Patrick.
    I doubt a single young fella like Nathan would want to be saddled with a billion kids so that automatically rules Liz out of the Nathan sweepstakes.

    And how good of a detective can he possibly be if it took him so long to figure out that showing up at the hospital would be the quickest way to find Silas after being dodged for days?

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    TPTB have no problem bringing on new men / women for their pets, but a seventeen year vet like Liz can’t get a brand spanking new man or a story?

    Det. Nate will probably end up banging Lulu, living with Maxie and then we’ll see a quad with Lulu/Nate/Maxie/Dante. RC loves his triangles and quads!

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    I think they need to invest in the current group of characters they have. The entire Robin storyline and the payoff in record ratings for the first time in over 6 years should tell them to give the audience the history of the show and give us the characters we want to see. Why couldn’t they have just put tristan Rogers on contract, get Genie Francis back, give Liz a storyline, invest in AJ and Lesley Webber. Its time to loose Kiki, Franco, Silas, Rafe, TJ, Shawn, I could go on. If they want to keep these ratings up they know what they need to do.

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    Daniel St. John

    Watching the show today and Paevy came off really stiff and uncomfortable in his scenes at the hospital with Silas. It was like he was thinking too much about hitting his marks and his line delivery became more wooden than in his previous scenes.

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    Lucy D.

    I think we need to give him a chance before we decide he’s too wooden. And a lot of acting judgments are in the eye of the beholder. To me, Maura West is too obviously vamping, while many of you love her acting. So, that said, I think Ryan is HOT and wouldn’t mind him sticking around.

    Liz’s “billion” kids is one more than Sabrina will have, so whatever. And the sainted Sabrina would be wasted on the new hot detective. I can’t see Lulu as being steamy enough for him, but again that’s how the actress strikes me. I think, as was mentioned last week, he’d be hot with Anna (I also thought Finola had great chem with Michael Easton when he was McBain.)

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    Daniel St. John

    I wasn’t writing him off, just making mention of a certain stiffness he showed in his scenes at GH with Silas. I am sure he is probably a bit nervous and just gas to find his sea legs. So far he has been perfectly serviceable. Not sure exactly what others saw in his scenes with Fiona other than the distinction between a great veteran actor and a newbie who is still finding his way.

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    I’m sorry this revolving door of new characters is exhausting and I’ve been complaining about this for nearly two years now it seems its a newbie every other week. This is insane, I have no aversion to newbies but this show is flooded with them…What is the message they are sending to us who have watched this show for decades.

    This dude walks in the door “green” but in up/front center story he’s not ready for? Same thing with several of the newbies on canvas that can’t act.

    I like him enough, he’s a looker but taking his shirt off quickerthanthis wasn’t very subtle. Great abs and biceps but he can’t act…. Let me wait to want to see him without his shirt…let me wonder when its going to happen…draw me into the character…keep me on pins and needles.

    Send him to a coach, I’m tired of suffering through this nonsense of bringing on people who can’t act. Slowly integrate them onto the canvas let them settle in before you put them up / front center. Let me want to know what’s to him. Weave a web for this “journey” because its not about a journey for me all the time its about how “I get there.”

    Going up against a strong and soap savvy actress like Fiona she took him to school right off the bat…but he wasn’t too bad because she can handle a green actor so that’s a good thing. If he acts off the cast he’ll seem less nervous…and he did appear nervous, I thought that was cute but they’ll have him on too much. That’s the pattern with this show.

    Basically, I am tired of new characters period. And there are more coming, its a revolving door. The show is already cast heavy so their answer is to bring on more? Another thing that ticks me off,

    already knowing who he’ll probably be paired with? Maybe with a touch of LuLu. No intrigue or mystery here,

    Why? because they’ve plopped him in Maxi’s flat and have him waiting around with nobody until he can be leashed to her…its the “leashing method of storytelling”

    Let him move around the canvas see who he has chemistry with don’t tell me who he’ll be paired with right away.

    that’s my problem with Sam/Silas, Carly/Franco, Britt/Nik, Michael/Kiki Sabrina/Patrick. I knew from scene 1 what the story was….they’re like little puppies following around each other in scenes, they don’t need to be in together.

    I don’t do soap 101 you don’t have to adjoin them at the hip in every scene for me to get “we want them together and that’s the only option”

    What kind of storytelling is this? Set the characters lose see what happens, writing should make me believe there are other options other than him being stuck in Maxi land.

    I’d like to see him and Elizabeth do scenes together maybe she can get some air with the can’t act newbie. That’ll work for me cause I don’t give a rat’s tutu about her having two kids that I rarely see. A writer writes what they want to happen. That’s what we do.

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    I think the character and the actor need to be given a chance before a mob is formed. Clearly Nathan West was brought in flesh-out Ava and Silas’ backstory. In addition to creating conflict for Sam and Silas. It makes sense to chem test him with Maxie even if the actress is leaving. We know that Ron and Frank like to save a buck. Why not continue to use Maxie’s apartment set. People do sublet when they are going on an extended trip. Plus, if the Nathan catches on then you have partially laid the ground work for ‘something’ when Maxie returns. Hopefully Nathan gets screen time with some of the other available women his visit to PC.

    I also want Liz to find something whether it is with Nikolas or AJ. Hell I would not mind Maxie returning to town with Dillon Q. or Lucky.

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    Then send his ass to the MC that’s a set that can be used for him and it makes sense, my point “storywise” there are other options besides Maxi’ apartment.

    Put him in the MC then while she’s gone Felicia and/or Mac leases him her flat down the pike …it’ll give them something to do on screen since I rarely see them. Mac is the ex police commissioner he an become his confidante or something …Felicia is Anna’ BFF that will tie them in…he can meet Maxi later. I didn’t need to see a scene with them right now, let there be some intrigue here..let me say the whole time Maxi is gone, “Man I can’t wait until Maxi meets Nate” everything in story doesn’t have to be immediate since I still have to wait anyway.

    I’m about how a story is told “the journey.” I am in no mob here they asked the question; I gave my answer.

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