Ex-Y&R Star Michael Muhney: “Believe None of What You Hear and Half of What You See”

Amid allegations he was fired for sexually harassing a co-star, former The Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney has broken his silence on Twitter. The actor posted:

Later the actor implored fans to dial down the attacks being hurled, not only at him but at others. Muhney tweeted:

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    There is definitely more to the story. I have a feeling when all is revealed that CBS and the behind the scenes work environment at Y&R are going to be scrutinized. Muhney and King will both end up with some nice financial packages from CBS & Sony for the damage done to their reputations and future careers.

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    Yes, this is something that will go down in the history books, and I’m sure people won’t really know the full truth until in ten years or so someone publishes their memoirs á la Jeanne Cooper.

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    He shouldn’t address the “allegations”. The word “allegation” is all the addressing it needs. None of us on these sites are judge or jury even though many would like to be. This is a confidential matter that appeared to be resolved with Muhney’s firing from Y&R. If I were fired from my job it is between me and my employer. Not the world. The real issue now is the unprofessional people who released Hunter King’s name and the cause for Muhney’s termination. Muhney was fired for his alleged actions. What is the punishment for those who released privileged information publically?

    Not to mention I’m sure MM has lawyered up and he is being advised not to address any accusations and his Twitter comment was most likely vetted by legal council as well as a smart publicist.

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    I don’t think this scandal will be over anytime soon. And yeah, there seems to be more to the story even though some suggested there isn’t.

    Not to mention that Muhney and King could both sue for the crappy way the media is handling it. Outing the alleged victim is disgusting and so is trying to ruin a man’s career on allegations.

    CBS and Y&R are also to blame. The situation wasn’t handled well and the alleged victim wasn’t protected. Instead silence and you have Angelica McDaniel’s husband running the story on his infamous website.

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    This is the end of Y&R. Sony and Les Moonves is not gonna put up with this shiz for too much longer. She was brought in to do what they wanted her to do which was kill the show.

    Its just like the Dynasty reunion when they brought Al Corley back to play Steven Carrington. That is what they are doing with Billy Abbott. No new recast will take place for Adam or Jacks son because this is the end. Have they confirmed the renewal of the show? I haven’t seen confirmation on this site or any other. Unless I missed it. Somebody tell me.

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    I’m having “visions” of a public trial with QUEEN DIVAS Victoria Rowell and Brenda Dickson called in as witnesses on behalf of Muhney’s team!!!

    Yasss, Miss Rowell, shashay into the courtroom looking fine, hair layed, eyebrows on point, shoulders straight… And spill the beans! The pettiness, the jealousy, the discrimination, the nepotism, the backstabbing, the lies, the tricks.

    And last but not least, Jill Foster Chancellor Abbott Abbott herself! The one and only Brenda Dickson stuns the courtroom with her dramatic entrance a la Alexis Carrington circa Blake’s trial!!! Embroidered silk handkerchief in one leather-gloved hand, the other hand gently wiping bittersweet tears while recalling the terrible abuse she suffered for being too faaah-bulous, darlin’!

    You better hide your coins, JFP!

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    LaDivaYR, I think I love you!

    This mess is what will finally bring Y&R down from the top spot.

    The shame of it is, that CBS, Sony and The Devil Herself (JFP) are just allowing people to speculate while an actor’s career has been destroyed and a young actress is getting roasted by the fans.

    I think the cast should all keep their mouths shut, it reeks of petty jealousy. Adam Newman has been front burner and on almost daily for years now and a lot of them want that screentime.

    Michael Muhney, the person, may be a lot of things but that doesnt mean he isnt one hell of an actor.

    If the allegations are true, then I will not question firing him, but prove it.

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    House of Plantagenet

    If the allegations are true, then I will not question firing him, but prove it.[/quote]

    But how can you prove it if it is he-said, she-said? I tend to believe the rumors but that might have to do with my low opinion of Michael Muhney as a person. He is hella talented, but he is not worth the drama he brings going all the way back to Veronica Mars. This is the second show he was fired from because of his behavior.

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    ^^^ You said the magic words! PROVE IT.

    Hollywood is full of triffling, desperate, thirsty tricks going after married men!

    Hollywood is also full of insecure, violent, horny dogs who think women are nothing but boobs and vjay on legs!

    This whole mess can be one of these things, both things, or a combination of the two. NOBODY knows. And unless there’s real evidence, it’ll be very very hard to prove in a court of law.

    Hunter has been totally silent since the middle of December. And I don’t blame her! Her reputation and health, as well as the fortune$$$ of CBS and Sony are at stake here. You better believe she’s got 20 corporate lawyers peppering her with VERY DIFFICULT questions right now. And if she doesn’t have the right answers to ALL their questions, she better pray for a miracle ’cause Hollywood’s streets are paved with the blood and tears of stupid starlets.

    Every boyfriend and friend and lover she’s ever had will be questioned. Every colleague. Every family member. Every co-star at Y&R. Every crew member.

    This is a horrible ordeal for any woman or man. Add the public outing and shaming! The ridicule online.

    Regardless of the final outcome, her career is ruined, over, kaput. She’ll never work in this town ever again. Both victims and perpetrators are unwelcome in this business. Fair or not, that’s the truth.

    I honestly think she never thought it’d become such a scandal! If her allegations are true (a *big* if), she should’ve gone to the police instead of confiding in Eric Braeden or JFP! Big mistake, girl! They’re not your friends or allies, they’re out to use you and discard you like the countless other people they’ve destroyed during their careers. No one survives this long in Hollywood by being nice. NO ONE.

    If she made it all up (another *big* if), if she exaggerated, if she pursued him… hell will break loose and many heads will roll at CBS/Sony.

    Regarding Muhney, my gut feeling is he wouldn’t be talking or tweeting without the ok from his lawyers. And if he’s talking, he’s confident of what lies ahead.

    It is my personal opinion that something CONSENSUAL happened between these two. Call it diva’s intuition, if you like.

    But the tryst didn’t end well. Hoeing with married men never does!!! She said something to someone she shouldn’t have trusted. That someone added lies on top of lies. And the cesspool known as Y&R backstage took care of the rest. Before she knew it, things were out of her control and Muhney got the boot. The public outcry added fuel to the fire and here we are!

    SHE SAID, HE SAID! With TMZ making fun of her boobs and his hubris.

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    I wish he could just come out and say, ‘No, I didn’t do this’, but I imagine there are some lawsuits or investigations on the horizon. He should ‘lawyer up’ in any case.

    Y&R is a mess in front of and behind the camera!

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    HAS Y&R BEEN RENEWED??? Someone please answer the question. Cause if it hasn’t this was the plot to destroy not only a scapegoats (MM) career but also the number one show in daytime. This is why they are doing the ad campaign about the 25 yrs at number one. It is a slow process that began with Michelle. Braden will be next when his contract is up for negotiations. Then Scott. After that it will be canceled. Just my intuition.

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    Its sad when the backstage drama is more interesting than anything onscreen in over a year.

    I think what he is saying is just that, dont believe what you hear.

    Does it make him innocent, no.

    Does it make him guilty, no.

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    I have been thinking all along that the minute this went public, MM was on the phone with his lawyers, agent and anyone else in the legal field. There’s probably non-disclosure causes in his contract/settlement he was offered when fired. He’s doing the right thing because right now, he’s going to be crucified no matter what he says. Same with Hunter King.

    The lawsuits can happen because CBS and Sony should never have made anything public other than there had been a parting of the ways. No one, male or female, is going to feel safe going to them with a sexual harassment complaint.

    This is one hot mess.

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    tee hee hee I LOVE IT! To all those that tought he was running and hiding. These short, simple, well stated tweets clearly speak volumes to the whole mess & IMO reflect how smart he is (that and possibly that his lawyers told him to keep it short & sweet!)

    Again, there is a whole lot to this story. Some we have heard, some we haven’t, and it doesn’t mean that either side of the aisle is wrong! I have a feeling that much is true from all view points.

    – Groping,, YES!
    – Backstabbing,, YES!
    – Jealousy,, YES!
    – Narcissism,, YES!
    – Non Affected Parties with something to gain,, YES!
    – Ulterior Motives,, YES!

    No matter what did or did not happen, how can ANYONE deny that there are people outside of these 2 that are pulling the strings and allowing these 2 to both be under the damn bus? I’m not on a side here; it doesn’t involve me. I’m slam in the middle, on truth…..and at this point, we don’t know all of it (yet).

    Please stay tuned for the second half of (whateva u want to name it) after these messages.

    I do have to say tho: IF there are any lawsuits coming, I feel for SONY/CBS etc. That Jeanne Cooper segment on tape…aired for all to see… admits that they allowed a hostile work environment. Lawd have mercy their asses are grass! lol and MM/HK and god knows whom else are the lawn mowers!

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    O and btw….ANYBODY that thinks AM was out “SICK” yesterday (according to her on Twitter)…. really? REALLY? I’d like to buy that along with the ocean front property in Arizona she must be trying to sell too!

    Sorry, but that sick day and flu tweet just was cray cray!

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    AM is Angelica McDaniel head of CBS Daytime

    Jeanne Cooper apparently ‘groped’ several actors ‘junk’ over the years and it was noted as being fact on camera during the anniversary/tribute or some special recently.

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    I too believe there is much more to this story. I think the powers that be wanted Michael Muhney out and used this allegation to carry that out. I also believe that Hunter King’s professional future will also suffer from the fallout of all this, regardless of the truth. I also think that Muhney will sue. All that aside, Muhney is a multi-faceted actor. Eric Braeden, on the other hand, is a one dimensional bore. Peter Bergman also has a storied past with Braeden. I’ll bet he resents the acting abilities of both of them and fears that they both consistently show him up. How about a Victor recast or a long leap over a short cliff, as in Eric Braeden taking to retirement? (BTW, didn’t Jeanne Cooper have an affair with the actor who played her son Brock?)

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    OH we have another MM defender, when PB & EB has prove their longevity in the industry and trying to curtail and belittle HK in the process in sneaky way. I don’t think HK will suffer, she was the injured party while MM is the almighty talent of the universe. >) NOT! People trying to pin this on EB or HK’s as being at fault, it doesn’t sit well.

    Recast Victor? It will never happen and many as myself love EB\Victor as who the character is on YR….you must be delusional.

    You know what they say “If if it quakes like a duck, walks like duck”….MM falls in this category.

    Yes, JC did have affair with the actor back in ’70s and I seen in many of posts about JC grabbing the young actor’s asses and I’m not excusing the actions but the difference between the two situations was these men didn’t say “no” or “stop” Hunter King did…. :| She being 20 he being 38 and should had known better.

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    Smartly Eric has pretty much brushed off a lot of this sh*t, as he should.

    He’s already been through this before, and he knows he’ll be running lines with yet another recast soon enough.

    I gotta give him props yesterday for those scenes in the SUV. Classic Victor, and somewhat chilling.

    I likey.

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    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the stories that are coming out aren’t adding. If you’re looking for a conspiracy Hunter King worked on another show the Jill Farren Phelps produced.

    The news is saying that Hunter King gave the ultimatum “Fire him or I’ll go to the cops”. Ok she’s 20 years-old, so I’m giving her the benefit that maybe she went to her manger with the groping allegations and this is what her manger came up with. “He goes or I go to the police”, it also would keep her name out of the public eye, Hindsight.

    What doesn’t make an sense is that now the news is saying that Angelica McDaniel and Jill Farren Phelps tried to covered it up the whole thing. Jill Farren Phelps who has been in the business for over 30 years would risk her job, reputation and a law suit by covering the alleged groping. Why, because the fans love the actor who played Adam. Ok, thank makes no sense, she’s fired popular actors before. Most of the cast of General Hospital. Why is he so different? The Actors Guild and Union know about the allegations, the LAPD and all important the head on Sony and CBS know. If the allegations are true, don’t blame the victim because you don’t think she can’t act. Sexual harassment charges should be filed and Jill Farren Phelps and Angelica McDaniel should be suspended or fired from their jobs if they tried to cover it up.

    If the allegations are false, Michael Muhney should get the best lawyers in the country and sues TMZ, & Hunter King for Slander and Angelica McDaniel, Jill Farren Phelps, CBS and Sony for wrongful termination.

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    [quote]What doesn’t make an sense is that now the news is saying that Angelica McDaniel and Jill Farren Phelps tried to covered it up the whole thing. Jill Farren Phelps who has been in the business for over 30 years would risk her job, reputation and a law suit by covering the alleged groping. Why, because the fans love the actor who played Adam. Ok, thank makes no sense, she’s fired popular actors before.[/quote]

    Makes PERFECT sense and it happens all the time when $ becomes more important than people.

    And if the guys had a problem w/Jeanne groping them, then YES they should have reported it, too. Don’t blame Hunter for having the stones to report an injustice. too many women keep quiet about this sort of stuff.

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    gloria burnside

    I don’t beleive he done it, I’m sorry but I think he’s a little too smart for that, and besides, if he was going to do it why not do it to Chelsea, he’s been in bedroom scene’s with her and she is beautiful, and Sharon, why didn’t he do it to them, he had every chance since both have been in bedroom scene’s!! and both of them are alot prettier than summer, not that she’s not cute, but Chelsea is beautiful, and I really think that Michael is alittle smarter than to ruin his career in doing what he is accused of doing, why don’t they give them a polygraph test to find out the truth? I would have demanded that on both sides just to prove for sure who was telling the truth, but like I said, if he wanted to fondle someone’s breasts, why not Chelsea or Sharon when he was in position to do it in their bedroom scene’s?? I won’t watch it anymore after they take him off, this should have had to been proven more than just say so, not saying it didn’t happen but so many women when they get mad at a man can say something like this and everyone believes its the gospel!! I’m a woman, I know how some women are and what they do when they don’t like someone, I wouldn’t miss Summer if she wasn’t on there, but I will miss Adam, he is such and important role of this soap, and no one will be able to take his place, so if you can’t prove without a doubt that it was done then he should not have been fired, and from what I have read there is no actual evidence except her word against his!!!

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