TMZ Cites Soap Opera Message Board in Breaking Michael Muhney’s Alleged Y&R Sexual Harassment

The alleged sexual harassment saga rocking CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless isn't dying down. In a new post, TMZ points out a soap opera blog's message board had an item up about Michael Muhney allegedly fondling Hunter King's breasts weeks before TMZ ran with the story.

The TMZ piece also has insiders slamming Muhney over allegations he dissed Zach Braff for reportedly beating him out for the lead in Scrubs. The article also claims Muhney got fired from his breakout role as Sheriff Lamb in Veronica Mars because he allegedly leaked portions of a season finale online. 

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    I said days ago that I first discovered this info on a message board, NOT, but another which is pretty scary. I’d still like to know who leaked this story. Fans don’t jump to such specific conclusions on their own.

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    Just remember… The husband of CBS Daytime Director angelica McDaniel works for TMZ.

    Who benefits from TMZ trashing Michael Muhney? The answer is obvious.

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    I cannot believe people are siding with HK without any evidence MM did anything. HK is a little girl and probably misunderstood an accidental boob brush. People are innocent until proven guilty.

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    House of Plantagenet

    How dare you say something like that about Hunter King. Blame the victim!? Michael Muhney is getting what he deserves. He has been an insufferable, narcissistic, ass for years and his downfall has been especially sweet. My only regret is that Hunter King has been dragged in to this. His acting talents does to negate what kind of person he is and he is not worth the drama that he brings.

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    I kinda thought this would have calmed down by now, but it seems the opposite is true.

    I personally can’t wait for the end of the month.

    Too bad too, because YR has been on its game for a while now after the HW change.

    Regardless of MM’s innocence or guilt, the scenes between him and Eric B today were outstanding.

    Hell, submit those for the Emmy and Phelps will be salivating more, and patting herself on the back. That ole gal. I just love to hate her.

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    The comments regarding MM and Zach Braff are true. From an interview he did during his VMars days:

    Jennifer: One of the most entertaining parts of your Web site is the “Almost There” section that tells your fans about the roles you almost had but inevitably lost to other actors. What a list of near misses: Mark Wahlberg’s role in The Perfect Storm, Kyle Chandler’s role in King Kong, James Marsden’s role in X-Men and Zach Braff’s role in Scrubs, to name a few. Not many actors are willing to share those kinds of details about their career. That’s one of the reasons fans love the humble Michael Muhney. Do you think the near misses were just bad timing or that things work out for a reason and that fate has a larger plan for you?

    Michael: I hope it has a larger plan, damnit, because nobody realizes that the contracts were drawn up, the executives were salivating, and the starring role in Scrubs was mine. It literally came down to the president of the studio seeing me several times and then finally saying, “You see I’m crying that I’m laughing so hard. You’re hilarious. You’d be perfect for this part. There’s just one thing: I don’t believe you’re the guy who doesn’t get the girl every week.” Damnit. I would have made out with Natalie Portman if I had his career! Damn. Damn. Damn. My dear, sweet, Natalie.

    And here’s a link to the interview,

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    @Marcelle The interview you linked to is not a “dis” on Zach Braff, as the article claims. He’s showing regret that he didn’t get the role. Honestly, that could just be a higher up trying to let Muhney down easy. I can see why he didn’t get some of the other roles mentioned, as there were bigger names that got the roles.

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    ^^^ Hey handsome ;-) The witness rumor is a big, fat lie. At least according to TMZ rival blog, Radar.

    And the “victim” never reported anything to the police.


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    [quote=bobbyew]The rumor was posted on here by someone way before it went to TMZ. Angelica just confirmed what was being discussed on the message board. That is why they reported it. TMZ doesn’t even pay any attention to soaps. They just needed something to go with cause Saturday was a slow news day.

    It was probably leaked by a cast member or HK herself on a message board to get it out there. As LaDiva say she a hungry bloodthirsty heiffa. If she didn’t want them groped put your shirt back on on the set and not let JFP put you out there like the slut she wanted to portray.[/quote]

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    LaDiva HR issues aren’t always reported to the police. It’d be up
    to the “victim” if resolution is satisfactory.

    These types of things happen a lot. And unfortunately many people just lose their jobs.

    Never heard of radar. Will check them out.

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    [quote=IheartGH]correction Harlee490 – he is an “alleged” sexual predator and its a “feral” cat or dog. just sayin'[/quote]

    IheartGH….I didn’t say MM in the statement just that I don’t support any sexual predator, if you can show me where I mentioned MM I will concede J) but as the grammar mistake thanks for correction from the grammar police I apologize. :)

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    Well, he does have a point. I mean, he is better looking than Zach (IMO)!

    Good greif, WTF does any of this TMZ reporting (besides the first 2 sentences) have to do with POSSIBLE sexual harassment? We all know he’s a smart ass narcissist…..he’s already admitted that. We all know he loves twitter and fan interaction, and I’m sure leaking storyline secrets gave him much attention that he just ate up!

    They could have left all of that out. If we were in court, I would object because the Jury wouldn’t need to hear that irrelevant shitzzz. Now, we all know who really benefited from this, and that is none other than flu bound (yeah right, how convenient) Angelica McDaniel. She talked pillow talk with her hubby and drove this story….I don’t care who denies it, who complains, I believe in my bones she talked to her hubby about this! They are trying whatever to ruin him. He may have groped her breasts,,,,I don’t know! But, there’s an awful lot of mudslinging going on here, and some of this mud smells of horse shitzzzz!

    I’m just sayin……

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    Restless Fan

    TMZ is reporting gossip from soap message boards? That’s suspect. I didn’t even know TMZ, who normally reports NOTHING about soaps, is reading soap message boards. Hmmmmmm.

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    Restless…I think cuz it’s an ugly sleazy story that they know has been getting WAAAAYYYY too much attention.

    I think it was Jamey on the podcast who said one of the TMZ people does watch the show.

    Yes, I know about AM’s husband, but in the business they are in…this story is right up their alley.

    I never have even read a TMZ story before. And I guess on the flip side there’s Radar (?) that’s trashing HK. Another unknown entity to me.

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    One of the TMZ reporters is a fan of the show, and I was told that a number of fans reached out to TMZ and asked them to investigate. I highly doubt that they reported without investigating past the message boards posts. I mean, lawsuits would fly.

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