Sherri Shepherd on The Polar Vortex: “Is It Global Warming, Or Is Jesus Coming Back?” (VIDEO)

Sherri Shepherd appears to have the same belief system about extreme weather events as my late grandmother — who was born in 1930 in rural Texas. During a recent segment on The View where Ginger Zee discussed the polar vortex, Shepherd asked if it was caused by global warming, or if Jesus of Nazareth was preparing a return trip to Earth.

Not to be outdone, Barbara Walters kept yelping periodically "WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN? WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN?"  Watch the clip below!


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    Hi All…I love Sherri the comedian but Sherri the talk show host makes me shake my head. Someone should have told her that the baby Jesus is NOT Santa Claus! He does not come swooping in when snow starts falling. The boy was from the Middle East so you’d take he’d send ahead a head wave prior to making his appearance.

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    TV Gord

    Oh, come on! It was an offhanded comment at the end of the segment. It doesn’t mean she thinks Jesus is coming back because it’s cold. If you saw the whole segment, it was in the context of weather people blowing the weather all out of proportion. She was saying if it could be Snowmageddon, maybe it’s Jesus coming back. If anyone else made the same comment, this wouldn’t be worth a second thought, let alone a story.

    She made one mistake in one of her first days on the job (maybe her first day) where she has since explained she was nervous. She said the next day that she knows the world isn’t flat, but no one will give her a break, as though none of us have ever said something stupid that we immediately wanted to take back. Why would we, though. Feeding frenzies are much more fun.

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    I didn’t see it but she probably was throwing in a joke. I have seen her do that and then it doesn’t fly. That also happened to Joy also. Joy, for how long she was on, sometimes told jokes inappropriately. I have seen that for Shepherd on The Talk also. Sometimes it works but sometimes it does not.

    They have to learn how to separate. Oddly Whoopie separates much better than the others. Whoopie is out there but seems toned down for this show.

    The View is not what it once was. When Barb leaves, Whoopie is the only one there who I would even care about when it comes to politics. My guess that was the plan since Barbara is retiring at this point. The question is how long will Whoopie last when it is all silliness.

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