Is Shirley Jones Heading to General Hospital?

Is 70's TV mom Shirley Jones heading to General Hospital? According to William deVry (Julian), she sure is! The actor revealed the information about The Partridge Family star's upcoming stint on GH on Twitter while conversing to Star Trek's William Shatner. deVry tweeted:

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    They just undid her Days of Our Lives stint with one sentence the other day. I sat through 6500 torturous episodes of EJ and Sami as Santo and Coleen, then one GLORIOUS episode with everyone but EJ and Sami along with Shirley Jones. And then, “Never mind. None of that matters now”, I assume so Brady can sleep with Theresa. They like to undo things for one sex scene…virginal Abbey becomes sex-crazed at Horton Cabin, history and true character development be damned over at Days. Hopefully, if Ms. Jones does come on GH, her storyline will stick. (Yeah, that was rambly and a bit off topic, but it just came out. I have a head cold, sorry comment readers.)

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    What a coincidence, people were just talking about her and her part in the hideous mess that was Santeen on DAYS, where she had a cameo.

    Well okay. Was Julian’s mother ever mentioned?

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    I really need WDV to stop trolling William Shatner. It is embarrassing. I wonder how long Shirley is going to be on for? I wonder if she will play the tambourine?

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    [quote=nysam]I wonder if she is the new Lulu recast :)[/quote]

    LOL! LOL! LOL! :bigsmile: Your timing is impeccable. You have no idea how I needed to laugh! Thank you!….. 0:)

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