Another World’s Anna Stuart Marries James Cromwell in Charles Keating’s Home!

Here's something to make my fellow Another World nuts smile. ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting Anna Stuart wed A-list beau James Cromwell in the home of Stuart's one-time AW leading man, Charles Keating (ex-Carl)!

Said the actress who played femme fatale Donna Love on the classic P&G sudser:


"Since our romance officially began at Charles' home two years ago on New Year's Eve, we decided to get married there," Stuart says with a smile. "Mary, Charles' wife, was 'scheming' all the while. She wanted James in a nice relationship, and she knew I was available." 

Congrats to Stuart and Cromwell. I wonder if Keating ever calls her "Bella" for old time's sake?

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    Congrats to the happy couple and especially James Cromwell for landing such a great catch! I miss Anna on my tv and would love to see her in a good show!
    Maybe they can work together on a project and include Mr Keating and Victoria Wyndom and maybe Anne Heche in it. That could be something!

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    I love Donna Love and especially Anna Stuart. I remember she sub for Maeve Kincaid during her pregnancy and was fabulous! :love:

    Donna & Michael was one of favorite couples of all time, their chemistry was always on :love:

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    That is so cool! I almost forgot about Miss Donna Love (I’ve always liked her full name). Man I miss Another World, next to Guiding Light it was my favorite, and it never got unwatchable (what other show can you say that about????). I remember Donna’s affair with the younger guy Matt, that was hot!

    Now I’m depressed that the great shows GL and AW are no longer with us. :(

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