First Impressions: Guy Wilson as Will Horton on Days of Our Lives (PHOTOS)

What are your First Impressions of Guy Wilson as Days of Our Lives' Will Horton?

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    Honestly I felt Guy Wilson’s transition was smooth & he fit in well.

    He worked well with Camila, Freddie & James

    The father of the twins that play AG did reveal that the babies took a few days to get used to Guy

    However I do feel Days is maturing Will & Guy will do great in the role.

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    I felt the transition was extremely smooth. So far so good. He looks exactly like Allison Sweeney, so that works. He seems to put a bit more effort into delivering his lines then Chandler has done in recent months. I could tell Massey was bored with the naterial which is never good. I can’t wait to see Wilson more.

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    I’d give him a B- for his first day. However, both he and Chandler don’t really play a guy in love with his boyfriend as I would. Freddie is really convincing as a guy in love.

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    I’m not entirely sure how I feel yet.

    I have to say I’m most welcomed to the thought of having a recast, since CM kind of floundered the rest half of 2013 after the big May Sweeps reveal scenes. And the character of Will is so important, and he is supposed to be the central figure of the young generation and the lead male of the group. Also supported by the fact that he is the son of Sami.

    Now, the difference between Guy and Chandler was jarring, but I’m not entirely sure yet how, and I’m hoping it will become a change for the good. IMO it’s good that Blake Berris is gone because in scenes with him I think they would have appeared too similar.

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    [quote=cheesehead91182]He looks way too old to be Sami’s son, but I guess if Kate be in her 50s and have a grown grandchildren and a great grand child I guess Sami can have a 30 year old son.[/quote]

    They just need to clean him up a bit. He looks kind of rough. He needs a haircut, and a facial scrub or two. He did a great job though in his first outing.

    His chemistry with Freddie Smith will be my deciding factor. Let’s see how he kisses Freddie Smith, lol. If it’s those stiff, close mouthed, awkward kisses Chandler gave Smith, it won’t be convincing as two people in love.

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    [quote=Yoryla]IMO it’s good that Blake Berris is gone because in scenes with him I think they would have appeared too similar.[/quote]

    We haven’t seen the last of Blake Berris or Nick on Days. ;)

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    Well, he does have beautiful cheekbones. :)

    Seriously though, I thought the transition was really smooth. He seemed very comfortable with Freddie Smith and Camila Banus, as well as James Scott.
    I think it helped that, as SoapArmageddon mentioned, there wasn’t a lot of heavy lifting to be done; the scenes were fairly routine and lightweight. Again, I think the inevitable romantic scenes with FS will be the tell-tale sign on whether the transition turns awkward but after just one episode I’m pretty optimistic.

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    Secrets and Lies

    Guy seems to be treading cautiously rather than stepping into the role and making it his own – that’s probably smart given the popularity of the Will character. I hope as time goes on he’ll feel free to put more of his stamp on the role. I’m not making any judgement for a few months.

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    I taped Thursday & Friday’s shows and haven’t seen him yet and very excited to see how it goes for him to gel with FS. Like any new recast it takes time to form an opinion, recasts are hard to be successful after a loved character.

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    I was just being silly with my previous post, but I agree 100%. I think Guy can pull off continuing Will’s story, because I think he has the acting chops to do it. I’ve seen him on other shows, and the “guy” CAN act. I’m more impressed with him than the new guy (Ryan Paevey) on GH.

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    I’m sorry but I don’t care for him at all. Still early, and while he seemed like an adequate actor, I feel no one can replace Chandler, who was so unique and not a typical soap opera actor. I do not agree with those who say Chandler was phoning it in these last few months–he is a phenominal actor, as is Freddie Smith, and importantly, both of them really jump off the screen. Not so with this guy. I am really going to miss Chandler, adn I hope they get him back…

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    He seemed a bit stiff in the deliverance of some of his lines. It’s a shame that people on YouTube are being so mean and criticizing his physical appearance. I preferred Chandler, of course, but I think that he has potential. He just needs to loosen up a little bit and become more relaxed and less rehearsed.

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