Summer Makes a Near-Fatal Fashion Faux Pas on The Young and the Restless (PROMO)

Unfortunately for Summer Newman (Hunter King), she was born long after Mrs. Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign! Next week on The Young and the Restless, the teen model's life hangs in the balance after she pops some pills at a Jabot fashion shoot.

I expect tons of chest-beating from Summer's two dads, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Jack (Peter Bergman). Let's just hope the certified nurses aides know not to bring Summer a PB & J sandwich.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Billy (Billy Miller) is thisclose to finding out Adam (Michael Muhney) turned Delia into compost. Watch next week's Y&R promo after the jump!


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    What a silly little girl. So let me guess, this is the part where there’s going to be a blood tranfusion or such and someone’s going to find out about Summer not being Jack’s. Of course, the real storyline would be for Sharon to come to her senses and tell everyone before it’s too late, but I doubt TPTB would ever let Sharon do anything responsible on this show again.

    How skewed must it be to watch all this silliness on screen when knowing about all that has gone on behind the scenes.

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    Too bad they don’t just let her die and leave with Michael Muhney. Sounds like the best way to go, as far as I am concerned. She is very lacking in the talent department, so no big loss. Rather see her gone than Delia. Delia at least, was a good actress.

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    Just think: This generic, uninteresting, sparsely talented, surgically “enhanced” little blonde thing is responsible for the firing of the best damn actor Y&R has had in years. Boggles the mind, chile. It really really really boggles the mind!

    The ace up her sleeve? She was groomed by Godzilla Farren Phelps herself! To her credit, she learned well and learned quick how to make it in Hollywood! FAKE it till you make it, bay-beeeeeeeee!!!

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    I always wished that Hunter King had come aboard as Abby instead of Summer…I think the two actresses would do a lot better in the opposite roles.

    Anyway…Summer has become a real mess lately! She can’t be Phyllis’ daughter, because I always saw Phyllis as pretty smart. She also can’t be Jack’s daughter for the same reason.

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    This is another example of the writers going against character. Summer was down on Noah’s gf for taking pills, and now she is? Makes no sense knowing what she does about Fen and Noah’s gf, whose name escapes me for some reason.

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    I had wrote this at another but this is just how I feel at the moment. :(

    Gosh, I could like this story but once again how much proof do people need to see it’s now “The Young and The Depressive”. There are some bright spots and I continually torture my soul and watch, because I’m over a 40 year loyalist to CBS’s daytime. I might have to do as I done back in November & December and skip episodes and only watch for whom I enjoy in performances. It’s sad to watch for performances and not the stories. The stories I’m liking is mighty lean.

    We had Fen on drugs, Jack on drugs and now Summer with only 15 month into her tenure from Jill Phuck-up Phelps….geez! Where’s the romance at, don’t give me Tyler & Abby (I like her when in scenes with Abbotts or Newmans) or Noah & Courtney (poor RA, great talent stuck in no win story again) because there wasn’t a setup at all to have the viewers to get to know these characters as couples but it’s like Jill is throwing pasta against the wall to see if any will stick! YR writers take a clue from Days, which is doing it perfectly today. She would like the viewers to be invested in these dark, gloomy and dreaded stories and think it’s entertainment? Not to me at least but disappointment, anger, frustration and bewilderment.

    JFP is the worse EP to write for women. At all her soaps she has headed, the women characters are weak, submissive, uninteresting and stereotyped always have women to fall at the feet of the men. She loves to write for male characters and have done a pretty good job for the masculine characters. The balance on YR is whacked, no romance, no levity or humor, no close friendships to say of, JFP makes “islands” on her soaps where most characters only interacting among a few and no feeling of community in Genoa City. Community feel has all characters inter-meshing with one another. They don’t have to have stories together just connections.

    Why could Summer not be written as young, intelligent upcoming junior business executive at Jabot. She could be her mother’s daughter and have a side of devious attentions to move up the corporate ladder. But no we get another story coming from a soap about a girl being model, which has been rehashed & rehashed since the 1970s, nothing fresh or creative.

    I just want my YR to be somewhat good & entertaining again, I know it will never be as Bill Bell’s YR but please writers stop using old writer’s ideas and put some imagination into the writing and let the viewers be inspired to watch.

    OH it could be corrected quite easily by Kay Alden, Jack Smith and Ed Scott, sigh…..Bill’s team!

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    hey mon

    Summer is in a coma! Who gives a flying Fire-tUCK? Boring a$$ story-line. Where is Red when you need her?

    BTW, when in the #ell are they going to show Jill again?

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    hey mon….exactly about Jill, we got Jill Monday & Tuesday of last week and just left us hanging….this isn’t a way to keep viewers interested.

    Don’t give me any guff people spouting about last week’s ratings because a lot had to do with holiday, weather and closing of businesses & schools ect. Here in Ohio it was serve sub-zero weather and other states in mid-west were even worse. For two days and everything from schools, malls, government offices, OSU, etc. literally shut down. On Wednesday & Thursday so many of the same entities were closed again because of water lines breaking, in downtown Columbus a huge water main break causing flood icing and the at the Police Headquarters two floors water lines busted on 8th & 9th floors. :O

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    Excellent commentary on the state of Y&R, the shows the week of Christmas were so bad. Who wants to tune into a constant state of depression.

    And because I am feeling obnoxious, the following clip brought to you by none other than Columbia Picture…aka SONY;_ylt=A2KLqIKtFNRSrwUAlSP7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTEwbDc3MDl2BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDVjE0OQRncG9zAzI1?p=david+hasselhoff+click&vid=8514c99593ec53369309adeea89a739f&l=1%3A33&

    Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think……and that is my final comment on that debacle.

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    I like Summer although I dont understand the need to have her in a coma already. One thing, Y&R with some of there stories is that they rush them. This story for example.You saw Summer pop pills, what once or twice and now she’s in a coma?

    And oh great, here comes more Dylan.

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    I don’t mind this story, but it’s happening with lightening pace.

    I hope it solves two issues…that Sharon’s off the hook for the paternity switch…or we find out she really didn’t…

    …and this will tie into the Chavez//Courtney storyline.

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    I hope this storyline wakes Phyllis up,the truth comes out about what Sharon did and she finally gets the help and punishment she deserves. She can do her time in a mental health facility.
    If ‘Sharon didn’t really do it,’ then why the battle on the staircase, the fall, the coma.
    She better not get off the hook again.
    Wake UP Phyllis!!

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