Will The Port Charles Villagers Come After Franco With Pitchforks on General Hospital?

Trouble-prone, serial monogamist Carly Corinthos-Jacks (Laura Wright) has gone missing on General Hospital. While there are several people in the city of Port Charles, New York who have grudges against Michael (Chad Duell) and Morgan's (Bryan Craig) mother, all eyes will be on Franco (Roger Howarth) next week on the hit ABC sudser. Can the reformed stalker/kidnapper/mad bomber/user of funky hair dye/serial killer convince the denizens of the upstate New York town he's innocent of harming his galpal?

Michael is convinced the man who inadvertently caused him to be raped in prison is the reason his mama has gone missing. Morgan, on the other hand, worries Julian Jerome (William deVry) has made good on his threat to harm one of Morgan's loved ones.

Franco and Kiki (Kristen Alderson) think Ava Jerome (Maura West) might be guilty. Meanwhile, those lushes over at the Q estate have no idea their ex-in-law has been hog-tied in the family boathouse by mental patient Heather Webber (Robin Mattson)!

The silver lining in all of this, is Carly's mysterious absence will result in the return of her brother Lucas (Ryan Carnes) next Friday. Who knew Lucas and Carly were so close? I guess he got over that whole sister-sleeping-with-father-and-breaking-up-parents'-marriage thing.

Are you excited to watch Carly's kidnapping drama continue to play out on GH? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Profile photo of liason4real

    Here we go with redemption #999 starring Todd Manning — er — Franco Franks — er — Franco Quartermaine — er — Franco Baldwin! The citizens of PC will bring out their pitchforks only to find out that it was Heather that kidnapped Carly. Ugh.

    Here’s an idea, backburner Franco!

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This is a bittersweet pill since this is the kind of umbrella storytelling that I love and expect from soaps, however, out of all of the storylines and characters it has to be this Cranco ridiculousness? Ugh. There was no need for any of this nonsense on screen when the show is about to burst at it’s seams due to all the weight of the numerous castmembers and storylines going on at the same time (or not going on, who even knows which storylines are actual storylines anymore, lol!). If these people must have Cranco as an item, so be it, but at the very least keep them out of storylines…

    However, looking majorly forward to Lucas returning. I think it’s going to be good!

  3. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    At some point, Frank and Ron are going to have to wake up and accept that the audience has not taken to Franco and Kiki. Let these actors go off into the sunset and use their salaries to bring on some actors that the audience wants. There is a list a mile long of characters we have been dying to see back on our screens. We are your client, give us what we ask for, in return your ratings will keep going up.

  4. Profile photo of MatildaR

    Absolutely not looking forward to this lame and contrived story line that has the sole purpose of propping the disaster that is Franco. What is exciting or interesting about a story that is created solely to manipulate the audience to finally accept a character because the actor is favored by the producer and writer.

    If they ever do get their way and the viewers finally cry uncle and decide to just live with the nonsense that is Franco, who really wants to watch a General Hospital that has Roger Howarth as it’s star? Is it really that interesting to watch him violently throw back ice teas, crunching on the ice and watch him talk to himself and inanimate objects? I just don’t get it. Maybe that was considered great acting on OLTL, but GH viewers are used to better, like Tristan Rogers who is gone, Sean Kanan who is apparently being shown the door and John J York who is just a total professional and class act.

    This story is terrible, the writing is worse and the motivations are deplorable.

  5. Profile photo of janel22

    Love this storyline love this couple they having had Franco front a center they mellow him out I don’t think the fans is ever going to like this character but I one fan don’t mind him because Franco and Carly have amazing chemistry that leaps off the screen they can say something with one look they the couple you have to warm up to because I never like Sami and EJ on Days I know off topic but now they are fire I’m happy Lucas is coming back now we can get a Brad/Fleix/Lucas love triangle and get Fleix out of other people life and have one of his own

  6. Profile photo of nysam

    So Lucas is coming back for his “sister” Carly who I don’t think he ever had any scenes with in his previous time on the show, yet he was nowhere to be seen when his cousin Maxie (who he was close with)has had how many troubles the past few years?

  7. Profile photo of Desertrose

    To be fair, in his day on OLTL, Roger Howarth interacted with numerous core characters. IMHO, he had incredible chemistry with his onscreen love,Blair. They had so much history & backstory. I always had to watch Todd & appreciated his portrayal of Todd as a badly damaged yet somehow still human character.

    Now, sadly I FF most of his scenes and all the ones w/Carly. The way he’s been forced onto GH (again) as such a loathsome character as Franco (WTF, Ron?)…..and being limited to being with Carly who bears no resemblance to her former self…..is just really frustrating and a waste of a (once) good actor.

  8. Profile photo of Fashionista

    while i usually am able to suspend my disbelief of soapy stuff … hello Carly (this is not her first time as a kidnapee) your hands are tied IN FRONT OF YOU … you can actually reach up and remove that absurd gag which i suspect you could be able to scream past … Heather, Heather, Heather .. really i expected much more of you

  9. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    The real silver lining in Cujo’s absence, at least for the denizens of PC, is Cujo’s absence. I would personally give a ticker tape parade and the keys to the city to anyone who could put a permanent end to that shrieking harpy. And if they could also rid the place of Liki and Oblivious (both of whom also fall into that category), that would be even better.

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