SPOILERS: Dylan And Avery’s Search Leads Them Into Danger On The Young and the Restless

Dylan/Avery: The legal vixen has a late New Year's Eve private party for herself and Dylan. As Avery tries to set a romantic mood, she notices her man is a bit preoccupied. Dylan confesses he met Ian’s wife, and reveals what she had to say about the pervy cult leader. Avery tells Dylan she will ride shotgun when he heads out to find Ian, but he shoots her down.
Avery starts to believe she and Dylan may not be able to capture what they once had. Watch for the couple’s quest to find out more about Ian to become a dangerous one.

Victor: Mr. Mumbles is not thrilled with his eldest son canoodling with Sharon.

Dylan/Nikki/Paul: The socialite is still troubled by her war veteran son's quest to find out more information on his bio dad. Nikki tells Paul how she's frightened Ian still hasn't changed his ways, and will hustle Dylan to join his schemes. Paul encourages Nikki to have faith in Dylan, and believes the lad will see right through Ian's bull.

Just as Paul gives Nikki a friendly hug, Cricket walks in and is taken aback by what she sees. Once Nikki leaves, Cricket is a bit stand offish with Paul.

Later, Nikki stops by to see Dylan, and once again voices her fears about him finding Ian. She pleads with him to give up the search. Dylan implores to Nikki he needs to find out more about Ian. Look for Nikki's fears about Ian to become a reality.

Billy/Kevin: The two team up and figure out who is responsible for Delia's hit and run.

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins get yet another package that leaves them terrified

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    So the shows have been really good the past several weeks, and then today’s kind of “thudded” for me.

    What I realized is that I was dealt too much Abby/Tyler, the couple I like the LEAST right now with his “ex” playing out off screen, and saddling poor Avery with Dylan the entire episode.

    Overall with the show trending into a more positive note, I just wish they’d still keep the newer characters spread out a little more.

    It’s not as bad as some of the JG episodes. This writing team so far has been more successful at mixing and matching.

  2. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Tyler ha some serious ‘people’ in his past. Now he’s got Mariah stalking after him. Recycled story-line number 3 — hint to JFP, Red Williams just aint cutting it.

  3. Profile photo of pjc722

    First we saw NICK leave Avery (sure she left him later at the altar) and now we have the pathetic Dylan do the same because he believes his life has been turned over. Honestly, his search for his “dad” has as much emotion and reason behind it as does eating a chocolate cake for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week.

    WHY IS HE LOOKING FOR THE MAN WHEN HE IS SINGLE, healthy and childless? Go to stitch and have all the tests you need done to check for illnesses. It’s one more reason for victor to hate this NOW TRULY PATHETIC character.

    Didn’t we just end a stalking story … Or two? The never ending story with the baldwins has reached its peak and gone over the edge. This couple should have packed up for Toronto to live in secret with Lauren’s OTHER SON! And we just finish the secretive Hilary spying on everyone with no one noticing to now see someone stalking and messing with the lives of Tyler and Abby.

    BORING. And repetitive.

  4. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=pferrando]What I realized is that I was dealt too much Abby/Tyler, the couple I like the LEAST right now with his “ex” playing out off screen, and saddling poor Avery with Dylan the entire episode.[/quote]

    Yep, that was the big problem with today’s ep for me too. I actually FF’ed through Abby/Tyler–something I very rarely do on a TV show, no matter how bad–because I really just can’t stand that couple; neither the writing nor the acting/chemistry is remotely compelling when it comes to those two. The only thing that could save this “story” is the return of Emme Rylan and Tyler being replaced with Chavez i.e. NOTHING CAN SAVE THIS BORING ASS COUPLE.

    The only positive thing I can say about Dylan/Avery is that Jessica Collins looked beautiful on today’s episode. Of course that can’t compensate for Dylan still breathing and the return of that wretched Dylan/Avery theme song.

  5. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=hey mon]Tyler ha some serious ‘people’ in his past. Now he’s got Mariah stalking after him. Recycled story-line number 3 — hint to JFP, Red Williams just aint cutting it.[/quote]

    Would U believe, they nominated that dipshit that plays Tyler for an award?
    Also, no talent Lily.

  6. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [quote] The only thing that could save this “story” is the return of Emme Rylan[/quote]

    I still stand by my opinion that MR has to be one of the most obnoxious actresses in daytime. She does a bad Judith Chapman on Ritalin impression with bugged eyes. And MR isn’t bringing it on GH either, IMO.

    No regime has ever known what to do with Abby.

  7. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    This is the first DC thread in which I’ve ever agreed with every post that preceded mine. :)

    Wait…there’s this: I don’t get some people’s love for Avery. She is as boring as Dylan.

  8. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [quote]Wait…there’s this: I don’t get some people’s love for Avery. She is as boring as Dylan. [/quote]

    I don’t like Avery either. She’s boring, however, Jessica Collins is a decent actress. The same can’t be said for Steve Burton. He and his character sucks. .

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Wait…there’s this: I don’t get some people’s love for Avery. She is as boring as Dylan.[/quote]

    Agreed! Avery is a poor excuse for a character, who really only worked as a sidebar character, as Phyllis’ sister and a legal eagle. Not everyone can, or should be, promoted to be a lead.

    And I’m sorry but it doesn’t matter to me one iota whether Melissa Ordway looks like she could be Eileen Davidson’s daughter, she is doing nothing for me, and is like a plastic model human doll. There’s no soul and nothing distinctive in her.


  10. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Dylan is going to go and search out Ian Ward. Hooray! Avery is going to go with him.

    Bring back Congressman Marcus. And the real Angelo Veneziano.


  11. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Just my opinion, but sorry, I feel no chemistry between Dylan and Avery and could care less about the story. Unfortunately, Dylan was too forced on the audience, first as Mr. Perfect, now Nicki’s son. I blame the writers but I also think Steve Burton doesn’t belong on the show.
    Another couple with no chemistry is Abby and Tyler. He is very good-looking but his acting is so wooden, like he’s reading directly off the script. Have no interest in them as a couple at all. The show needs to get it’s act together. With all the backstage “drama”, the loss of Billy Miller and Michael M., they need to bring on better stories, and please, more romance!

  12. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I had to laugh at Tyler nixing Abby’s big house idea because he’s suddenly just not makin’ the big bucks. Excuse me, what happened to Mr. High Rolling Ad Exec when he first came to town?

  13. Profile photo of Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies
    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Rebecca: I thought the same thing…while Tyler doesn’t have Abby Newman money, we were definitely led to believe he was “the” name in cutting edge advertising and marketing when he arrived on the scene. His money issue was pretty bizarre.
    This couple is just so half baked…didn’t care about their location shoot down the street from the Y&R studios…don’t believe them when they say they love each other…don’t believe they disagreed on the house they could afford/wanted, then found “the perfect house for us!” online without a showing, then made an offer, then designed their bedroom, then learned their offer had been bested all in one episode. Tired of the creeper we don’t see, as it’s been done to death. Is there any chance Mariah is Colin? ;-)

    Dylan and Avery and the search for Darth Pater are boring me to tears.

    Hard to watch the Delia storyline now, as it seems overshadowed by real life events and the knowledge that the clock is ticking for Muhney and Miller. I am so nervous that they are going to cheat/insult/fail us all and –given real life events — actually go with Adam as the driver who killed Delia.

  14. Profile photo of harlee490

    The only thing that was watchable on yesterday was Nikki\Victor, Victor\Jack butting heads, Abbott bros and that was it.

    I honestly don’t see major improvement in stories at all compared to JG. They are slightly better but some episodes are boring as hell like Josh’s mess.

    I’m so tedious with Avery and really over this character. She is saddled up once again with Dylan and they are boring together. She could leave now with Phyllis vegetating in GA….ChrisGA send our like to Phyllis, please ;)

    Lots of Dylan being highlighted in the spoilers….makes me nauseated :|

  15. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    If I hadn’t read they were changing writers, I would be unaware of the fact. I do not see any improvement in the show, since MAB left the scene. I do not believe any of the newbies have helped the show in any way. They have taken away all of their great music and filled in with a lot of elevator crap. They have crammed non talent SB/Dildo, down our throats and I have never seen as many dislikes of an actor, as there are of him. Stories just drag on and on and on.
    Losing 3 of the best ever actors on the show, just too much.

  16. Profile photo of Ell1980

    I agree , Lily needs to go. A lot of these new characters stink. Kelly blows, Victoria needs to hook up with Stitch. Chelsey needs to be with Cane, they’d be great together. They need to get Dylan and Avery having some sexy scenes already, this is getting boring,,,

  17. Profile photo of Ell1980

    This show is getting boring, two great characters are leaving. Lily stinks, hook Cane up with Chelsey, hook Victoria up with Stitch. Let’s get some sexy scenes for Dylan and Avery already.

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