Y&R’s Ignacio Serricchio Books Recurring Gig on Bones

The Young and the Restless hunk Ignacio Serricchio has landed a plum gig on Fox's Bones. TVLine is reporting the former General Hospital star will recur on the primetime series as a highly-regarded forensic anthropologist from Cuba who arrives in the U.S. looking for asylum.

Bones airs Fridays at 8 pm EST on Fox.


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    He’s not on contract.

    Miller was.

    Although I wish they’d get him on contract. Steals every scene he’s in, and would be a good leading man. Much more than our man Dylan.

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    It boggles my mind that JFP hands out contracts to charisma-free performers like Burton, Melissa Ordway and Redaric Williams but this hot, sexy Latino stud–who has looks and charisma to burn AND can act–is stuck with table scraps and wasted as the “go-to cop” in town. Biggest waste of talent on this show next to poor Robert Adamson.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]@ChrisGA I was told Ignacio didn’t want to be on contract at Y&R.[/quote]

    Hmm, that’s interesting; thanks for the info Jamey. I definitely think he’s got the goods to make it in primetime if given the opportunity.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]@ChrisGA I was told Ignacio didn’t want to be on contract at Y&R.[/quote]

    Who would blame him!!! If I were an up-and-coming actor I would want to get as far away from that pit of hell as possible….LOL

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    I also read an interview where Ignacio said he wants to be all over the place and not just on Y&R.

    But honestly, not only is he hot, he and Kevin are such a supercouple in the making. You just know it when you see them. Kevin is just waiting for Chavez to throw him over one shoulder and carry to his cave.

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    Jean Passanante wrote some good gay story for Luke and Dr. Reid Oliver on ATWT, except the death-by-train part, so maybe, if JFP allows her, she can come up with something on Y&R. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chavez and another guy getting it on.

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    [quote=FoxCrane]Alex needs to get stuck in an elevator with Kevin so he can comfort the claustrophobic man-child leading to an epiphany.[/quote]

    OMG, a couple like that would get me watching Y&R again for sure!!!

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]@ChrisGA I was told Ignacio didn’t want to be on contract at Y&R.[/quote]

    Smart man!!! Come in and out, avoid the drama and the cliques, and get yourself on a hot prime time show and/or movies dude.

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