CBS Officially Renews Daytime Lineup!

The team at CBS Daytime is breaking out their dancing shoes this afternoon. The Tiffany Network announced renewals for Let’s Make A Deal, The Price is Right, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Talk at the TCA convention.

"The return of all five of our CBS Daytime shows is a credit to the collaborative spirit of the casts, crews and staff who work tirelessly to make their creative vision come to life," said Angelica McDaniel, senior vice-president of CBS Daytime in a released statement. " A special thank you goes out to our loyal fans for watching and for making us No.1 in daytime."

Daytime Confidential first reported Y&R would be receiving a multi-year pickup this past November. The sudser has been picked up through the 2017 season.

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  1. Profile photo of pferrando

    Sooooo happy for the entire CBS lineup and loyal fans.

    Knowing YR’s around until 2017 gives me hope that for sure Phelps will be gone by then and that the things that need to be fixed will have been done before then! ;)

    I know some people have said they haven’t watched since Stafford left, Delia was killed, or will stop once Miller and MM are gone, but there will be plenty of people still tuned in for the ride, whether it’s good, bad, or both.

    Cheers! :beer: :beer: :beer:

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Wouldn’t it be a good thing if she relaxes? If she wouldn’t actively do her work which means destroying everything she touches, that might mean the show could actually get better!

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    Restless Fan

    Congrats to the entire CBS lineup. That’s good news. As for Phelps getting canned anytime soon, don’t see that happening. Shows ratings are up and they seem happy with her.

  4. Profile photo of brettyboy

    [quote=Yoryla]Wouldn’t it be a good thing if she relaxes? If she wouldn’t actively do her work which means destroying everything she touches, that might mean the show could actually get better![/quote]

    LOL There’s that way of looking at it!

  5. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    That’s great.

    Now let’s get Y&R back into a must-see status of some kind cuz right now it’s not.
    I watched 12 minutes last night and turned it off…..Michael and the convict…Summer and Fen….Lauren and Neil talking about I don’t know what….Nikki and Paul was all I found I wanted to watch and that wasn’t enough for me to justify 44 minutes of my evening.

  6. Profile photo of pferrando

    It’s obvious the show’s going through transition and trying to get the old stories resolved, wrapped up, or dropped in some cases.

    Monday and Tuesday were not the best, but I enjoyed yesterday’s show a lot.

    The Canadian tweeters had me salivating for today’s show.

    I think it’s been in pretty good shape really, and hope the trend continues for 2014.

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    TV Gord

    FYI for Y&R fans: if you get GSN, you can catch the original Jill Abbott, Brenda Dickson, is a celebrity panelist on Match Game (circa 1977) tomorrow and possibly Monday at 8am eastern.

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    Patchworks…I try.

    Plus everywhere you go lately there’s so much negativity.

    I’m all for constructive criticism, and do call out the show often…but certain posters only come on to say something negative, and that’s a waste of all our time.

    “The show sucks”…contributes nothing, sorry.

    I want opinions and suggestions on how others would improve the show.

    “Hire MM back”…also isn’t a valid suggestion.

    TV Gord…thanks for the tip. I LOVE Brenda. Even though Jess is Jill now, I often wonder what Brenda’s Jill would look like today, especially if she reeled in her late year’s camp people only remember her for.

  9. Profile photo of harlee490

    Thank sweet Jesus above for this great news…now if we still have until ‘2017 to keep trying for the return of Bill Bell’s team, Kay, Jack, Ed, etc :bigsmile: :beer: Kicking JFP out on her ass! >) along with Steve Burton :X

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