Days of Our Lives Scores Biggest W18-49 Women Demos Since 2011

Days of Our Lives continues to bring the ratings heat. The sudser is having its biggest season in total viewers in four years. During the week of January 6-10, DAYS pulled in its highest week-long women 18-49 rating and audience since 2011.

“Days” averaged 688,000 women 18-49 during the week, its biggest audience in that key demo since the week of Nov. 21-25, 2011 (703,000). The 1.1 rating is also “Days” highest since Nov. 21-25, 2011 (1.1).  It’s the second week in a row “Days” has attracted its biggest women 18-49 audience since November 2011 – during the prior week, ‘Days’ averaged 669,000 women 18-49, which at that time was the show’s biggest viewership in that demo since Nov. 21-25, 2011.

January 6-10 was the week EJ (James Scott) cheated on Sami (Alison Sweeney) with Abby (Kate Mansi). 

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    That screenshot right there! That’s what did it. They were SMOKING HAWT!

    I’ve been a loyal viewer of Days for 30 years, and the early to mid-90s was the last time I enjoyed the show this much.

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    Secrets and Lies

    A few years ago the show was absolutely unwatchable and for several years before that it was mediocre at best. Kudos to the team of Meng, de Cazotte, Tomlin, Whitesell, and Broderick. They’ve really gotten this show back on track.

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    I love Days! To all those who are upset about EJAbby – That is how I felt when Kristen raped Eric. But the story paid off in spades. I just know this story will pay off as well. This show is HOT!

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    EJ and Abby are smoking hot. I want to see this affair to go emotionally deeper past the sex. They have the potential to become the next hit couple on Days. That coupled with Jen, Sami and Lucas’s involvement when they are exposed will make good TV

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    I love Sami & EJ, but they are bad girl/bad boy. EJ & Abby however, are the classic Good girl/ Bad boy pairing. Time & time & time & time again, this formula works and has fans rooting for them! The bad guy that will do ANYTHING for the good girl that he loves. To me, that is more exciting than the bad boy trying to figure out/cover up the latest mess that his bad girl has gotten herself involved in. AS and JS play that pairing exceptionally well and add a comic element to it (hot love making too!)

    I’m torn on this one. I’m surprising loving EJabby! I didn’t want to, but I do! O, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the throw down between Abby and Sami! O to the MG! DAYS better not hold anything back or cut any corners on that one. I want a fountain in the middle of Horton Square pronto….and them 2 bitchez in it “wrastlin” (as we say in the south) around in it. I mean I want it good! Maybe a good Valentines Day fight?

    Ughhhh. I STILL miss Kristen tho! DAYS, please fix the following things so that I am complete again!!!!
    – Kill Bo or replace him or Divorce him from hope!
    – Bring back Kristen (if not ED, then a qualified actress….YES, there are some out there that could do the job. Not many, but there are some and Salem needs Kristen!)
    – Recast Chad soon, so that yet another element is added to this already great story!
    – Add a few more black characters. Bring on a few family members for Abe. Also, bring on a new love interest for him. He’s hardly one of my favorite characters and I don’t want Abe front and center storyline wise, but come on, he’s been on the show forever. He is a part of DAYS and he needs some family members too! USE COMMON SENSE HERE! That’s all, just some good ole common sense!

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    I haven’t been this obsessed with a couple since liason. Ejabby is the reason I’ve been tuning in everyday. Kristen’s return got me peaking again but Ejabby has me hooked

    I’ve watched their Smith Island hookup on YouTube over and over and I can’t remember when a couple has intrigued me this much and mind you I shop EJami but I am a sucker for a good girl/bad boy romance

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    Great news! Days totally deserves it! I watch it every day and I never have to fast forward any scenes. The show is very balanced and there’s nothing wrong with it.

    And yes, EJAbby are the hottest new couple, not only on Days but all soaps! Genius!

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    EJabby is on fire!!! They’ve got me watching Days again and I never thought that would happen. I’m a sucker for the bad boy/good girl pairing and this one is genius because it will literally affect the whole canvas. KM and JS have this amazing sexual chemistry that leaps off the screen. Can’t wait to see the continuation of their cabin scenes on Monday. Based on the photo I saw of her straddling him while pulling off his belt and his hands high up on her thighs under her dress I think we’re in for another treat!! :D

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    [quote=kintex]EJ and Abby are smoking hot. I want to see this affair to go emotionally deeper past the sex. They have the potential to become the next hit couple on Days. That coupled with Jen, Sami and Lucas’s involvement when they are exposed will make good TV[/quote]

    Yeah, I kinda see it possibly going that way; EJ seems to genuinely care about Abby, which I love. I would be perfectly happy to see this go on for a very long time.

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