David Tom on Y&R’s Billy: “There’s a Change in The Depth of His Anger”

David Tom is living proof you can in fact go home again. After a 12-year absence from The Young and the Restless, Tom is slipping back into the role of Billy Abbott come Feb. 3. Billy Miller departs on Jan. 30.

The actor is diving head first into the end of a huge storyline, with Billy having learned Adam (Michael Muhney) was the culprit behind his daughter's hit-and-run. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with Tom on what's next for Billy.

TV Guide Magazine: How do things shift for Billy once he knows Adam killed Delia?

Tom: There's certainly no closure, but there's a change in the depth of his anger. Sooner or later, the healing process will have to begin. But, for now, he's furious that Adam did what he did and — even worse — kept it a secret. I can't even imagine what it would be like to deal with something like that yet, at the same time, I can relate. I'm an uncle now in my own life and if somebody did something to harm my little nephew, well…I would definitely want to make that person suffer as much as possible.

Tom also confesses the brass over at Y&R made him audition for the role in which he won a Daytime Emmy Award.

TV Guide Magazine: They didn't make you audition for your old job, did they? Tom: Actually, yes! But I was fine with that. I was in New York when they were holding auditions, so I put myself on tape and sent it in. The Billy recast was supposed to be a secret so they first told me I was auditioning for Paul's son. I said, "Won't that be kinda odd for me to come back to the show as someone different?" And they were, like, "Naaah…don't worry about it!" [Laughs] Now we know why. They finally told me what was really going on the day before my screen test because they had to — it was a scene with Billy and Victoria talking about Delia.

To find out what is in store for Billy and Victoria (Amelia Heinle), click here!

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  1. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I will miss Billy M BIG TIME but I remember David as well playing Billy. I think this will be ok. Depends alot of course on the story Jean & Shelly come up with. I hope they write something good. If they can.

  2. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I hope they don’t do a quad with Billy/Kelly/Victoria/Stitch. Aside from the fact a lot of the actors are new-ish (DT, CW, Stitch) and suck (AH and Stitch), I can’t see it working. Plus, David Tom looks young and both Victoria and Kelly could pass as his soap mother.

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Yeah, there’s definitely going to have to be a change in direction for Billy’s character after DT is back. He’s much younger and innocent looking. I can’t picture him as a poker playing, whiskey drinking corporate bad boy who would go head to head with Victor anymore. I also can’t see him with Victoria anymore. Which might actually be good things. However, I do think they will have to connect him in different ways and put him back in with a younger crowd. He kind of needs JT, Mac, Raul and Brittany there with him.

  4. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    The good news is that Dave Tom played very well with Jess Walton as his mother. It was very believable 10 to 15 years ago. So if we ever get back to Jill, knocked out at the Chancellor Mansion on the front porch, there might be some great scenes in store.

    There is no way,though, that he play across Amelie Heinle, who looks far too old to be his wife of 4 real, perhaps 10, Daytime Years.

    True to what everyone said before, Dave Tom is not really going to be able to play a cigar-smoking, gambling addict, boozer. So they might want to find out what Thad Luckinbill (JT) and someone else other than Clem Ford (last Mac) are doing, to bring those 2 back to town.

    The first Victor versus Billy scene is not going to go well, Dave Tom will never be able to pull off standing up to Eric Braeden.

    Having sex with Kelly — it would like showing Dave Tom having sex with his grandmother.

  5. Profile photo of Divatude58

    I hope David really can’t play a cigar smoking, gambling addict, boozer. Billy Abbot shouldn’t be that anyway. Nor should he be married to middle age Victoria. Great. Maybe now he can be in the age range he belongs…with a mate that works better so that he won’t have to interact with Victor.

  6. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    There is only 5 years between Amelia and David. People think nothing of an old guy like Harrison Ford being 22 years older than Calista Flockhart. Now there is an old guy. Amelia would not even be qualified as middle aged.

  7. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Amelia has not aged that well, IMO. She looks very mature for her age, but I really hope they get Billy out of the Newman orbit. I’m so sick of him being a Newman lapdog. If Billy never shares another scene with Victor or Victoria, then I will be a happy duck.

  8. Profile photo of scrumptious

    David Tom belongs in the “kiddie pool” with Greg Rikaart. They both have that stunted childish look to them despite their middle age.

    I don’t see a “leading man” when I look at him. David Tom is still a lightweight. At most, his version of Billy is a supporting, side character. What’s he gonna do besides play sidekick for Jack?

    JFP needs to dig into her Roladex and hire a REAL leading man to fill the void left by Muhney and Miller.

  9. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Tell it scrumptious. Dave Tom still has that early 20’s look that Greg Rikaart is stuck in. Amelie would have to seriously go after those eyebrows to drop 10 years or more, and maybe lighten a shade or two in the hair department.

  10. Profile photo of Yoryla

    ^^ Haaaa :D re: the comments on Amelia.

    ITA, and the thing is, that IMO with Greg R. the youthful, innocent, puppy-dog look works for him, it’s his forté. That’s why I also think Chavez should carry him over to his bachelor pad because he’s so cute you just can’t resist him.

    But with Billy it doesn’t work that way. It would have been different if David Tom had been on the show this whole time and he would have had the “growing up with the series” thing going for him as Heather Tom used to have. But then again, he would have never been connected romantically with Victoria, either. In any case, I sense a major re-working of Billy’s character is a-coming.

  11. Profile photo of kgdallas

    I agree with what the majority has already stated. Nothing against DT but he doesn’t have the “edge” that BM had and I was watching the show when DT originated the role. Maybe it’s his youthful appearance, small body frame..I’m not sure. Once I heard he was coming back… I honestly thought I was one of the few NOT ready to do cartwheels. LOL I guess we’ll have to see what they do with the character. I would have been fine if Billy Abbott had just left town or something after BM left the role. Not every role needs to be recast.

  12. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    Ehhhhhh, he’s going to ruin the character. He doesn’t have the anger that is needed to be Billy right now. His daughter has been killed,he feels his guilt, the H&R driver got away but is almost in his grips.
    DT just hasn’t got the steel in his veins.
    He looks like a pool boy.
    As for Kevin and Chavez… Kevin’s character isn’t gay, Michael’s character isn’t gay.
    Why try to put Chavez in his sphere? Chloe needs Chavez.

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