Get Ready for a Shocking Christening on Days of Our Lives (PROMO)

Will (Guy Wilson) and Gabi (Camila Banus) are ready to christen little Arianna, but this is Salem which means a church service rarely goes smoothly. This week on Days of Our Lives the family affair has a shocking twist. Watch the promo after the jump!

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    Love how Smith Island is depicted snowless and easily walkable on foot, especially by Abigail who wears heels, in the middle of a Midwestern winter. Same as the town square. So Nick came to and swam to Smith Island where he’s hiding out.

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    I’m still not watching as of now, but this promo looks so GREAT! It totally reminds of Kristen & Brady’s wedding promo which was THE reveal of the century!

    It’s really true that ALL the great reveals are happening in churches these days! But I say if it works for them, why tamper with it! Keep on going Days, Wow!!!

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    [quote=House of Plantagenet]Oh Lord. Can we finally be rid of Nick Fallon!!![/quote]

    I really don’t like Nick, but the problem is, getting rid of Nick means getting rid of Blake Berris. He is just too damn talented to let go. While I am finding this “murder” cover-up really funny at times (the entire episode with Sonny in the closet really made this whole storyline worth it), I think they took Nick in the wrong direction. Instead of having him become obsessed with Gabi, they should have focused on his recovery from the rapes he endured in prison. We should have had therapy sessions with Nick and Marlena. Blake would rocked those scenes. Oh well.

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    [quote=Hannah Scorpio]Days + Church = WIN[/quote]

    Haha, my thoughts exactly; bound to be good, soapy perfection. And for those who defected the show when Eileen Davidson did, BIG mistake; the show’s lost ZERO momentum since her departure and is still firing on all it’s cylinders(and apparently some of Y&R’s too, seeing as how that show is still lacking in so many ways).

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    I was one of the ones who was afraid that Days would lose some steam after Eileen Davidson departed but holy cow Days has maintained the pace. And Friday’s episode will hopefully be just as incredible as Brady and Nicole’s interrupted nuptials. Gabi also had an interrupted wedding. That church is just bad luck for her.

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    This is going to be good! Yes at the church again P~ a bit overdone as Days does best, but at least Salem, USA shows a church which there isn’t any in Geona Ciy, Wisconsin… ;)

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