Anna Blames Herself For The Rape on Downton Abbey

Evil Edna (MyAnna Buring) wasted no time going to Branson (Allen Leech) the morning after. She wanted him to promise he’d marry her, since she could be pregnant. 
Branson was ashamed about everything, but thankfully wouldn’t promise anything. Instead, Branson went to Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) for help. 

Knowing Edna’s character, Mrs. Hughes did some investigating and found a book in Edna’s room about how not to get pregnant.  She and Branson confronted Edna about her pregnancy scheme.  Mrs. Hughes told her to leave, but Edna wanted a payoff, or she threatened to go to Cora (Elizabeth McGovern). Instead, Mrs. Hughes told her off and threatened to ruin her career if she didn’t leave ASAP. Don’t let the door hit ya, Edna!
Lord Gillingham was still hanging around Mary (Michelle Dockery). He confessed he was in love with her, and proposed. He said he’d wait for her to finish mourning Matthew, as long as she said yes first. They shared a kiss. Mary was flattered. However, she said she wouldn’t be ready to move on anytime soon, and told him to marry Mabel. 
Later, Branson and Mary had a nice heart-to-heart about their recent love-life developments.  Well, as good as a chat as two cryptic people could have. Mary also admitted she might come to regret her decision to reject Gillingham. 

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    So far this season DOWNTON is a true soap opera! Scheming bitches in the cellar, conniving one liners in the library, thugs downstairs and vixens upstairs! LOVING IT!

    From Mary putting her father in his place and standing her ground to Anna’s sad rape and the reaction to the return AND just as quick exit of the scheming housemaid with Tom.

    Loving it all. THIS IS A true soap at the turn of the century!


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    If I were ever in trouble I’d want Mrs. Hughes to be on my side. Damn but did that lady not put that slut Edna in her place. I love that she and Carson have the role of parents to those hornballs downstairs.

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