SPOILERS: Nikki Reunites With Her Baby Daddy on The Young and the Restless!

Ian/Nikki/Dylan/Avery: When will folks in Genoa City learn to let sleeping cult leaders lie? Dylan and Avery fake being a married couple to infiltrate Ian Ward's self help center, The Path. Will they get the answers they're looking for? Back home in Genoa City, Nikki receives the shock of her life.

Adam/Chelsea:  Adam is hellbent on getting married in Paris, so he can skip town before having to face Billy's wrath. A clueless Chelsea wants to get married before they head for Paris. Adam decides he can have his cake and eat it too. Will the two get married by a Justice of The Peace before ditching town?

Billy/Adam: Armed with a gun and the truth about what happened to his daughter, the Abbott playboy goes searching for Adam. Look for the in-laws to take one helluva road trip!

Abby/Tyler: The duo continues to be tormented by their stalker.

Neil/Leslie/Gloria/David Tutera: What better way to get his intended bride in the marital mood than by bringing in a celebrity wedding planner. You know Gloria will be all up in this mess!

Lauren/Michael: The Baldwins should have lunch with Abby and Tyler. They can trade stalker stories! Look for the lawyer and the department store queen to receive yet another mystery gift.



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    The show is watchable. Why is Abby looking for a small loft when she already owns a mansion left to her by her daddy? Makes no sense. Kick your auntie out and move your man into your house with you. Or shack up in your aunts face. She’s not Abby’s mama.

    As much as I hate Dylan I’ve gotten use to him being around. Nikki will put on a show no matter what.

    Please wrap up the Carmine story as soon as possible or bring him back in some capacity. So he can continue to torment the Baldwin family again.

    So glad Gloria is back on from time to time.

  2. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I can picture Gloria being one hell of a P-Flag mom for her “angel”.

    After Chloe basically gave Kevin the middle finger on Friday, I think Kevin needs to confide in Alex and Alex consoles him…. :love:

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    [quote=Dyllan]I love Gloria, but she shouldn’t be a contract character. She’s great comedic value, but only in small doses.[/quote]

    Yeah I agree, the character’s way too broad to be on all the time. I think that’s part of the reason a lot people got burned out on her when LML was shoving her down everyone’s throat. Occasional pop-ins work better.

  4. Profile photo of ROFO

    I actually remember the cult story way back when Nikki was involved, but I could have sworn that the cult leader was a woman, not a man! Anyone else remember? Of course, maybe she had a co-leader who is the character that Ray Wise will be playing.

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=The_Moustache]the Abby, Tyler, Leslie, Hilary characters are so god damn boring and do nothing for the show.

    Get rid of them.[/quote]

    Yep, absolute garbage. Time to take out the trash.

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    I disagree about Glo.

    The only reason she’s over the top when she’s on is because on the rare occasion when she IS on…that’s the material they give her.

    She needs to be back on contract along with Jess.

    The show needs its mature women back, especially with the hole that Jeanne C has left.

    The demographic of the show has always loved these characters, so keep the old and keep slowly introducing the new gen.

    I too would love to see Tyler exit, as he’s a waste. But love Leslie and Hilary (now). Abby, being an Abbott/Newman just hasn’t found her footing as a character since the recast. I hope in time they’ll figure out what to do with this character. Now all they have her doing is falling all over Tyler, and at a rate that no one seems to care about.

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    TraceyAbbott101 … exactly. They show us Jill chained to the bed and then realizing she knows her captor; but we are left in the lurch???
    For so long???

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    Carmine doesn’t have Jill tied to the bed… lol. It’s the Aussie :P
    They are finally doing a good thing bringing back another older character. The young pups are messing things up.
    Keep Colin, Jill, Gloria, Victor and Nikki but throw in a little young stuff a little at a time.

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    That’s always been the biggest problem with Jill since she’s been off contract.

    Unless they are going to film a bunch of scenes with her at once, and fit them in here and there, we get these types of scenes.

    My guess is that as soon as they knew TR was coming back, they filmed this to get everyone excited. The problem is the gap between the announcement and him actually taping the show.

    I’m okay with it, but to those who don’t know the behind the scenes stuff (like my poor Mom) it makes it look like a poorly thought out story.

    She asks me all the time why Tracy and Ashley only are on during the holidays. :)

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    This story isn’t exciting to me at all but boils my blood to no end! |(

    Yes, man did they just chop the hell out of Jill’s story, she hasn’t been on for almost 3 weeks, chained to the bed and now she’s walking in the door with Colin…WTF…this shows how JFP has no interest in the character of Jill but must tolerate this because being afraid of the severe backlash that would happen on her ass! >)

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    I often thought this same thing about Nikki during Phelps “stay” on YR.

    The character really wasn’t given much to do from Oct 2012 until Sept of last year when she was “given” by queen JFP this baby storyline. But since that time, Nikki’s been featured a LOT, thankfully.

    I know MTS isn’t cheap, so I’m encouraged she had so much screen time.

    If Jill isn’t given the same amount with the return of Colin, I’ll be pissed.

    But the problem remains that Walton isn’t on contract. I wish that’d change.

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    OH hell yes P~ , I just want continual balance to any story…they made a huge deal about Nikki’s MS storyline…with all the drama surrounding about Dylan you think she would have a flareup with her MS…

    I might be wrong because I don’t know but I know you said your dad had MS…wouldn’t something to this degree cause the condition to be in flamed?

    Yes, Jill better have so much more story with the return of Colin, only reason I’m looking forward to character’s return. I just hope with Colin’s return these writers try to make Cane, Colin & Jill this happy family unit |( This is what burns me up limited time with Billy and more time in Cane’s orbit.

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    Harlee…yes he does. And it probably would cause an MS “exacerbation” if there was a lot of stress.

    Unfortunately that story was intro’d and quickly shelved like a lot of Josh’s stories. Potential that was never tapped.

    But like Victor’s epilepsy, I’m fine if they never mention it again if it’s not going to be properly written into the show.

    I hope for a lot of drama/tension in this upcoming Colin/Jill “story”. I’m just worried it’ll turn into all TR like it did with SB.

    I also wish they’d tap Genie F to come back and be properly written as Gen. I know some didn’t like her stay on YR, but a lot of us did.

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    P~ OH Victor’s epilepsy :O LML’s treasure! :| This is the problem with the soaps still on the air, there don’t have any continuity to the writing as in the past. If a new headwriter came to show regardless of if it was their story or not they still continued it in the characters and built on it…today it’s always fly-by and not mentioned again.

    I think this would be a good time for Nikki to have a flareup and Victor being Victor makes him seethe more towards Dylan. I know lots of ppl hate Victor and I personally would like if Victor went full throttle at Dylan but in this instance Victor being in protective mode because it’s his beloved Nikki. Misguided love but still love from Victor because Nikki is Victor’s heart.

    Not so sure on GF, I did enjoy her better at the end when they mellowed her out.

    MS needs to come home, for Jack. Jack needs a love interest badly, I say use the history and how about Jamie Lyn Bauer returning as Lori. She could be divorced from Lance and Jack & Lori was suppose be dating in high school and nothing like her Nikki clashing just because of Victor ;)

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    I am surprised that even with THREE past regimes, that NO ONE has really ever tapped into YR’s Brooks/Foster/Prentiss gold mine that occupied the show for its first 6 or 7 years.

    It just goes to show you (as you correctly state) that no one really on ANY of the soaps cares about the continuity of a soap anymore. Everything is about the ratings. Guest appearance announcements, events, quick big “payoff” stories…I roll my eyes every time this site and others “break a story”, that really is just that. Nothing that will be long term or beneficial in the long run.

    So we “enjoy” what we get.

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