What Did You Think of HBO’s Looking? (POLL)

HBO premiered it's new comedy starring former Guiding Light star Murray Bartlett, Glee's Jonathan Groff and Frankie J. Alvarez on January 19.  The series follows three friends–Patrick (Goff), Dom (Bartlett) and Agustín (Alvarez)–as they search for love and the meaning of life while living in San Francisco.

What did you think of Looking's premiere?

What Did You Think of HBO's Looking? (POLL)

  • Hated it! (22%, 85 Votes)
  • Loved it! (78%, 295 Votes)

Total Voters: 380


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21 Responses

  1. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Love the cast. I just hope it gets better. I was bored with the 25 minute episode. As a gay man and it being in my favorite city I was hoping it would be a little more on the raw side. Hopefully it will last and delve deeper into these characters lives.

  2. Profile photo of Jon

    I enjoyed the premiere and will stick with it for all 8 episodes. I found all 3 men attractive especially Agustin and the guy Paddy met on the bus. I’m starving for any entertainment til Drag Race starts up again!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I haven’t seen it yet but plan to soon.

    I already like that it is not like Queer As Folk where the characters are coming out and getting comfy within themselves about being gay.
    Nice we are beyond THAT. :beer:

  4. Profile photo of blake3b

    I know what you mean Jon! RuPaul’s Drag Race usually starts at this time of year but now it’s premiering on February 24th!?!?!?! Don’t do this to us Ru!

    It’s bad enough my American Horror Story: Coven only has two episodes left, this Wednesday and the finale next Wednesday. Sigh.

  5. Profile photo of luverica

    I’m kind of in-between. I didn’t exactly love it but I’m far from hating it. I actually like it and look forward to the next episode. I’m just taking it episode by episode. I’m just glad that in one episode that it shows to have better writing and more likable characters than Queer as Folk. I’m intrigued.

  6. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    I did not like Murray Bartlett on GL (I think it was just that I didn’t like his character). But man oh man, the things I would do to him now with that 70’s porn mustache, killer smile and just HOT ass body! Lord I thought I would NEVER be saying that about him!!!

  7. Profile photo of jeremy in chicago
    jeremy in chicago

    Super boring, contrived dialogue, meh cast. Every stereotype imaginable. Half the episode was watching the very milquetoast Jonathan Groff type on his computer or look at his phone. And whoever dressed him should be shot. Won’t be watching it again.

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    Mixed reviews I guess? J) I personally haven’t watched but I knew it was on but it just isn’t my taste from the previews and gay men lifestyles. HBO has been plugging the hell out of this show. I know SF is the gay capital in states but what isn’t appealing to me, not every gay person men or women lives in SF, NYC, Chicago, LA etc. I’m glad shows are portraying gay people but jeez…gay people are everywhere in this great country so why not use it?

    Like everywhere gays are living there life and there is a vibe in all area of the regions where we congregate, we call home….being in mid-west isn’t west coast or New England area isn’t east coast, southern states isn’t the mid-west…expand Hollywood we have a great overflowing of gay mixture of people living, working, loving in the good ole USA! :bigsmile:

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