Will Prospect Park Soaps Make it a Horse Race at Daytime Emmys?

The stars of Prospect Park's "shelved" All My Children and One Life to Live aren't letting the state of their former shows prevent them from submitting themselves for Daytime Emmy nominations. TV Guide Magazine caught up with NATAS senior executive director David Michaels who revealed they received a record numbers of entries before the January 17 deadline.

Michaels also notes that "several stars who chose not to submit themselves in recent years have decided to get back into the game — so the more the merrier! Between that, and the enthusiasm from AMC and OLTL, this has the makings of a real horse race.

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    I am glad to hear this, maybe there will be actual competition and it won’t’ just be well we have no one left and we’ve known you for years & you haven’t gotten one so hear you go. Like its been since 2009.

    I heard Debbie Morgan isn’t’ submitting which I think is a shame as she is the best actress in daytime but I understand her reasonings.

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    I feel both shows have contender sfor each categry. Although I fear Daniel Covin will sbmit & get a nom for AMC’s Hunter in the younger categoty.

    I like the man but his acting was green

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    Despite all of PP’s shenanigans, I’m glad the actors are putting themselves up for the recognition they deserve.

    It’s a shame about Debbi Morgan though. If anyone, I wish she would have put herself up for a nomination. I do understand her motives, but I wish she wouldn’t punish herself because of PP’s mistakes.

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