Is Billy About to Bust a Cap in Adam on The Young and the Restless? (SNEAK PEEK)

The next generation of the Abbott/Newman feud is headed for a deadly climax on The Young and the Restless. As a guilty, desperate Adam (Michael Muhney) says his goodbyes, Billy (Billy Miller) is locked and loaded. Watch Friday's Y&R sneak peek after the jump!

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    RealityCheck 33

    Now that we know what the actual end game was, this entire s/l was a set up to get rid of both Miller and Muhney. I always thought there was no way out for Adam once this crap played out. JFP pulled it off, then it blew up in her face.

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    Billy is the worst hypocrite ever, Delia was a child and he left her alone in a car at night. HE is the reason why she is dead, nobody else.

    Not ounce did the police said that since it was night and she was all dress in black, may be the driver did not see anything. Not ounce, which is moronic. My brother is a policeman and he sais that that would be taken into consideration in their investigation.

    I think YR is boring and predictable. I think they underestimate their fans and that is why we are so angry.

    JFP and Passanante will do what they do best, destroyed another soap.

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    Restless Fan

    Another hit or miss week for me on Y&R. I’ve been watching for a long time too and can say the show is improved in some areas but it’s far from being a well greased machine.

    I’m still no fan of JFP. If Y&R were engaging me daily and the stories were mostly working instead of mostly not, I know I’d be less critical of the other stuff. In the midst of boredom I become an observer not an engager. I think a lot of us do. In my boredom I see JFP has taken all away from Y&R that made it special. The glamour aspect of the show is gone. New characters are not thoughtfully developed (yes you, Tyler, Hilary, Dylan, Mason…the list goes on) The music has its moments but it’s still not as powerful, or drives the story the way the old scores did. Legacy characters have had their backstories re-written so much over the years I look at them more as strangers than people I spent time with for almost 3 decades. We all harp on how badly Sharon has been destroyed, but really all of them are less dynamic versions of their former selves. Lets take Victoria for example. Remember when Victoria would flip out on Cole every time she came home to find that really pretty book editor at the tack house with him (I believe her name was Jamie)? Or really any woman who got close to any man she used to be involved with? Including Nikki during the early Cole days. In fact there were some really intense scenes back then when both Nikki and Vicky were into Cole. Now, written like the doormat she is, Victoria could not be more grateful or understanding about all the time Billy is spending with Kelly. Nahhh… not the Victoria I know. This is an impostor for sure.

    In any event, all the rewrites of who these characters are vs who they were, coupled with badly developed new characters and a landscape that’s lost it beauty, hinder me surrendering to it and enjoying the ride again. Somedays I’m cool with it, most days not. A year ago I would have given Y&R a D. These days a C. But its been years since it’s been an A soap.

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]With BM and MM leaving soon, I hope “Delia’s theme” (you all know what I mean) goes with them. I can’t stand that moaning shit.[/quote]

    So true. It’s become more than obnoxious. It will forever more be tied into this horrid storyline and subsequent meltdown over MM’s firing. Nauseating to say the least. I’ll call it Phelps’ Theme.

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    I hope it does get better. I used to watch it diligently. I think Jean Passanante has the stuff to make Y&R work again. Because ever since she left GH, the show has dropped in the quality of storytelling. I think JP is the secret ingredient.

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    Its about time we get an end game. Why didnt Billy just say to Kevin, Victoria or Chelsea that he thinks Adam killed Delia?

    I will say this. It was mentioned above about how Y&R is looking like GH from 5 years ago. Well, at least the police are the same. Leave it to Y&R for everyone BUT the police to find Delia’s killer. First Victor figured it out and now Billy.

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    I thought today’s show was the best I’ve seen in quite a while. I really wish I knew who was writing what…

    In addition to the writing being great today (okay I could’ve done without Dylan and Avery), I noticed the score was on par with what I’d expect, there was some great camera work and each scene built on the prior.

    I’m hoping this continues because I was excited enough to re-watch some of the scenes.

    Miller was great as usual, and it is hard watching MM in his final scenes.

    Great job. Please keep it up.

    Yoryla…I really think GH still has the market cornered on guns, actually.

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    The reason why Billy didn’t say anything is cause he wants to handle the situation himself. He does not want to have the cops dragged into it till the time is right. After he puts a cap in Adam’s ass.

    Ya’ll the is creator of the show is dead and in the ground. It is the beginning of the fix and today’s episode was the shit.

    Nikki and Ian were off the chain. Billy let you have it. Chelsea’s happiness is getting ready to turn to sadness. Amelia will never be Heather Tom so we have to get used to her acting strengths.

    The music was scored to a T. Gone is the old and in with the new. Its not as they say on oldies channels 70’s80’s 90’s it is TODAY. Gotta get used to it.

    Monday’s is going to be even better.

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    Today’s episode was enjoyable and BM kicked it in high gear for his exit.

    I loved the slap you heard in Springfield & Oakdale that Nikki delivered on Ian’s face…I did a happy dance! :bigsmile: :beer:

    I liked the scenes between Chelsea & Victoria, it showed how both has matured.

    My favorite today was Victor\Jack today, OH I want Jack to pull the rug right out under Victor! :O Those two actors Rocked the Casbah ;)

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    This show is back to being HOT! With the two head writers having two different teams to write for the show to make it cohesive was the best idea. JFP, Shelly and Jean will take it back to the top by the end of Feb. Ya’ll just get ready. Yes we may have lost some major playas but Sony knows what they are doing in the long run.

    Billy Miller and MM are gonna show out on the 30. Then OLTL Joey and Old Billy, Jill, Collin, Hilary, Jack, Stitch, Victor, Nikki, Ian, Sharon, Lane, Devon, Chelsea and Chloe are going to take over in 2014 and make every body regret being against the woman they call tarantula eyes. I’m just saying. To all the naysayers I have watched Y&R for a long time as well and there have been moments in the shows history that were boring as hell as well. Sometimes storylines took forever to play out.

    They are fixing it. As Bishop TD Jakes says Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready. Cause they will win some Emmy’s not only for the Delia train wreck but for whats to come.

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    Thanks bobbyew…

    There will always be those now, regardless of the state of YR, that will come on here to bash or pile on, even when it obviously has made improvements.

    If you already aren’t…I’d suggest getting on Twitter.

    The comments are much more balanced.

    Everyone who LOVED Bill’s YR is always going to make comparisons. I do it all the time. I cringed when Abby tried opening the door earlier this week, and the set shook…that’d never happen back in the day. But most of what I saw on today’s WOULD happen, and that made me watch on the edge of my seat.

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    ^^^ Yes, when that set shook it had to be due to the fact that they were in a rush shooting that scene. I laughed at that too. Thought to myself what the F. You also have to remember that they are shooting in HD1080p and don’t have time to reshoot scenes anymore. I hope you tweeted that to them so they will know to make those set more sturdy. If you didn’t I will. Take care Pferrando my fellow Texan.

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    It’s one thing to see the improvements and it has made some but not by leaps & bounds to be just “YR can’t do no wrong” and there are some that pile on and I do it myself sometimes because it’s god awful and it shows. But this works both ways also when some of the people gives YR a free pass but pile on bash the rest of the soaps when they don’t watch the other three soaps.

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    I’m enjoying the show.

    It’s just THIS site where all the comments are negative and those who somewhat enjoy the show are viewed as “crazy” lol.

    I love Jamey and the others..but a lot of the regular posters are questionable to me…in that I question if they are truly Y&R fans. I’ll get attacked for saying it, but damnit, it’s been said now. LOL

    Who gon’ check me boo?

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    The Adam and Billy stuff was great today. Chelsea and Vicki had a good set.
    After 4 days of Dildo/Avery shit, I am about to vomit. Everything they did today was just repeat of all crap since Tuesday. Nicki/Ian scene was good.
    Victor same old dull crap.

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    It was a great show all the way around. Even Averan was smiling and up lifting.
    The only downer is the people in this comment section that continually bad mouths the show.
    If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it? Simple. There are enough of us out here that like it to keep the ratings up!

    Stay warm everyone :)

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    The whole Delia mess could have been quite exciting and suspenseful right up to the 11th hour instead of dragging on and on to the usual type of resolution. I think Billy Miller has been basically one note and Billy the character has acted about as badly as Victor eventually did. Of course Billy should probably also be guilty of attempted (if there is no body) or murder in the first degree otherwise for taking the law into his own hands. Michael Muhney has used his usual layered performance (except of course in the minds of his loyal detractors) to great effect.

    As has been alluded to before, this whole thing reeks of conspiracy theory for those who think that Mr. Braeden is God Almighty at the Y&R studios (which I rather doubt). Even so, this story really should be ending on a much different note.

    I still think though that is is possible that the “ending” next week may not be in fact quite the final ending.

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    Someone saying that “some posters always are against Y&R” is ridiculous especially when the person who says it is always for Y&R no matter what happens on the show. If one or two people say the show is going great and there are nearly 20 people who say it’s not, that tells you something.

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    I both criticize and praise the show. So if any particular posters are referring to me, then you don’t see all my posts.

    I just expect a balance. And I get that a lot of people on here are die hard GH fans. I get it.

    I agree with whoever said that these writers will probably be 50/50. I think what’s better than Josh is that they seem to play out more of the opportunities that their own stories create, while Josh missed a lot.

    Criticism alert!

    The Abby/Tyler couple still needs to go. Every time they are on I sit patiently through. I still think it’s the Tyler character I can’t get on board with. They need to rush this one through ASAP.

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    I agree. I just think it’s the die-hard GH fans that try to turn this into some kind of “soap wars” thing, or get some kind of gratification out of bashing Y&R and praising everything on another soap, no matter how ridiculous, ooc, or over the top. But I digress.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Delia story was definitely depressing, but that wasn’t really the new writers…at least not Jean P. I think since she’s came on, the show has lightened up just a tad and the stories are moving along.

    Then again, you always sense improvement when the last regime’s stories are just being cleaned up and shipped out. The real test is when the new regime starts their OWN stories.

    However, I stand by my opinion that a lot of posters are negative just for negativity’s sake. If I felt that everything on Y&R was dull and boring (which I did for a while) I just wouldn’t post. And I DIDN’T!!!!!!! It wasn’t even worth my energy.

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    It always makes me laugh that when someone on here starts liking Y&R they CAN’T FATHOM why others dislike it for whatever reason. I’ve never seen other posters call out the POSITIVE comments on here with statements like “you guys are simpletons” or “you’re living in a fantasy” or simply, “are you watching a PRESENT episode of the show or a repeat from Bill Bell’s days, cause i don’t see what you like”. Yet, NEGATIVE folk are always told to shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    That being said, none of what I said above is truly aimed at anyone. I am definitely a GLASS HALF FULL kind of guy with the show lately. I don’t blame those you find fault with it or those who love it. It’s truly a mixed bag the past year and, sadly, I am not sure the new writers have TURNED the ship as fast as they did when Maria Bell was dumped.

    At first I was not for Dylan being Nikki’s son. I still don’t buy that as a recovering alcoholic that SHE NEVER ONCE was told to reveal her secrets and that it was only to Katherine. With all the drama in her life, I would think that being “raped” by a cult leader and giving up her child would be RIGHT up there in reasons why she started to drink. WIthout going further into it, I wish they had a simple call between Nikki and her sister where Nikki and Casey spoke about the secret that Nikki revealed to her YEARS prior.

    Nit picking, yes. Credible back story to make me buy into the story, YES.

    So I like Ian in town. But the NEWMANS are spread so thin right now with Major story that they are not interacting as a family anymore. Victor will not only have the drug that Summer took story but will be grappling with the fact the knew Adam killed Delia and said nothing. BUT Nikki will have her new son and rapist story to contend with so will be little used in Victor’s story to the extent she should be used. Victoria?! Well, with a younger looking Billy coming out of the crashed car, Victoria will move on with Stitch and we will only see an argument with her father over his knowledge. Nick will be with Sharon and Dylan with Avery and Dylan’s major story will be him asking everyone if they’re mad “cause of me?” storyline.

    And then you will have Victor trying to get his grandson from Chelsea and you wonder why there’s just WAY TOO MUCH STORY for a man who growls his lines.

    Shoot over to Abby and she’s about to buy a dump with her chauvinistic bf because he wants to be equal SO HE’S FORCING ABBY TO DOWNSIZE to his merger salary while her 500 million collects interest and her aunt Tracey eats bonbons in her 20,000sq foot mansion.

    Did I mention the battle for Connor and another little side story of Chloe?!

    Oh, yeah, Colin and Jill.

    The new owners of the GCAC?!

    Sorry, I love all the characters on the show and the show in general, but with soooooo many OK stories going on and having to listen to people explain action rather than be part of it, is boring to me.

    AND SORRY, I like to voice my dislike of things as much as my LIKES. Its the DISLIKING FOLK who opened their mouths that got Maria fired and Jill to change course on this show in the first place.

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    Great post as always, pjc.

    It also funnies me out how some seem to feel that when negative criticism is given, it’s just for the sake of being critical, whereas when positive criticism is given, it’s because the show is “oh so good”.

    And another thing is, that do people ever think that the reason some people are saying the show is not good, is because they actually want it to get better? The opposite of being interested in something is disinterest. I comment on B&B the least, because no matter what happens on it, it is the one I least care about. Meaning that people who say the show is bad are saying it for a reason. They *want* it to get better.

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    pjc722 … Ditto to Yorla; post #36 is right on.

    The posters saying that there are too many negative posters on this site really just can’t read between the lines. I do think that most negative posts are valid and come from persons who also do and/or like or want to continue liking Y&R. And there really usually is always something to like or look forward to.

    However, the incessant cycles initiated by Victor have gotten so very old and so very boring and predictable. Right now even though WE know that Summer MAY NOT be Jack’s daughter everyone else has every reason to think she is. Jack has been very mature about the whole matter, Nick has come to reason and deal with it maturely; yet Victor remains on that rant laying claim to her. Now we all have no doubt that he is going to make Chelsea’s life (the same Chelsea Victor so used in his vendetta against another Abbott) a living hell in his relentless pursuit to keep his grandchild paddocks filled.

    I truly hope that Adam does survive this debacle in the end and comes back in some form to avenge Victor. Victor will incur the immediate wrath of those close around him but he will of course again be forgiven by most in record time.

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    The one thing that scares me about recasting Adam is that Phyllis has yet to be recast and we heard the same scenario then, as well. They said that she would be recast in a few months and there is not even any indication that something behind the scenes is taking place so seeing a recast of Adam in the next few months is truly slim in my mind.

    The OLD-JOEY from OLTL will most likely be KYLE because he is way to young to play Adam.

    Funny thing though, Adam is actually a few years younger than Billy. Granted, MM looks older than BM so recasting with a younger actor won’t be so far off on their ages but it would make it hard to accept.

    As it is, Victor and Nikki’s spawn start off with Dylan… who now has to be over 40 based on the history of the show… possibly 45. Then Victoria and she has to be pushing late 30’s if we are to base it all on the next spawn, Nick. He has to be in his late 30s as well since Summer is 18 and Nick and Sharon met when they were in high school LONG before Phyllis got a newman seed implanted. Then Adam… so we will say early 30s. Then lil Abby, who is pushing a matronly 26 or so.

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    I stand by my comments.

    There’s more to say than just the negative.

    And it IS always the same posters.

    And really, if you don’t like ANYTHING about a particular show, then I don’t get why you’d keep watching. Kinda masochistic. Although, that can be fun sometimes… ;)

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    pferrando … you are likely right about it always being the same posters who can’t see any positive at all.

    Really … Y&R is just a show on TV plus the viewer does not know the persons in front of and behind the cameras. They (we) should not care so much about something that is not part of our own personal lives.

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    I am not going to jump into the fray of battling other posters like what happens on GH posts because now I just read the post and not the comments. It’s all just too much overkill when the purpose of the blog is to post your thoughts.

    Personally, I don’t take offense or even think the comments about always being Negative is towards me… Very simple guy here do I don’t think people waste too much time on my posts… But I ask those who constantly say “stay positive” when it’s ok to go negative? It’s a balance of good and bad that help the writers and TPTB determine whether A story is working or the direction the show is going in is correct.

    It ain’t because of the “I love this show” people that showed those TPTB that Maria had to be fired and that Jill got hired. Keep it in mind and ALWAYS STAY positive if that’s the case.

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    Actually pjc, I wasn’t talking about you.

    You are always balanced, and have both good and bad to say. Enjoy your posts, and I can tell you really do care about the show and its future.

    Tedew, you as well.

    I would like to think everyone does. YR is such an iconic show, that most of us just want it back 100% again. It’s showing some glimmers in the writing department at least and finally. I guess it’s Jean? Too early to tell.

    I’ll never be satisfied until the sets and music I love return, but that’ll never be the case under Phelps, so when the writing gets better I tend to focus mainly on that. And as always, I think YR has one of the best casts in Daytime.

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    I thought Friday’s, yesterday’s and today’s shows were very good. Billy Miller is going out with a bang, so to speak. Was that Victor actually being nice to Chelsea? Give BM a daytime emmy. I will say Lily is really starting to wear on me. She’s so snotty to Hilary its becoming more than obnoxious.

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    Mets82 … Victor in that mode could be more interesting and using honey could be more beneficial to him. I doubt though that his “tenderness” will be long lived after all is said and done.

    Still don’t like how the Delia debacle is being finalized though.

    I also agree completely with you regarding Lily. She can forgive Cane for all he’s put her through but can’t even entertain the thought of being civil to Hilary???
    Her father could. Devon is obviously heating up to her.
    CK really isn’t all that bad but Lily could be more interesting if she were given some better or meatier story lines.

  31. Profile photo of Mets82

    tedew, I agree. I just think Lily and Cane would be better off broken up because they just have a very dull story. I’m surprised that Cane wasnt front and center of the Delia story because my mother actually reminded me that Chloe told Cane that was his kid in the beginning. I just thought maybe Cane would be in the story a little more even though that wasnt his kid after all.

    Tedew, I would like to know the reasoning as to why Devon forgave Hilary? I say that because there cordial now but when did that start?

  32. Profile photo of tedew

    Mets82 … Devon did not really forgive Hilary so to speak but he’s also realized she’s changed. He’s also getting quite smitten plus Neil did forgive her and wiped the slate clean. Lily is another matter we are going to have to contend with.

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    I get Lily’s reluctance.

    Christ, Hilary photo’d herself and Cane in bed together, and tried to DRUG the guy.

    I sure as shit wouldn’t trust her.

    BUT, I do like the “new” Hilary, and having Lily be adversarial with her makes perfect sense to me.

    There’s something about sniping bitchy women I love to watch.

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    I’m so ENJOYING Lily right now which I know isn’t fashionable to 80% of the people but I don’t care because I am and her new found bitch on heels mode with Hilary. This sort of reminds of the defiant young Lily of old with Dru…with Kevin.

    I’m so enjoying Hilary more now but I still say insert Nate Jr. into the mix and have a Devon\Hilary\Nate deliciousness…hot! Lily would be beside her bad self her brother and cousin with her enemy. It would be a fun time for all.

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