Caption This: General Hospital’s Cutest Triangle EVER! (PHOTOS)

Fictional Port Charles, New York has seen its share of epic love triangles on General Hospital. Add the battle of Prince Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) and Cameron Webber Spencer (Michael Leone) for the hand of Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) to that list!  Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes of soap's cutest triangle ever!

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    Yes, the kiddie triangle is cute. However, it pales to what should have been an epic story with Jake/Emma/Josselyn based on JnR (Jason/Robin), Liason (Jason/Liz) and Jarly (Jason/Carly) with Cameron and Spencer as the wild cards. A scheming Carly and Josselyn do whatever it takes to breakup Jake/Emma with Cameron envious of his brother’s relationship, and Prince Spencer wanting Emma but ending up with Josselyn!

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    Sorry, This did nothing for me. I was suspense, adventure, intrigue, and I want it from the Characters from General Hospital that Ive know and loved for decades. Im so bored with newbies, cartoon writing, and actors who can’t act.

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    I liked it, it was the only thing remotely interesting last week.
    Heather getting into it with the children was great.

    I don’t care about Carly missing and Fraco/Kiki fiasco. Boring.

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