Perkie's Observations: Sonny Reels From Morgan's Latest Betrayal on General Hospital


Anna questions Duke about his lie that he was meeting Nikolas for a job. Duke claims he’s feeling ashamed of his lack of job prospects.  Anna reassures him she’s proud of him.

Sonny explains to Olivia how Morgan betrayed him and how he can’t look the other way. Olivia says Morgan is impulsive, spoiled and lashing out. Sonny is upset Morgan was playing him all along. Olivia warns he’s too angry to think straight and to sit on it for a day.   
Julian thinks Sonny is angry enough to kill Morgan. Ava reassures Morgan his father won’t turn on him.

Julian is angry with Duke. He wants to make him pay, but claims he won't kill him. 
Rafe arrives in time to see Nathan drag Silas off in handcuffs. Sam promises she’ll deal with it.

Rafe tells Molly and worries what will happen to him. TJ wonders if Silas killed someone, like Rafe’s father did. 
Rafe counters TJ’s family is no better. Shawn kills people for Sonny. 

Rafe admits he knows what happened at the warehouse. TJ realizes Rafe is the one who spoke to Anna. 
Scott wonders how Mac found out about his one night stand with Lucy. She tells him about confiding in Felicia. Lucy worries Mac will tell Kevin.
Felicia is surprised when Mac tells her he punched Scotty. She worries the DA will press charges. Mac isn’t concerned. 
Lucy confronts Felicia. She's sorry she broke her friend’s confidence, but needed to be honest with Mac.

Lucy can’t believe Mac punched Scotty. Felicia realizes Lucy slept with Scotty again. 

Lucy begs Felicia not to tell Mac. When Mac questions them, Lucy swears what happened with Scott was a one time thing. 
Scott questions whether Anna brought Franco in. She says the delay for the warrant caused Franco to run. 

Nathan brings in Silas. Anna explains the case to Scotty. He doesn’t think there’s enough to charge Silas, but Nathan asks for a 48-hour hold to build his case. 
Sam tells Silas she’s waiting to hear back from Alexis. Silas thinks he’ll simply use Diane’s services. Sam says Diane’s reputation may make Silas look guilty. 
Morgan worries about Julian. He tells Ava about her brother’s threats against his family.

 Ava now understands why Morgan did as Julian wanted.  Morgan says Sonny will now be looking for him. 

Ava offers him her gun, but Morgan doesn’t want anyone getting hurt.  Ava admits she loves him and Morgan tells her the same. 
Julian shows up at the station to speak with Anna. He tells her  Duke assaulted him. He’s working for Sonny. Anna doesn’t believe him, until she remembers seeing Duke with Sonny on the dock. 
Sam asks Julian for help with Silas. She says Ava is framing Silas. She wants her father to get Ava to admit it.   
Lucy returns to Scott’s room to tell him things are over between them. He disagrees and pulls her into the room. 
Duke brings Anna some lunch. She says she needs to talk to him. 
Morgan shows up at Sonny’s house. 
Julian tells Ava he took care of Duke.  She’s angry everything is always about him.  Ava pulls the gun on him. 


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Sam honey, you can't tell your father to bugger off every other day and then beg him for help today. And does she really think that Ava will give it up, if she is in fact, framing Silas.

I had to laugh at the bruises on Julian's face. Some of them are in weird places, like across his forehead and it makes me wonder what kind of punching Duke was doing.

Love, love, love that Julian went to Anna and squealed. Serves Duke right.

Morgan and Ava: not sure how I feel about the I love yous. Seems too soon. But at the same time, I find them good together.

Lucy, really? Scott is so hot that you just can't resist him? When you're married to Kevin?

Rafe annoys me.

Nathan annoys me.

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You are lucky that only Rafe and Nathan annoy you Perkie. The whole show has been annoying me the last few weeks. Sad

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Nathan asks for a 48 hour hold after he technically placed Silas under arrest, with no warrant and with no jurisdiction. Brilliant writing.

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There are a lot of choices of TV programs to watch. There are a lot of choices of non-TV programs to watch. Why anyone would waste so much time watching a program--a DAILY program--just so they can come on a board and yet again complain about crappy writing is beyond me.

I don't watch GH for tips on the proper and legal way to arrest someone. And the truth is people have been arrested in Port Charles for no reason at all for a very long time. We're going to worry about this now?

Really people, it's recently become VERY obvious (new contract) that Ron C. isn't going anywhere. You can complain about the writing, about the camp, about the "cartoony" nature of the shows--but it's not going to change anytime soon. Try to find the joy.

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Why complain about other people opinions? I never understood why people get so upset because someone doesn't like something on GH, smh

Anyways, Rafe is sickening and all the hype surrounding Nathan was wasted. That actor is horrible especially the way he talks

I LOVE Lucy and Scott. Julian is the punk he is. Instead of fighting Duke back, he tells on him lol

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Lucy D: I agree with all you said. Some people just come on this board to complain. I have not posted in a while, but nothing has changed. People spew their discontent at nauseam. It is childish. As you said there are other options. If you do not like the way the show is going find another show. Many of us are tired of reading negative, detailed nonsense on this site. This show had an alien, a plot regarding freezing the world and people are complaining about real legal technicalities? Get a life!

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And that is the point of a BOARD LIKE THIS to bitch & moan and rejoice when needed

I mean really do we have to go thru this every few weeks

If someone doesn't like that I am hating GH right now then TOO FREAKING BAD because thanks to the great people of DC I am allowed to do so in a respectful manner

Sorry I am having EJabby withdrawals and in a grumpy mood Smile

Back on topic - I TOO am not happy with things I just want more love/lust not these forced couples. (other than Siam because they have IT)
Brik has it too but I want him with Liz

I am awaiting the arrival of Victor and eventually Donna Mills, and Rick so while I am still not watching regular I am here everyday to see if I should watch or not

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I like Nathan, he's hot and his voice is sexy. Give the guy a break, he just started!!! Rafe will soon be another teenager that snaps and goes on a killing spree. That's how I'd write it if I had the chance.

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Sing it Raven. I agree 100% with what you said.

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Raven/Logan/GHFan777/MatildaR, in my best Lady Gaga impression: APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!

Silas and Nathan together in scenes, otherwise billed as "Competition of the Cheesy, Annoying Voices" -- GMAB! I can't find the remote fast enough. As many others have said here, and as i paraphrase my friend, "what 25 year old cop can already be THIS obsessed with a case?" It's just redonk. I try to go with the flow most of the time, but THANK THE SOAP GODS for YouTube, i can get thru eps in about 15 mins!

They've the perfect getaway excuse for Tony Geary's vacations -- just have Heather come to town and kidnap someone! *eyeroll*