Chloe Learns The Truth About Her Daughter’s Killer on Young and Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

As Cordelia's father forces her killer to come clean, the slain child's mother is close to getting the answers she so desperately needs. Will learning Adam (Michael Muhney) was responsible for her daughter's death finally help Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) heal on The Young and the Restless

Chloe has Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to lean on, as she learns the devastating truth. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) isn't so lucky. Should she trust Victor (Eric Braeden)? More importantly, will the Genoa Citizens be able to stop Billy (Billy Miller) before he turns Adam into Swiss cheese? Watch Tuesday's Y&R sneak peek after the jump!


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    This is the last week of this story, right? And Jamey said Y&R is getting good again. (Welcome Jean Passanante.) I’m inclined to return when and if this particular story isn’t on my screen.

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    SOOO GOOOD! Everything about today, Chloe, Chelsea, Stitch, Victor, Victoria Billy and Adam. Devon as the Chancellor heir. The way he is falling for Hilary who knows how to let Lily have it as much as lily tries to give it. They earned their paychecks. Sharon Schizophrenic ass is amazing. The writing is getting better and better.

    Ray Wise is going to heat up the coffee shop tomorrow.

  3. Profile photo of noway

    Killa killa killa that’s all we have heard about with this story for three months. How very convenient. Billy is a negligent asshole. What is he going to do when he finds out Adam didn’t do it?

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    The show’s been really good this week.

    The acting was superb, the writing was tight, the direction was great…I didn’t even mind JFP’s music as much as I normally do.

    Hell, even the wardrobe seemed perfect.

  5. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    Who says Adam didn’t kill Delia? I won’t beat up Billy for something that MOST people have done that DON’T live in a big city!
    Billy’s beat himself up enough. Now it’s time to make the killer,yes KILLER pay, he admitted he hit her, hid the scarf, fixed his SUV, kept his mouth shut.
    I think he was crying today because he knew his time on Y&R had come to a screeching halt.

    Going to miss you Billy Miller.
    Adios Michael Muhney, don’t let the door hit you on the way out… Better yet… Let it slam!

  6. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I’m not looking forward to the Ian Ward storyline. It just sounds cringe worthy and dumb.

    The beginning and end of the hit and run storyline was good, but the middle was just damn depressing.

  7. Profile photo of tedew

    noway … Maybe Billy will throw acid on his face; hence the arrival of Mr. Tom. Of course Cuppa_Coffee at this point now is probably right about Adam being the initially unknowing culprit; but it still could be so much more interesting if a third party is revealed.

  8. Profile photo of noway

    Tedew not going to matter they ruined Billy when he ran away to Burma. The character is an immature little boy in a mans body. Runaway, deflect and blame. Vikki has thrown all of her former husbands to the curb for much less.

  9. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yes, since Friday YR has been good and performances with BM & especially MM has been stellar. I do want it over so Jean’s new stories can open up the canvas, her stories will tell the tale. Right, now she’s finishing up Josh\Shelly’s stories.

    So far the only part I liked about Ray Wise is when Nikki slapped the shiz out of his face! :bigsmile: I howled and did a happy dance. Not looking forward to this story, tomorrow more Ken\Cupcake Barbie |(

    I love Shick and what happens…Sharon seeing Cassie glaring in the window like some entity haunting the cabin….enough with the ghosts please.

    I did like Lily\Hilary at it again. :D I know this isn’t fashionable but I’m truly enjoying Lily again and her new founded attitude toward Hilary…it’s just a good time! :love: Devon asking if they were both 12 year olds…and Kelly looking flabbergasted like WTF! hehe CW can play some damn good comedy :D

    I’m not sure yet but not seeing anything between Victoria\Stitch, I would rather have JT to return and have Stitch and Kelly. Can’t see DT & CW together, maybe this will surprise me but….makes you go hmmmm

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    this show is on fire!

    love Sharon/Nick! loved Sharon, in her lil sports bra, standing outside in the cold Wisconsin winter. I found it interesting that Cassie is now outside, looking in.

    Loved the chemistry between Victoria and Stitch. I’d cook that man dinner anytime!!

    Adam crying…..that was a shocker. anyone saying their is no acting in this storyline are wrong! BM/ MM/ MCE/ EH/ AH/ are knocking it out of the park.

    Kelly with Lily was interesting, glad to see Kelly out and about.

    Waitng for a Hillary/Lily slapfest….. Big Daddy Cane will jump in to save his lady love.

    I do not think Adam killed Deliah.

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=Cuppa_Coffee]Who says Adam didn’t kill Delia? I won’t beat up Billy for something that MOST people have done that DON’T live in a big city!
    Billy’s beat himself up enough. Now it’s time to make the killer,yes KILLER pay, he admitted he hit her, hid the scarf, fixed his SUV, kept his mouth shut.
    I think he was crying today because he knew his time on Y&R had come to a screeching halt.

    Going to miss you Billy Miller.
    Adios Michael Muhney, don’t let the door hit you on the way out… Better yet… Let it slam![/quote]

    If Adam is proven not to have done it, then we’ll see if you eat your words. Somehow, I’ll bet you won’t.

  12. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I have a feeling Adams did not kill Delia. Actually he is guilty of coverup but it was actually an accident. Morally he should have gone as soon as he found scarf. Legally, I do believe it was accident. It would be little jail time, if any in real life.

    I thought maybe they would end up having Billy kill Adam. This way Billy can go to jail and Adam would be dead. No need to recast. Just move on.

  13. Profile photo of Divatude58

    I thought Miller was horrid. Unpopular, I know.

    Also totally ready for this hit and run to be over. There should be no third party. Adam should remain the culprit. Where is the payoff for fans if he is not? This would be a big waste of time.

    The only scenes I truly enjoyed were Devon, Hilary, Kelly, and Lily. This Lily/Hilary rivalry and Devon/Hilary romance is about the freshest thing this show has going.

    I was not at all impressed with Victoria’s flirting with stitch.

  14. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I thought Miller did good. I’m still not upset about him leaving. This annual contract dance was getting ridiculous.

    I didn’t really care for GR’s performance. IMO, he just didn’t belong in this story, therefore, I found his scenes pointless.

    Lily/Hillary are totally FF material. CK just can’t play any character interesting.

    After BM leaves, AH better pray she has chemistry with Stitch because she could easily get the boot in a year. A totally bland actress in a role where she is suppose to be a powerhouse.

  15. Profile photo of Mickeybabe

    I haven’t watched Y&R since early week of January-and I DON”T MISS IT! Adam didn’t do it, and I don’t care if the writers wrote it that way. He is not guilty! Billy is at fault. Why wasn’t the dog on the leash? He bought her the dog, and obviously didn’t think to walk the dog before they got in the car. He left her alone at night! Anyone could have came and coerced poor Delia out of the car. Is Billy mad at himself-then he should kill himself, or is he mad at Delia for disobeying him and getting out of the car? Billy needs individual therapy-group isn’t working! Love Billy Miller-will miss you, and will miss Michael Muhney as Adam! RIP Y&R D-Day Jan 30th!

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    hey mon

    Good week. Too bad both Muhney and Miller are leaving. Well, that leaves more money for Steve Burton. Im drinking the Kool-Aid, and Ian is passing it around. Ha ha, for those of us who watched in 1979, this s/l is totally ironic.

  17. Profile photo of tedew

    Mickeybabe … your points are valid but on the other hand you are probably over thinking the whole matter a bit too much.

    As many have noted here before, kids are often left alone in cars for a few minutes. Also, it is not unusual for a dog to be not leashed in a car but even so; maybe the dog was leashed and jumped out anyway … that can happen too. Whatever happened to that dog after it returned to Billy’s doorstep?

    Billy was basically wrong and then Adam WAS wrong not to have “turned himself in”. He certainly did nothing wrong at the accident site but his behavior afterwards was odd even for him.

  18. Profile photo of always_a_soapfan

    I enjoyed this episode, the Billy/Adam confrontation. Will miss both actors and wish them success in the future.

    Like the Hilary/Devon pairing, hope to see Devon get more screen time, Bryton is truly a good actor and deserves this storyline.

    Looking forward to David Tom returning to Y&R; based on his prior portrayal of Billy Abbott, I hope Billy Miller fans give him a chance. He is one of my favorite soap actors.

  19. Profile photo of kxbains

    The acting has been so good this week. I said it from the start Adam did not kill Delia, I really think Kelly did it. Imagine when Billy finds out he slept with the enemy. Also no you cannot leave your child alone in a car even for a minute. That was stupid and wrong that they put it in the storyline. But I guess how else would they explain Delia running off to the road. Going to miss Muhney. One hell of a actor and he brought so much to the show. I hope they investigated properly with these allegations. Such a shame. I don’t think I can watch anyone else as Adam. Poor Adam never gets the happy ending, so sick of that too. I am not interested in this Ian Ward storyline, I just fast forward all that, including Lily and them. Boring.

  20. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    Sharon outside in the cold… yeah right.
    Racoons outside in January in WI? Laughable. They have to be realistic. WI and the 5 state area has been in dangerous windchill advisories. Be more realistic.
    PS, raccoons hibernate.

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    I will give it to the writers on the end of this story because it delivered in ways that I like with tears, shock and the ultimate battle of good and sulking.

    But in the end when I look at the overall story I am forced to question why they opted STILL TO kill Delia and absolutely RUIN Adam. Was it necessary to kill Delia just to slightly tug at our heart strings?! Really? No social message or real reason to kill a child.

    Then on that note why have Adam lie cheat and hide his crime? The pure fact he kept it a secret and convered up evidence makes him guilty even if when recast they write in that mystery character who was never hinted at as being the driver/killer.

    It wasn’t it worth for me.

    And IS ABBY STILL LOCKED in that loft APT?!

  22. Profile photo of harlee490

    Ryan-Scott :beer: :bigsmile:

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]They styled Kevin’s hair on Monday like he was going to be hitting a gay club after work.[/quote]

    LMAO! I think they should recast Phillip (Jill’s son) and bring him back and open up a bisexual story about Kevin. Kevin could be struggle with deep seeded feelings for many years and wakes up after a drunk in bed with Phillip….at the mansion! :O :beer: :bigsmile: ;)

  23. Profile photo of tedew

    pjc722 … Abby was “rescued” by Tyler quite a while ago now.
    It is Jill we haven’t seen for ages!

    We know that Adam did not know that he hit (if he did hit her in the first place) but like most things, it all snowballs when you try to hide it; especially when Victor seems to be able to piece it all together long before the dynamic GCPD can. It will be interesting to see how Jack handles that situation. (By the way, where did Chavez disappear to lately?) (Another by the way, how could Billy hold Adam hostage at the “crime” scene when the grocery store is supposedly right across the street … where did that go?)

    I’m still not sure that Adam actually did hit Delia because of where the dog was when Adam had to avoid hitting it. Wouldn’t that dog have stayed with Delia if she were still alive at the time? Wouldn’t Delia simply have grabbed the dog and gone back to the car? It’s also very bogus that the seemingly deserted road was so very busy at the time of the incident.

  24. Profile photo of Mets82

    tedew, isnt that a Phelps thing that the local police department is inempt and dumb? I seem to remember the PCPD on GH being the someway. That the citizens would find the criminals before the police do.

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