PRAISE SOAP JESUS: Eileen Davidson RETURNS to Days of Our Lives…AGAIN!

Thank You, Soap Jesus! Soap goddess Eileen Davidson is returning to Days of Our Lives. TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan broke the news on Twitter.
Davidson will reprise the role as Kristen DiMera, and heads back to the set in March. She will begin airing this summer.
Are you excited to see what havoc Kristen will wreak this time around? Sound off in the comments!


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    I haven’t loved a trouble-making diva this much since my beloved Erica Kane. Anyone who knows me knows that’s high praise. I love Eileen Davidson as Kristen DiMera. I can’t wait!

    To Marlena (while swiging a glass of liquor): “Honey…Sweetheart…(whispering)Girlfriend.”


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    [quote=angrierblackerman]It’s going to be a mess though seeing as she caused so much damage last time![/quote]

    Exactly! And this is why her return is going to be *so* good!

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    I bet that this story arc is as good as it gets! I have a feeling they made it so good for her that she couldn’t resist it. Which means if she feels that strongly about it, we the fans are gonna be over the moon about it! OMG…. y’all don’t even know how excited I am over this! Poor Salem, they’ll probably just have started to ‘recover’, when all of a sudden, there she is again. lol LOVE IT! someone above ^^^ said it, the timing is perfect for her to be with child. My oh my, classic “Who’s the Daddy” DAYS! It’s almost too much for me to handle already and I’m just guessing at story lines, lmao! time for me to S.T.O.P! already~!

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    I’m ready for Eric VS. Brady Who’s the Daddy!

    Assuming she is going to return pregnant. And it’s PERFECT because they can’t hurt her or they will risk hurting Brady or Eric’s baby. So she will have immunity from the Hortons and Bradys…lol!

    Oh this storyline is going to be sweet if this is where Lorraine Broderick is going with it!

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    I think she is pregnant and here is why. I meant to ask if anyone else heard this and what they thought it meant. Think back to when Nicole came to the Dimera Mansion right before the car chase. When she and Kristen were ‘chatting’ at the entry door. Kristen told Nicole “Only Eric and I truly know what happened that night and it is something that you will never know!” (If not exact quote, very close too it)

    I thought then, wow! She is referring to a pregnancy because Nicole can never know pregnancy….. “Supposedly”


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    OH my GOD! So much news and just checking in and first thing I saw…this splendid news & quite happy for her return especially how DOOL is running on all cylinders at the moment. :bigsmile:

    Kristin returning and Eric\Nicole hookup….Ari & Eileen, well it will be like watching 4th of July with all the fireworks. :love:

    See, if JFP & CBS was playing to their supposedly magnificent beloved Steve Burton (puke gag |( ) YR should had ED on contract offering her the same deal but no we get more of Dylan fiasco bs story about daddy dearest. Ashley could be creating heat with Stitch and getting into Abby’s business about throwing Tyler in front of car :O ;)

    This is glorious news and happy she’s on a soap that I’m absolutely loving right now!! :bigsmile:

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    I **HOPE** Eileen didn’t care too much for working at the ‘New’ YR. We know it has changed a lot onscreen, but I’m sure it’s different behind as well. Not counting the whole sexual harassment debacle.

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    OMG–such great news!! Love love love her as Kristen. NEVER cared for her as Ashley or for Ashley the character. If Eileen still needs to have time for her family, I hope to God that Days’ producers and writers write Kristen/Eileen in such a way that she is not overworked and still has her time for her family. Having her on Days is totally worth it, even if she is only on 2 days a week–I will take it. Great great news!

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    This is the most EXCELLENT, perfect timing for Eileen to get back and RECLAIM her Salem Empire!

    Especially now that Ali Sweeney is leaving they’re gonna need her to be yet again the epicenter of all things QUAKING in that town. It’s going to be amazing!

    NBC even issued a press release on the matter, where they state:

    “Over the past year, the character of Kristen DiMera has been the driving force behind some of the most engaging and provocative storylines leaving fans and critics alike wanting more and eager for the return of their favorite villainess.

    Returning for a powerful story arc that’s bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, Co-Executive producer Greg Meng commented, “As an important member of the Days family it is exciting to have Eileen return. The writers have some great things cooking for Kristen and we can’t wait for the fans to see what this will mean for Salem. Must-watch TV at its best! Stay tuned!”

    (Btw, DC, hope that was allowed to be posted. Lol.)

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    DAYS has been on fire even since Eileen’s departure but now this show is about to get INCENDIARY on a major scale. It’s obvs that Kristen’s gonna return “with child”–I believe she told Nicole during the final convo between the two(paraphrasing) “Eric has given me something you’ll never have” and I knew immediately she meant a baby. Either way, this is fantastic news. And please Ken Corday, don’t overwork this goddess like you did during her last two stints–Eileen has the power to make more impact in a single episode a week than most folks can muster in 3-4 episodes(Hi there Steve Burton!). So let her kill once or twice a week and maybe she’ll stick around longer this go round.

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    [quote=days4ever]YAY! Bring Peter Blake with her! Cast Vincent Irizarry as Peter Blake![/quote]
    That would be awesome! He could be a potential love interest for Jennifer OR Eve. Loved himas David on AMC, as Peter he could certainly hold his own against Elvis.

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    I’m glad for the show. I have watched Y&R sporadically through the years and seen her work on Y&R and no offense to Y&R or the character, but I think from an acting standpoint, Kristen is the meatier role. I can see playing Kristen long term can be exhausting, but she really got to flex her acting muscles on Days. And this is coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan, but this last year she got to play a great deal of range. Just my two cents. If it helps Days, then I’m all for it.

    Now can Liam just hook up with Hope? They would make a gorgeous couple. I love my Bo, but if he’s not coming back and it’s been a while, then Hope needs to move on. It’s sexist that he jumps on to someone else when Hope disappeared, yet Hope can’t do it when Bo isn’t around? Come on, she’s been a team player, give her a story!

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    So happy that Eileen coming back to Days and Sony must love ED, because they let her be on two Sony shows.

    However I take it her air date will be in June, right? Would love to see Kassie DePavia and Eileen get into a scene together…

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    This is the best news! ED and Kristen are missed in Salem. If she starts taping in March then we will see her in late summer like August/September. I really hope she’s back for long term and not just a storyline. But let’s be honest, we will take her for as how long as we get her! Days is really good even with Kristen not there but she will make it amazing again!

  15. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I hope that Eileen Davidson and the guys from Sony and NBC can work out a long-term deal that allows her some time off in between stories. DAYS can’t be foolish and let her walk again after three months or so.

    Anyway this is amazing news!!!! Ashley Abbott is one of my all-time favorite Y&R characters but since I gave up on this show and the sad truth that ED would be totally wasted over there, DAYS should be her permanent home.

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    Wow! Fabulous news. ED is so much better and more exciting as Kristen then Ashley on Y &R (that show needs some improvement fast). With ED and KDP coming on the show, vixens deluxe. I will start watching again regularly (wish Soapnet was still on so I could watch it at night. ) DOOL is the best soap right now, in my opinion. EJ and Abi are smoking hot, and I loved the Kate/Stefano scenes. This is what soaps are all about, GH take notice.

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    [quote=gato1]Who would you rather play Ashley(in Dildo land) Or Kirsten (boss Bitch)???[/quote]

    Great point and you’re so right but I know most people rather see her as Kristen, because of the meatier role but Ashley was so not written as her character from the past regimes where Bill & Kay understood how to write Ashley & Eileen and pull her strengths. I’m still sad she isn’t at YR but not complaining in the least…love having Eileen front & center on a soap where she should be standing! :bigsmile:

  18. Profile photo of Patchworks

    I just realized the depth of story potential if they saddle Kristen with Eric’s baby. Nicole would have an aneuryism. Marlena would drown in a puddle of her own tears. Brady would stab a puppy. Sami would kidnap the baby. omg

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    Yes, not ALL people would rather see her as Kristen.

    She always was the heroine of YR until Latham took over.

    So she just needs a good YR writer again, which we’ve quite yet to realize.

    In the meantime, Days can borrow her again. ;)

  20. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    The Abbotts are my fave soap family of all time and Ash is a big part of that. So if someone would actually write the hell out of Ashley and not just let her breeze in to be a talk-to for the rest of the Abbott clan then I’m all for it. Fact is, DAYS writes gold-standard material for Eileen as Kristen. And I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if the current regime at Y&R is capable of doing that for her. And before someone rushes in to accuse me of being “negative”, please take a seat; the show’s better, but it still has several weak B-storyline issues that need to be resolved ASAP in order to be on truly solid ground again.

  21. Profile photo of pferrando

    Chris, I agree. Even though the writing has “turned a corner”, probably sometime back in late Oct/Nov (for me), they haven’t proved they can write for anyone yet.

    And I was sitting already, just in case… :)

  22. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    I’m thrilled that this is a situation where Eileen “Chose” DAYS. Did she have an offer at YR as well? IDK. But, I do strongly believe that DAYS had to offer her an exceptional storyline to get her back so soon. We all know that when she returned last time, it wasn’t her ‘choice’. It was SONY’s choice for her. I bet she had a lot of ‘say’ in the deal this time (money, time, story, characters….whatever and maybe more).

    DAYS and YR are so different in terms of tv shows. There have been times where YR was stronger and times (like now) where DAYS has been stronger. DAYS is delivering classic soap elements right now and not depending on over the top storytelling or special effects. We have characters lives that fans are addicted to being a part of. For me, Kristen is and has always been one of those characters, since she first came on way back when. I have ALWAYS loved a true, strong villainess on my shows. It’s nice to see that Kristen thrived during the JER days with some out of this world stuff, but also thrives just as well with this current, more believable (as much as it can be, lol) storylines.

    I do hope though, that this time Eileen will get to bring Susan to town, if only to visit Elvis. I’ve waited for years to see him interact with his mother.

    I used to be a huge fan of YR, so I am familiar with Ashley. I loved Ashley back in the day. But, as someone mentioned above, they just bring her to town to be a shoulder or a person to talk with about their troubles, etc. Ashley used to matter on the show and was essential…..and was ‘written’ for. As we all know, it comes down to writing. One thing Eileen doesn’t have to worry about at DAYS is not being ‘written’ for….and that’s GOT TO BE exciting as an actor. YR has a whole lot of messes to fix before they are prepared to offer Eileen/Ashley anything ‘good’ IMO. What? Bring her back to town now and put her in a triangle with Stitch and Dylan? OMG, I’d almost rather die than have to see Eileen having to be stuck in scenes with SB all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Drake Hogysten either….but, DAYS has a lot more ppl to put Kristen with now. She and Brady Sizzzzzled~!

    I’m excited. I’m thrilled. Kristen and Eve coming back to Salem. Capable writers that utilize history. What else is there for me to say?

  23. Profile photo of noway

    Excellent post SantaBarbara

    Not only use of history,but correct use of it. Not some bs rewrite as in Nikki’s cult baby in order to prop Mr. Fake n Bake.

  24. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yes, because regardless to some ED does have a warm, special place in her heart for Ashley Abbott. She has stated this many times and has been at YR on & off since ’82 with large periods being on canvas. :bigsmile: Sony needs to let her do both soaps if she is game and pay her the big bucks, because if it wasn’t for ED returning to Days and bringing her game and pulling the ratings up for DOOL, Sony\NBC has been gleefully smiling all the way to the bank….show Eileen the MONEY Sony she is worth every penny on both soaps! $) $) $)

    [quote=pferrando]In the meantime, Days can borrow her again. ;)[/quote]

    HEHE ;)

  25. Profile photo of harlee490

    Santa Barbara excellent post and you’re so correct in your diagnose of YR & Ashley and everything in general. The short scene between Ashley & Stitch was laden with chemistry between both actors….this is where Ashley flourishes. YR should had let Ashley put her lab coat back on (Ash was always the smoldering geek) for Jabot & Stitch being a doctor….hot times on the laboratory :love: ;)

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