SPOILERS: Quinn Has to Do DAMAGE CONTROL on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Pam/Quinn: Pam (Alley Mills) dupes Quinn (Rena Sofer). How will the jewelry designer spin her son's shameful act?
Rick: Rick (Jacob Young) commands Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) to tell him exactly what he has in mind for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Bill/Ridge/Brooke: Bill (Don Diamont) investigates Ridge’s stay in Paris.Meanwhile, Brooke continues to try and rekindle the flame with Ridge. 
Liam/Wyatt/Hope: Liam (Scott Clifton) desperately searches for Hope (Kim Matula) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks). He finds Hope and immediately tells her about Wyatt’s part in the diamond heist fiasco. Wyatt shows up and the two men begin to argue. Hope finally takes some action in the situation.

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    Katie is SNATCHED! Heather lost that baby weight in no time. You go girl. Delicious episode as always. Love the fashions they were working on in the Forrester Office.

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    OMG, drop this buck toothed, immature, geek, mama’s boy (Wyatt) so Hope can start acting like a successful professional again. I now only get 10 minutes of B & B after fast forwarding through commercials and any scenes with Wyatt & Hope.

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    Its pretty nauzating how Ridge treats Brooke. I mean Ridge pouted and left and he’ll take her back on HIS terms. If he was so concerned about Brooke’s relationship with Bill, then why didnt he put a stop to it when it was happening?

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    I loved it how Pam run and run fast to Liam and told him about what Wyatt had done! Great episode, with Ridge\Rick butting heads like two big bucks and Rick’s wife liked Ridge’s idea better….oops! :O

    Quinn’s match might be Pam serving up some cold dead fish for dinner…. ;)

    BB does the best location shoots and I love location shoots because we don’t have them anymore….alas to think it was all time occurrences on all soaps and we didn’t realize it back in day…sigh!

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    The whole rewrite of the diamond heist thing is ridiculous. They make it sound like Wyatt stole the diamond. Pam and Charlie don’t belong there either. Stop this triangle.

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