Kassie DePaiva Encourages OLTL Fans to Start Watching DAYS

Kassie DePaiva is excited to be taking on the role of scheme queen Eve Donovan on Days of Our Lives. In a blog post, the popular, multi-soap vet talks about what it's like to say goodbye to her One Life to Live character, or "put Blair on hold". She also has kind words for original Eve, Charlotte Ross. Here's a snippet from the post where she encourages her Llanview lovers to set up residence in Salem U.S.A.:

So all you One Life to Live watchers…it's time to start watching Days of Our Lives now. You will be caught up and ready to really invest in Salem by the time I start airing this summer.

Good for DePaiva. She's much too talented an actress to sit around waiting for Prospect Park to get it together. Are you ready to see Eve Donovan back in Salem? Sound off in the comments!

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    I like KDP’s hustle. There are many OLTL’ers out there who are disappointed by what PP did to their show, so perhaps its time for a transition. Come to DAYS, y’all.

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    Cautiously optimistic about KDP as Eve; love her but I need her to BRING the nasty and viciousness that is Eve Donovan. By the time OLTL signed off, Blair had been smoothed out and lost a lot of that edge that she previously had. So I hope KDP is up to the challenge.

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    Hope to God James Scott isn’t leaving! Never been so into a forbidden pairing until the recent stuff with EJ and Abigail. It’s too hot for television. No matter what, after AMC and OLTL stars have been tugged back and forth so many times over the last couple years, talents like Kassie DePaiva deserve a more stable TV home, be it in daytime or otherwise. And now that DOOL is renewed for at least a couple years, she can find no better place.

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    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE]How is Mark Collier? Yoryla i sent you a pm! James Scott rumored to be on his way out according to examiner.com…[/quote]

    Hi IOWA! Longest time! Nice to see you posting again :)

    I honestly don’t think James Scott is leaving. I know he’s talked about it before, but I think he’s mostly negotiating for a bigger salary. I somehow don’t see him leaving right now when the show is in such a big place creatively and now with Kristen coming back the DiMeras are going to be in full force. EJ’s gonna need his big sister pretty soon, I’d say!

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    Yeah, I’d hate to see James Scott leave. With Ali leaving, I was hoping that the writers might begin to plant the seeds for a possible, more permanent EJAbby pairing. The show’s in fantastic shape but the possibility of losing what is essentially their male and female leads in one fell swoop is a lot to deal with at once so here’s hoping the JS thing is just a rumor.

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    Wasn’t Eve a singer back in the day? I think I remember her singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” when it first came out. I was kid back then myself, so I could be wrong, but I think she sang at a club sometimes while hanging around pimp Nick.

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    SB, you’re 100% correct. It wouldn’t be out of character for KDP to sing as Eve because the character did indeed sing at Nick Corelli’s nightclub. I don’t remember her singing Wind Beneath My Wings, but the club’s name was Wings, so that fits perfectly.

    (Wouldn’t it be another delicious use of Days’ history to drive story if Eve tried and even succeeded in seducing Justin and/or burned down Sonny’s nightclub to obtain vengeance for Adrienne’s mom Jo killing Nick Corelli?):)

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    I have started watching DOOL lately anyway because the show has been so good. I think Kassie will be great on the show. She played bitchy Blair on OLTL so well. With her, Kristen and Teresa, look out! Hope it’s not true James Scott is leaving. He’s one of the sexiest guys on all the soaps combined. The looks and accent, they should do all they can to keep him, especially since AS is leaving.

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    Good for KDP to encourage her fans to come aboard and watch Days, because this is the soap where everything is happening on TV.

    OMG! :O Don’t break my heart this early in morn about a possibility of James Scott leaving DOOL! I truly hope this is just that…A rumor. James has to know the positive buzz about Days right now, with ED returning as his vengeful sister and how fans has been overheated with EJ & Abby…Days show him the money! $)

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    I don’t know if ED returning will get Scott to stay, after ED is reported to just being returning for a “story arc”, so it may not be any longer than 6 months, we’ll see! Maybe they can give her the flexible schedule she wants once AS is out the door…

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    He IS Days for me..EJ makes the show..He just cannot leave. Days has the best looking men on TV and with Jordan’s “brother” coming on board..It only gets better…

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