First Impressions: Grey’s Anatomy’s Chandra Wilson Guests on General Hospital (PHOTOS)

Soap fan and Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson made a cameo appearance on General Hospital on January 29. She played a patient of Kevin Collins '(Jon Lindstrom), Tina Estrada, who runs into Franco (Roger Howarth). What were your First Impressions of Wilson's cameo?

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    What’s there to have an impression of? They did with her what they do with ‘em all — gave her a goofy little role, had her play it wildly over the top and sent her on her way. BFD.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=timepass]She is a fan of GH NOT OLTL.[/quote]

    She has said in interviews that she was primarily a fan of AMC, but she loved the entire ABC soap lineup.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Wilson: ….I finally had to say to GH, “Look, just tell me when you want me and I will be there. I’ll tell Grey’s Anatomy I’m not available!” I’m a serious GH fan.

    TV Guide Magazine: How serious?

    Wilson: Crazy serious! I’ve been watching — and loving — the show for 35 years. I’m such an impossible groupie that I stay away from the studio commissary from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. because I might run into the GH stars having their lunch, and then I’d be saying stupid stuff and tripping all over myself. [Laughs] It’s been that way for 10 years!

    TV Guide Magazine: Weren’t you a One Life to Live nut, too?

    Wilson: Yes! So it was really a hoot for me to work with Roger, though I still think of him as Todd and I always will! He’s making his longtime Llanview followers work real hard to accept him as Franco but, hey, it’s a soap! [Laughs] We daytime fans buy even stranger things — like evil twins and people coming back from the dead!…. Hey, I’m the public and I appreciate it!…What you shoot in one day on a soap is the equivalent of two weeks in primetime or two months on a movie, and all you can do is pray and hope you have a buddy like Roger to help you through it. He really saved me. But as scary as it is, it’s also fantastic. I feel like I won a contest!

    TV Guide Magazine: Any chance you’ll be back?

    Wilson: [Executive producer] Frank Valentini did hint around that he might invite me to return. I said, “Oooh, don’t you play with me, now!” Because I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    should have put her with real long term GH characters and actors not some pet newbie that she herself identifies as Todd. She wanted to be on GH, should have had her with Robin, Kevin, Liz or Patrick.

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    JBJ, you must have your hands FULL trying to do spin on all us *haters* — i.e., realists — on this thread! ;)

    Did you also notice the lack of feedback on Perkie’s threads during the first 2 weeks of January, a heavy Howarth period?

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    Its no secret Chandra who is a main character on an iconic primetime hit show for what? 15 years or so? “Greys Anatomy” would do this she is a huge soap opera fan and pimps the genre whenever she gets the chance.

    I get that she is Personal friends with RH but it wouldn’t have hurt if she would have “also” been involved with GH vets but I agree with Scout they marketed it for ratings buzZ with some photo ops, some primetime promos (featuring Roger of course) come one come all, check it….she did her schtick, RH camped and hammed it up and they sent her on her merry way.

    What I noticed is how they have what one? African American woman on this show in a sort of recurring role that they don’t write for. Which is a crying shame and slap in the face to me in this day and age but hey flaunt Tina out for a minute so a primetime star can holla at us. Use her, “see we’re diverse” OK I get the message

    but hey this ain’t Greys Chandra this show doesn’t have an African American, or Asian woman up front / center in top tier storylines….they are shoved to the back of the bus …but you know this because you watch the show so maybe your reasoning is to put shine on that so thank you for coming to GH Chandra;

    as an African American woman I appreciate it and applaud you.

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    J Bernard Jones

    JBJ, you must have your hands FULL trying to do spin on all us *haters* — i.e., realists — on this thread!

    How is QUOTING the actual interview “spinning” what Ms. Wilson said vis a vis what people here are projecting onto what she said and the nature of her fandom? Did I say anything or mention anything about “haters” (so-called realists?) on this thread?

    The only “spinning” going on here is you trying to ascribe motives to me that don’t exist.

    Cut that fucking passive aggressive bullshit out. 0:) 0) 0:-) :innocent:

    Did you also notice the lack of feedback on Perkie’s threads during the first 2 weeks of January, a heavy Howarth period?

    Did I say anything about it then? Or care now?
    The answer to both of those questions is…no. :)

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    JBJ, i am beyond flattered you felt the need to copy/paste my entire two second post! However my feelings are hurt that you felt the need to curse
    :( :( :~

    We can agree that GH had at least ONE outstanding episode in January, that being Friday, Jan. 24th. Great use of vets, and creating a great young heartthrob in Ryan Carnes, who hit a home run in his first week back! It’s those kinds of eps that will keep me tuned into a show propping many lackluster and/or useless characters….

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