Schae Harrison Returns For a Ghostly Bold and Beautiful Visit

The dead has arisen, so to speak, on The Bold and The Beautiful. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting Schae Harrison (ex-Darla) is returning to the sudser.

The ghost of quirky Darla will visit her daughter, Aly (Ashlyn Pearce), for three episodes starting March 18. A drunken Taylor (Hunter Tylo) mowed Darla down back in 2006. As previously reported first by Daytime Confidential, Tylo is also set to return to B&B next month.


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The biggest missed opportunity on Bold is not bringing teen Ally back when Thorne and Taylor dated in 2011/2012. Hopefully Ally and Taylor will finally have a confrontation.

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This is wonderful news, I use to love the dynamics of comedic Darla, Sal & Sally....alas one of my favorite periods of BB. I love that she will visit Aly of course but hope she haunts Tyler's ass into alcoholic fit Wink

We got to have some that classic comedy from dear departed Darla! Crazy Big smile

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I always enjoyed Darla and I was saddened when she was written off. Happy returns.

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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Party Party Party I am deliriously happy that Schae Harrison is returning. I want her permanently on the show. This returning made me excited not like Tylo`s.

Ghost Ghost Ghost Darla will be good for the show and I can`t wait to see her torcher crazy Taylor.

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Wow, great news, and very surprising.

Could they actually be doing a storyline for Aly about her mother's death, with Taylor in the mix? That would be way above and beyond my expectations, and a much more fruitful storyline for Taylor than anything she would be treated to with Ridge.

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I hope Aly bitchslaps Taylor.

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Darla was great for comedy but also so good when the story was dramatic. Looking forward to this!

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I loved Darla so happy Shae is coming back, I loved when the Spectra's were on canvas. CJ, Macy, Sally and Clarke..