SPOILERS: Stefano Creates a Dangerous Situation on Days of Our Lives!

Daniel/Nicole/Dr. Chyka/Stefano: Daniel and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) discover Dr. Chyka's (Michael Benyaer) hideout, and corner him. As soon as Dr. Chyka begins to speak, Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) goons rush in. After this, the situation gets pretty treacherous. Watch for Daniel and Nicole to be in old school Salem Superhero mode!

Abigail/Adrienne: Abigail (Kate Mansi) has it out with Adrienne (Judi Evans) over all the gossip about her and E.J. (James Scott). Will Adrienne realize where there's smoke, there's fire with your hot-to-trot niece?
JJ/Theresa: J.J. (Casey Moss) receives some disheartening news. His hearing has been postponed! Meanwhile, Theresa (Jen Lilley) falls into JJ’s trap. However, she will not go out quietly.
Brady: Brady (Eric Martsolf) has a few drinks alone in Daniel's (Shawn Christian) apartment. Later, Theresa rips him a new one.
Kate/Jordan: Kate (Lauren Koslow) warns E.J. and Gabi (Camila Banus) about some possible trouble. She also finds something shocking at Jordan's (Chrishell Stause) place.

Sami/EJ: Sami (Alison Sweeney) arrives in Salem a little early from her business trip. E.J. scrambles to hide the truth from her.
Eric: Brother Timothy offers Eric (Greg Vaughan) another alternative to solve his problem.
Lucas: Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) screws up so badly it could destroy his mother.
Gabi: Gabi’s downward spiral continues.

John Black: The Pawn returns to make ammends. Will Doc (Deidre Hall) and Brady forgive him?

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    I am just, from now on, replacing “Daniel” with “Bo” in my head. These should be Peter Reckell’s storylines. Even if it means he is cheating on Hope. :p

  2. Profile photo of sillytee

    good point cin..but i never had problems with daniel..never even saw the show when he was with jennifer.id love to have Bo back.. why cant they just negotiate or recast him????

    .these spoilers seem pretty good to me.. but i wish they would hurry along with ‘who is jordan?’..unless she’s a lesbian, a demira, or a tranny, i’m not invested in it.. abby and ej in the shower!! hot hot hot!!

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    [quote=harlee490]Dr. Chyka is sexy! Yummy! J) >)[/quote]

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking that for awhile but I thought I was the only one.

    The one thing that doesn’t interest me is the return of John. I would’ve much rather seem them try to move heaven and earth and get Bo back on the canvas but it’s obvious there are no plans for that since they’ve been chem testing Kristian and Cosgrove(which has actually turned out pretty good so far I think).

    EJAbby are the HOTTEST thing in daytime right now. All I can say is those two better not EVER stop what they’re doing. ;)

  4. Profile photo of harlee490

    Oh yeah, Chris….John Black returning isn’t really buzz worthy in opinion just reading the posts. He hasn’t been any excitement about his return maybe sparsely on die hard fans but in general it has fallen flat compared to Kristen’s return. I don’t want him and Marlena together again, they need a fresh love interest for the Doc.

    They should had brought back Bo but as you said they are chem testing Hope with Cosgrove, which I too found good. But I’m one that doesn’t mind Cosgrove. He was a great Bill Lewis. I wish they do some chem testing with Mark Collier’s character w\Hope but right now they are w\Jennifer.

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    [quote=harlee490]I wish they do some chem testing with Mark Collier’s character w\Hope but right now they are w\Jennifer.[/quote]

    When they first announced that Collier was coming aboard as “Liam”, I thought it might’ve been a smoke screen for a recast Bo(even though Collier is a good 15 years younger than Peter Reckell). I think he and Kristian would have phenomenal chemistry together but sadly his hotness is being wasted on Missy Reeves and personally the only male on this canvas I think she has anything resembling chemistry with is Eric Martsolf.

  6. Profile photo of akbad806

    I want Michael Park to come in as a recast Bo Brady and see what chemistry he would have with KA. Also, I think keeping Collier around for when KD debuts is a good idea so we can have a Eve/Liam/Jennifer triangle. Remember Eve and Jennifer had beef back in the day because of Frankie which could amp up that rivalry again. Also, Eve would side with her half-sister Theresa in the war against Princess Horton-Deveraux.

    Meanwhile, if Sami catches Abby and EJ in that shower, she gon pull out her blade. DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH!!!!! (in my Trinidad James voice). Oh, this is the story that DAYS is keeping my attention with right now, other than the craziness that is Nick Fallon. Abby got went IN on her auntie Adrianne yesterday and I was like, “This fast bitch got her nerve. Get sum DiMera D and think she can talk to folks any kind of way.”

    Speaking of Nick, now he got Percy, the weird birdwatcher dude, as his sidekick ready to go work for Kate at MadWorld. But you think Ms. Roberts and her strand of blue hair is ready for that hunni. HELL TO THE NO!!! She say she ain’t havin it….

    Lorraine Broderick is my saving grace, I swear to Soap Jesus. Y&R is getting better and I’m tuning in sporadically, but DAYS is where my heart is now.

    One more thing, Brady is so gay and bitchtastic when he drinks or snorts coke off the Kirakis coffee table. Who agrees???

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    [quote=akbad806]One more thing, Brady is so gay and bitchtastic when he drinks or snorts coke off the Kirakis coffee table. Who agrees???[/quote]

    I do. Absolutely no offense whatsoever to Eric Martsolf, who I think is smokin’ hot and has been doing phenomenal work for the last year or so, but he’s ALWAYS come across as a little gay to me, no matter what the situation. That said, he’s right up there with my beloved Kate Roberts as the snarkiest, most wise-ass bitch in Salem (although Theresa Donovan and Anne Milbauer aren’t far behind). When he was addressing Theresa at that AA meeting a few weeks back as “Bitch” I died.

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