Perkie’s Observations: Will Robin Help Victor Resurrect The Cassadines on General Hospital?

Victor explains he wants Robin to restore his family to their former glory. The bodies of Helena and Stavros have been preserved.  Robin refuses to bring two criminals back and doesn’t have the capability.

Victor reminds her she was able to find a cure for polonium poisoning. Mac arrives at the door, so Victor and his goons hide. 
Nikolas returns from the stables, and shows Lulu he found a knife. Lulu points out a rash on Ben’s arm. Nikolas isn’t worried, since Ben has an allergy to latex and certain vegetables. Lulu mentions Dante has the same allergy. 
Franco can’t believe Kiki saw Heather at the institute and admits he killed Heather. He explains how Heather would have killed Carly. 

Kiki says she really only saw the back of Heather’s head. Franco asks Kiki for help in escaping. 
Nathan apologizes to Dante for getting too close to Lulu. The two discuss the case against Franco. 

Dante goes through the box of evidence from Franco’s room. He finds the florist's card from Heather threatening Carly. Dante isn't worried about Heather, since she supposed to be locked up. 
Heather drags Carly into the tunnels and ties her up. Heather realizes she’s missing the knife.It must still be in the stables.

She needs the weapon to kill Carly. She heads back to the stables, but doesn’t find it.  Heather decides to go back to the hotel to get another knife. 
Emma overhears Liz mention the baby being Patrick’s and confronts Sabrina. Liz admits she made a mistake and Patrick isn’t the father. Sabrina is upset she’s lying to everyone. 
 Britt apologizes to Patrick for letting him think Ben was his. She explains she didn’t have good parental role models and didn’t realize how wrong she was until she became a parent. 

Britt says her world changed thanks to Ben.  Patrick admits he was worried about her parenting skills, but not anymore.  Patrick says they’re both in a good place now. 
Mac gives Robin a good luck necklace from Robert, saying her father wanted her to have it at all times. Robin is glad since she needs to deal with Dr. Obrecht.
Britt arrives at Wyndemere, where Lulu thanks the doctor for convincing her to get back together with Dante. Britt notices the allergy lotion. Lulu tells her Dante has the same allergy. 
Sabrina tells Patrick he’s the father of her baby. 
Kiki storms out of the interrogation room, declaring she hates Franco. She pretends to pass out.

While the police are distracted, Franco lets himself out and starts to leave. Dante pulls his gun and orders Franco to stop. 

Desperate to save Carly, Franco takes off.  Dante shoots at him. 
Robin tells Victor that she’s not going to help him save his dead family.  He tells her that she’d also be helping a friend of hers and shows her a picture of Jason. 

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    The ending would have been better if the audience didn’t see the photo of Jason. Tease the audience and just show Victor holding a photo without showing who is in the photo. Let the audience simply see Robin’s shock at seeing the photo. It could be Jason or Emily or Georgie or Stone, etc. Robin leaves the show and we aren’t certain who she has gone off to help. If she returns we all know very well that Jason will have a new face.

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    well…she risked her life to save Jason the first time. But for her to do that twice, after she has experienced life without her family and paid for that mistake? For her to make that same mistake twice????

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    Robin has a child now, she’s got a freaking husband and family isn’t it about time she puts them first? I get that she loves Jason but come on now this is a little ridiculous.

  4. Profile photo of cinicic

    And there is Sabrina and her baby to pick up the pieces. THIS is the story they want to tell. It has NOTHING to do with Scrubs. If this was happening with Liz in the Sabrina role, it might be easier to take. Right now, it is just too frustrating to deal with.

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    This story is a mess and stupid. Why didn’t they put Robin in one of those famous soap comas? At least it wouldn’t be insulting to those who love Robin and would not destroyed her character even more. :(

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    It pains me to say this, but I think the time frame of Robins of return has been to short, after such a massive reunion plot for her and Patrick, to now have viewers watch her walk right off the show again and this be why. I think, for me, this may ruin the Patrick-Robin pairing, or is that the goal? My sense is, the next time Robin is re-introduced to the show, viewers may be less inclined to invest themselves in it.

    I get that Kimberly has other projects to do and the show has to find ways to let her come and go, but if they aren’t balanced well, or plausible, I think its going to hurt the value of Robin in the long run. Maybe not showing us who she is off to save would have helped create a more desirable mystery, but the fact its Jason and she has a family and a child now, the mighty Jason is not someone viewers will end up embracing the idea for. Had Victor held up Georgies pic, I think you’d have heard a collective roar of excitement. This, to me, was a thud and a disappointment.

    Maybe its just me… I see why Kimberly said we’d be pissed. If this indeed her departure story, It feels empty now to have had her back at all. I think I might be irritated. We’ll see.

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    Well, that storyline was short, wasn’t it? I was looking forward to the whole Carlos is the father arc.

    I don’t mind back from the dead stories as long as they can be explained. Has it ever been really explained how Robin got free of the explosion and exactly how the corpse was mistaken for her? Just wondering.

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    Mark the date, 2/3/14, the day General hospital jumped the Shark.
    GH has become a ridiculous cartoon. This episode was such an insult to the intelligence of the viewers. Are they going for 18-49 year olds or 18-49 months old.

    The giant paper clip right there,the fainting diversion, the attempted escape through the main room of the police station. The proclamation, “I MUST FIND CARLY!” The rash on the kid, cut right to Dante removing the latex gloves, the threatening note tucked in the bible, all so contrived and ridiculous.

    Nothing more ridiculous and manipulative then a five year old having a conversation talking about Baby Daddy’s.

    It is amazing how Emmas’s dialogue is in no way indicative of a conversation a child would have, yet with that dialogue, the writers are treating the viewers like children.

    And I can’t even begin to talk about how ridiculous the Robin/Victor scenes were. Yes, Robin will leave her daughter to save Jason and she will be jealous that Sobby is having Patrick’s baby. We will all hate Robin and love Sabrina for being there to pick up the pieces. Because we are all as vapid as Sabrina and don’t see the underlying agenda of the Writer.

  9. Profile photo of curacaoman

    [quote=EricasBlackSon]Well, that storyline was short, wasn’t it? I was looking forward to the whole Carlos is the father arc.

    I don’t mind back from the dead stories as long as they can be explained. Has it ever been really explained how Robin got free of the explosion and exactly how the corpse was mistaken for her? Just wondering.[/quote]

    Off course not, this is CarTini we are talking about!

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    The issue with this story and Kimberly McCullough’s return, from the beginning, was that TPTB did not plan this whole thing correctly. Kimberly McCullough returned with a short-term contract beginning in September. She was on our screens from October to February. Instead of having Robin return home, let’s say, in time for her birthday.. They had her gallivanting around Cassadine Island, Spoon Island, and Labs galore until December when she was finally reunited with her loved ones. It took until Christmas for Patrick to find out he belonged with Robin, and had all of three days of happiness until Sabrina found out she was pregnant and Victor Cassadine came to town. If I had been the writer, Robin would have returned to Port Charles and been reunited with her loved ones on November 1st and if there was really no other story to put Robin into, wait until Thanksgiving to reunite Robin and Patrick, and give them AT LEAST two months of happiness before she is offered an amazing job she couldn’t turn down, and Patrick and Emma are happy for her and she would return for stints thereafter.
    P.S. : Robin would never leave her daughter and husband to find Jason, she would tell Anna about Victor and swear her to secrecy and find Jason that way. But, because it is a soap there MUST be drama. I guess that was the best they had. But, I am merely a fan, and our fine show runners didn’t use their noggins. What’ya gonna do?

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    Please recast Robin. She is needed on this canvas. With that said why can’t her and Patrick have a long distance relationship and she go work at Mercy Hospital or some hospital in Seattle where Lucas was and she can get Emma for awhile. I do not want Sabrinella with Patrick. There is no depth to this character. GH execs, please get rid of some of the weight of the cast, it is too many characters, too many stories and no conclusions. Please there is no need to save Jason Morgan, he isn’t a hero to save GH from all evils, and certainly SB acting cannot save GH-just look at what he’s doing to Y&R!-and I have stopped watching that mess. Free BM & MM!

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    [quote=curacaoman][quote=EricasBlackSon]Well, that storyline was short, wasn’t it? I was looking forward to the whole Carlos is the father arc.

    I don’t mind back from the dead stories as long as they can be explained. Has it ever been really explained how Robin got free of the explosion and exactly how the corpse was mistaken for her? Just wondering.[/quote]

    Off course not, this is CarTini we are talking about![/quote]

    “He didn’t get out of the Cock-a-doody CAR!!!”

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    Shhhhh. We’re not suppose to notice all of the plot holes and plot points on GH. Why did Ewen drop his towel in front of Sam? How did Ewen get a “dead” Robin (no pun intended!) out of the lab? Do we know the name of the dead body that replaced Robin’s in the lab?

    What’s the point of teasing Jason is alive if the show is trying to push Sam with Silas? Patrick couldn’t move on because fans knew Robin was alive, and the same thing exist with a not so dead Jason. SBu CHOSE to leave the show, so let Jason stay dead with the fishes.

    Liz needs her own story that does not involved paternity tests since she wouldn’t even tamper with her own! Also, is there some kind of rule on GH that Liz has to be heavily involved in ALL things dealing with babies? Liz has spent most of her time on this show either pregnant, having a miscarriage, or in multiple WTD stories. Liz is an artist, nurse and rape survivor, so give me something new where she’s involved with the hospital board as a Hardy/Webber, dealing with her art, solving hospital cases, etc…

    I, too, think it made more sense NOT to show the picture of a dead “fill in the blank” to the audience and let Robin leave the show with fans trying to guess what loved one would make her leave Patrick and Emma, again.

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Hate everything about this and as much as I am not a huge Robin fan this makes no sense unless Victor is going to kill her family if she doesn’t do this

    I hate that our lovely writing team feels the need to destroy what’s left of scrubs for the Disney princess

    I just can’t and using Jason’s picture great feed into JASAM fans just when they were moving on

    Everything on GH lately is not fun to watch and its why I use my time at night to watch DOOLs.

    Since I know Cartini have no plans for a story for Liz I will take my viewing elsewhere

  15. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I believe Jason is dead (if they were planning to bring him back with another actor, they wouldn’t be using a picture of Burton), and Cassadine is lying to get Robin to help him. She would have to be pretty stupid to run off without conclusive proof that Jason is alive, so that would explain why she thinks fans will be annoyed by her departure this time.

  16. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    I was hoping at least the pic would be of Georgie. But they found her body.
    I get that Kimberly’s career choices forced the hand. They have to get her off screen.

    I agree with Carson’s comment above. We didn’t have enough Robin, Patrick, Emma time. That might have made this more palatable. And what was the plan before TC announced she was pregnant? Was this always the plan to send Robin away? Kind of weak. Unless Victor threatens Robin with something else, I don’t think this is enough.

    Also does Nicholas think Victor is dead or in prison?

    I still don’t get (did they explain and I missed it) how Victor got to be head of the WSB? That makes no sense.

    I think (though not sure) the Ewen/Cassandra stuff was old regime.

  17. Profile photo of liason4real

    Ewen dropping his towel was when RC took over as HW and while Jason was in the hospital with his last brain fart.

    Victor’s “picture” could have been Georgie, Alan, Emily, Jason, Jake, Tony, Justis, etc…with the audience never knowing which person Robin ran off to rescue.

    Yes, Robin and Patrick could have reunited in early November and broken up before Victor ever came to town on their own terms.

  18. Profile photo of samIShot

    Why can’t they just have Robin as an offscreen character? She is a famous doctor who figured out a cure for Polonium. She’d be traveling for work…… Patrick could be involved in a story that doesn’t have to do with women, maybe something at the hospital.

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    I’m loving gh, it the Gloria Monty style writing, campy and fun. ….and bring back the cassidine family…one problem is…the writer made a mistake…victor cassidine kept saying my mother and nephew need to be brought back from dead….nephew should have been brother…stravos is victor’s younger brother who kidnapped Laura in the fog back in the golden age of gh when Liz Taylor was Helena, still the best in 1981….now 2014, stravos is victor ‘s nephew?…. I got lost on that … Donna mills the new Helena cassidine ? and why not William shatter be Mikkos cassidine the patriarch…..also robin can save the long lost 30 year missing in ice, Alexandria Quartermine in actress of robin Strasser!

  20. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    I’m loving gh, it the Gloria Monty style writing, campy and fun. ….and bring back the cassidine family…one problem is…the writer made a mistake…victor cassidine kept saying my mother and nephew need to be brought back from dead….nephew should have been brother…stravos is victor’s younger brother who kidnapped Laura in the fog back in the golden age of gh when Liz Taylor was Helena, still the best in 1981….now 2014, stravos is victor ‘s nephew?…. I got lost on that … Donna mills the new Helena cassidine ? and why not William shatter be Mikkos cassidine the patriarch…..also robin can save the long lost 30 year missing in ice, Alexandria Quartermine in actress of robin Strasser!

  21. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    Hmm.. maybe it’s possible that Jill Farren Phelps might ditch Steve Burton at some point soon due to Y&R fans not liking the show’s character Dylan. Could present the opportunity to actually bring Jason back from the dead in the form of Steve Burton. I wonder if something may be in the works here…..

  22. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Steven Burton tweeted he just resigned with YR ):

    I started watching in the early 90’s so I’m not use to this campy style of writing or the fact that the women are always in peril needing some man to save them.

    I watched DAYS in the 90’s when Marlena was possessed and Sami was selling her kid sister but for some reason that was more believable than anything happening on GH right now.

    That picture should have been a picture of Georgie. That would be more believable than Robin leaving her family to save Jason. Bringing back Georgie would help her cousin Maxie, Uncle Mac and the woman she has known since she first stepped foot in PC, Felicia. It should have been Georgie.

  23. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @logan_echolls: I started watching GH under the Claire Labine/Wendy Riche years. I thought GH was some of the best drama on television in either daytime or primetime under their helm. For me, GH has always had a certain sophistication in it’s storytelling. Even when I didn’t love the stories, I could respect GH and yes, I enjoyed several years of Guza. Perhaps, if I had watched GH in the 80s with the weather machines and what not, I could get into what’s currently onscreen, but I did not and I cannot. I think it’s really poor writing, lacks drama and lacks fun. Carvialti/Valentini have many problems in storytelling that seem more evident on GH for me because of what I expect from the show. It worked more often on OLTL for me because I enjoyed the camp (I loved Fraternity Row in the 80s and it being revisited; I was used to Niki Smith and thought characters like Tina, Roxy and David Vickers were golden in comedy.) I wish GH honored it’s Labine years. I thought the show was in its best creative shape then. Too bad the current regime is so one-note and shallow. I mean Robin abandoning her family to seek out Jason, seriously? That’s more outlandish than Victor Cassadine being the head of the WSB, Heather Webber routinely escaping mental institutions and Dr. Olbrecht being GH’s COS.

  24. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    CinLee! WOW! I remebered watching the Ice Princess storyline when I was in HS and with Liz Taylor married to Mikkos…The Were the Good Old days!WOW! I always thought Victor was one of the sons of Helena. I didn’t know Mikko’s younger brother is Victor! Thank You for clearing the confusion! ;)

    I love GH in the 80’s and that is what I’m seeing now, the Wendy Riche & Claire Labine were depressing coming home to hear health issues and Jill Farren Phelps were all Mobsters…But Now I LOVE the GH doing the Gloria Monty story! Over the Top!!Something Fun adventure to look into!

    Wendy Riche/Claire Labine were depressing, that’s why I left GH…
    and continued to watch the CBS Soaps and NBC Soaps and OLTL.
    All My Children sucks most of the 90s with more recasting than any shows and Erica Kane doing childish dumb story lines.

    Every Dramas have their Trademarks are best at them: ANd you can tell them apart like:

    Young and The Restless known for glamour and lush set designs like a classic film of the 40’s, storytelling of Jabot Cosmetics, Newman Enterprises. Jill, Katherine, Jack, Victor and Nikki. Lauren, Michael, (Nikki could have taught Erica Kane to be a lady not that Vegas storyline)…Genoa City…..40th Anniversary and #1 Drama in America for 25 years.

    Bold & the Beautiful know for the Fashion World of the glamorous Forresters.
    #1 drama serial in the world, for 20 years International locations, Scenery of Beverly Hills. Fashion Dynasty. The Best show will the best locations and over the top camp storylines.
    Brooke & Ridge, Eric & Stephanie, Thorne & Macy, Taylor, Bill, Sally, Steffy, Jackie & Owen, Liam & Hope, Sheila and Lauren, The Logan Girls. Wyatt and Quinn.

    Days of Our Lives, love the show from the 80s: Tom & Alice, Roman & Marlena, John, Bo & Hope, Kayla & Patch, the DiMeras, Anna & Tony, Renee, Stefano! Gothic over the top story lines, Satans, Salem Strangler,And yes the stories in Salem hasn’t changed for the worst, It getting better and better with Maggie & Victor Kirakis!

    GH was the BEST in the Gloria Monty years, and that is what I’m seeing! And its getting better and more OMG shocking Twist is what Has been Happening!
    Ice Princess; Luke & Laura, Scorpio & Anna; The Quatermaines; Monica & Tracy.
    GH is really at Best when they do what is happening now, Bringing up Faision, Jaks, Dr. 0, Victor, I want the CASSIDINES back!!! Bring back Alexandria Quartermaines! I wanna see more Heather Webber!

    I Love Robin Mattson! Bring back the big shocker, Ava’s mother is from Ryan’s Hope, Delia Reed!!!That is what GH is about bringing back and honor the past and bring it into the next generations!

    IDEAS : Bring Back the Cassidine Family! ( the Cast )

    Louis Sorel (DOOL) as Alexandria Quartermaines who was a lover of Victor!

    Robins Strasser (AW/OLTL) should be the recast of Helena Cassidine
    (she has campy class and a Liz Taylor acting skill) Constance Towers worked too hard to be Helena, she acted like Snow White’s stepmother!

    David Selby (Falcon Crest) as Mikkos Cassidine

    Stephen Nichols as Stefan Cassidine (not from the 80’s, but he’s damn good!)

    AVA JEROME is a Hoot! I Love the Actress (cannot remember her name now!)She was Fabulous on AS The World Turns and Young and the Restless! I love Laura Wright more on Guiding Light, she was pure gold actress. I think she is too Campy or over-doing-it! I wouldn’t be suprise if she’s jealous that Ava Jerome is a far better character Carly.

    And for Donna Mills! The Biggest Casting Coup! Would be fabulous bringing in the couture style of Abby Ewing on GH as a Victor’s Wife?
    (Thaoo Penghlis and Donna Mills would be Hot!)

    And William Shatner joining GH? Wonder what part is that be? Mikkos?

    that is what GH is known for Over the Top adventure and fun camp! No depressing story lines from the hospital….

    I’m done! And this is my thoughts!

  25. Profile photo of nysam

    @Christopher….The Gloria Monty years were great, BUT Monty had stronger writers under her with Douglas Marland, Pat Falken Smith, et. al. that wrote strong characters and love stories. The current GH might borrow some of the sci fi and camp from the Monty era, BUT they don’t focus on romance and characters. In the Monty years the audience rooted for Luke & Laura, Robery & Holly, Grant & Celia, Blackie & Lou, Frisco & Felicia, etc. There are no couples to root for other than Patrick & Robin and we know how that is playing out.

    You mention you love Heather and the Cassadines, but none of these characters are written the same way as they were under Monty’s tenure. Thye used to be powerful and scarey villians. Now they are are more like Boris & Natasha from ROCKY & BULLWINKLE cartoons.

  26. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    Nysam, that’s totally true, you got great points! Yes, the writing of the Monty years were the best and true, hey were real Good Writers unlike today.
    And yes they do look like cartoon like Boris & Natasha…lol
    I sure miss the Best Writers of Daytime!

    No more Gloria Monty she was the best!
    No More Douglas Marland, he really done ATWT golden years!
    No More Pat Falken Smith, she created the DiMeras and Tony, DOOL golden era!!

    So I guess these new writers are working way to hard to be like the writers
    like the Monty, Marland, Falken-Smith,!

  27. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    @soapbaby, I so agree with everything you stated!

    and @nysam you are so right, there is NO romance on GH right now. My mom use to always talk about Luke/Holly, Robert/Anna, etc. She even use to sing some of the songs that played back then like that Patti Austin/Jame Ingram song. Everytime it came on she would say that’s Luke and Holly song. You can’t say that now. Look at Nik and Britt. Those two never even dated yet after a month of knowing each other they are living as husband and wife!

    Also the camp in the 80’s made sense. I really doubt Gloria would have wrote Victor Cassadine as the new director of the WSB after having the WSB arrest him for trying to freeze the world. I seriously doubt Gloria would ever have the woman who helped torture Robin being the new COS. There is camp then there is ridiculous.

  28. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I missed you Soapbaby, great post please don’t be a stranger! And nysam hit the nail on the head. Ron CANNOT WRITE ROMANCE, so he needs to farm that out to someone who can. Sabrina and Patrick never dated, Britt and Nicolas never dated, hell they didn’t even have any conflict except for a brief babynapping! (Memo to Ron — do the baby kidnapping stuff AFTER a few years of a rocky romance, not BEFORE!) Ron’s probably done a bit better job showing Lucy’s growing attraction or re-kindling with Scotty more than he’s done with any other characters…

    When Sheri Anderson and PFS wrote Days, yes there were over the top villians, BUT you also had adult dialogue between characters, pages upon pages. Roman and Marlena just talked and talked and talked; go back and watch their honeymoon stuff on YouTube. Everything was all balanced out.

    DOOL probably has a better current writing staff, with Broderick breaking down Whitesell and Tomlin’s story arcs. But with Days, there’s just enough annoying characters to keep me from viewing regularly…

    I could see Donna Mills playing Helena Cassadine, but should Helena and Luke now be the same age?

    Soapbaby, have you watched GH this week or last week? I got thru the 1/29 episode in 5 mins, and 1/30 don’t look much better!

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