Shirtless Soap Hunks of January 2014 (PHOTOS)

From arrogant Dollar Bills (Don Diamont) on The Bold and the Beautiful to mobsters and cops on General Hospital, shirtless soap hunks helped kick off 2014 in January. Check out more photos after the jump!

Steve Burton

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    [quote=angrierblackerman] Too bad Don Diamont was hired as Dollar Bill, he could have been a good Ridge too! [/quote]

    Great observation. He would have been the awesomest as Ridge!

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    [quote=yojoromo4469]What a waste. 26 pictures of about 6 people?[/quote]

    I thought the same thing, and a lot of the pictures were repeated. That’s annoying when you have to go through so many pages to view them all. I gave up after a while.

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