First Impressions: David Tom Returns to The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott (PHOTOS)

David Tom has returned to reclaim the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless? What were your First Impressions?

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    David Tom is an amazing actor. I was very sad when he left and, as they tried a bunch of different guys in the role, I kept wishing they’re lure him back. Of course, once Billy Miller took the role, it became his – he’s awesome and will be very much missed. David is the only person I’d accept as Billy this quickly after Miller’s departure – I’m really glad he’s back!

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    What I immediately noticed was that David’s version of Billy’s grief seemed more realistic than Billy Miller’s. Miller’s Billy had been grieving for months, but I don’t recall ever seeing him cry actual tears (unless I missed those episodes), whereas David delivered the waterworks on his second episode. Nothing against Miller. I still think he’s a good actor, but some actors are just better at delivering emotional scenes than others.

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    I totally agree with regards to David Tom and how he expressed his grief. Some actors are able to bring the tears when needed others are not. Billy Miller played his grief with anger ant there is nothing wrong with that either. I am pleased David Tom is BACK!

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I remember David Tom from Round 1 – Glow by Jabot anyone?
    He brings the goods and won an Emmy too.

    I miss BM HELLA but David is going to do great.[/quote]

    David Tom, David Lago, Ashley Bashioum and Lauren Woodland will always be one of the highlights of my watching Y&R. They reminded me of the celebrated “Four Musketeers” (GA, JE, KT, MO), of GL during it’s heyday. Sigh. They don’t write ‘em like that anymore….. 0:)

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    I am beyond thrilled David Tom is back. I NEVER liked Billy Miller. The last year on the show in particular. Billy’s acting seemed so forced. I could practically see the Director poking him in the back with a stick saying ACT! I know I’m in the minority when it comes to BM but, See Ya! Welcome back David!

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    It is rather early to be assessing David Tom’s return since at this point he has no choice but to channel Billy Miller. I have noticed that this seems to be a method used by most for a while when taking over a roll.

    However, I certainly agree with Screamer_2012. I think we had grown tired of Billy Miller by the end of his run.

    Regarding the story itself … I was really annoyed that the intrepid Paul Williams was grilling Billy so intensely when he should clearly have been receiving medical attention. Also though, Billy freely admitted to holding Adam at gunpoint (which I think is a crime) yet Paul dismissed any possibility of charges?

    Of course the only criminal charge that should immediately arise from all of this is the first time Victor should continue his annoying usage of Billy Boy Abbott. Show some feelings toward your daughter for god sake. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Tom is able to interact with Mr. Braeden though.

    I do wish that Victor would have shown in life to Adam what he clearly felt in his flashbacks. There could have been such a different Adam had he been given a single chance at all for acceptance by the first two Newman brats. Victor could have seen to it that Adam was treated fairly.

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    I am so glad to have David Back! It was a bit weird though because I felt his mannerisms, and the way he holds his mouth, expressions, etc were very similar to Billy Miller’s. I can’t wait to see scenes with Billy and his mother.

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    Re: Cain and Lily:

    how can two “over protective, loving parents” allow two small children to run around , unsupervised, in a construction site?

    Looks like the lil mates had full access to an industrial kitchen, too!!!

    And WHAT has Jill gotten herself into now??

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    Billy Miller was excellent and I am sorry to see him go, but I really don’t think they could’ve got a better recast than David Tom, I took to him straight away :-)

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    David Tom knocked it out of the park! And I even thought his voice resembled Billy Miller’s which, before this episode, I would have said they sound nothing alike!

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    The scene I most look forward to, is the reunion between DT’s Billy and Jess’s Jill.[/quote]
    Me too! Looking forward to Billy /Jill flashbacks down the road too.

    I loved Billy Miller but because I also loved, and was familiar with David Tom being Billy, the transition was seamless. DT was impressive, and I’m thrilled to have him back. Easiest re-recast ever!

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    Those who are familiar know that NO ONE in daytime except for maybe MTS knows how to convincingly bring on the waterworks like those Tom siblings.

    DT was always a standout young actor, so it was great to see the talent is still there.

    This storyline was basically Emmy reel fodder for all actors involved, and if it continues down this dramatic path, it’s funny to think that possibly both DT and BM could receive noms for not only playing the same character, but the same storyline, too.

    The scene I most look forward to, is the reunion between DT’s Billy and Jess’s Jill.

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    Slam dunk. David Tom killed it. Wow, I was surprised how quickly he filled the role. I admit, I was pretty skeptical but he proved me wrong. The transition was seamless.

    I can tell already that David Tom is a better actor than Billy “Smarmy” Miller. First of all, he can cry REAL TEARS on cue. I was impressed after years of Miller’s inappropriate grinning and mugging. Tom sold me on Billy’s grief in a way Miller never did.

    I was also shocked that Tom had chemistry with Amelia Heinle. There was a sincerity in their interactions. I felt Tom’s version of Billy is more genuine with his feelings whereas Miller always came off fake to me.

    I’d say he’s off to a great start. Looking forward to his scenes with Peter Bergman, Jess Walton, and Eric Braeden.

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    Sorry but David just does not have that mischievous twinkle in his eyes as Billy Miller. I did not detect any chemistry with Amelia either. As with Dylan, this is another ho-hum actor. Billy is supposed to be a guy on fire. I did not see any fire in this actor’s eyes. I am very disappointed.

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    [quote=RealisticViewer]Sorry but David just does not have that mischievous twinkle in his eyes as Billy Miller. .[/quote]

    How could he with the heavy material he’s been given so far? Once he comes out of that dark place I’m sure will see plenty of twinkle. I remember he had it with Mac.

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    This was probably one of the most fluid recasts (Technically, it’s an un-recast since the role is being taken on by the previous portrayer.:)) in the history of daytime. Granted, I was never as fond of Billy Miller as some other fans, so maybe I’m just prejudiced.

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    [quote=scrumptious]I was also shocked that Tom had chemistry with Amelia Heinle. There was a sincerity in their interactions. I felt Tom’s version of Billy is more genuine with his feelings whereas Miller always came off fake to me.[/quote]

    I was surprised by their chemistry, too, and their last scene was very emotional.

    I guess wishing that Heather Tom would still come back as Victoria, now, would be out of the question. Otherwise, the writers would have to come up with a quick way to put a kibosh in that pairing. :O

    I’m sure us viewers wouldn’t want the Billy/Victoria pairing to suddenly take on a “Flowers in the Attic” vibe. That would just be… totally grody.. to the max! :Sp (a little cheesy 80’s humor, there. ;))

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    Very seamless transition. Great work!

    And hey! TPTB even remembered to put a cast on David Tom’s right hand like Billy Miller had been wearing because of his real-life injury. .. lol!

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    [quote=pennywise555][quote=RealisticViewer]Sorry but David just does not have that mischievous twinkle in his eyes as Billy Miller. .[/quote]
    How could he with the heavy material he’s been given so far? Once he comes out of that dark place I’m sure will see plenty of twinkle. I remember he had it with Mac.[/quote]

    Yeah, why should these heavy scenes transmit anything mischievous or twinkling? That would be totally out of place.

    And while I basically love both Billy Miller and David Tom, one thing I won’t miss about Miller is that occasionally inappropriate, seemingly uncontrollable, toothy grin he’d do.

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    I was sooooo upset when Tom left the first time, so not a single complaint here.

    I LOVED Miller, so I’m not going to use this as a chance to compare the two.

    Just two different actors, which will give us two different Billys. Nothing wrong with that.

    Welcome back Mr. Tom!

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    Restless Fan

    I like both actors and they brought different things to the role. BM reminded me of young Terry Lester. David Tom, however made the role popular and I’m thrilled he’s back.

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    With the exception of this last storyline pertaining to Delia, I think Billy Miller had been phoning it in for awhile. So I’m thrilled to see David Tom back. I still want “Villy” broken up, though. I caught parts of Thurs. show on YouTube and the Billy/Jill scene is great, and we already get treated to a flashback.

    And now Colin is back! So I’m a happy camper. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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    So happy he is back!!! BM has been phoning it in since the character came back from Burma. Now if only they can end this Delia mess. Just one thing now Jill is so weak she remarried Colin under duress? Ok is this the best they can do? Wasn’t he deported to oz to serve a long jail sentence. Guess he just trolled across the southern border.

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    I was so impressed with David Thom. He was excellent in the scenes with Victoria. The tears looked real. Because he resembles Billy Miller a bit, the transaction from one actor to the other was perfect. He will do great!!!

    I also liked the flashbacks of Victor with a young Adam. It looks like Victor is going to try and get close with Chelsea??!!!

    Great having Tristan Rogers back. With that devilish smile and twinkling blue eyes, you just know he’s up to no good. Loved his scenes with Jill. At least she will have more of a story now. The show has improved amazingly over the last few weeks. I actually look forward to watching again. Still find Dylan boring and the whole Ian story. It’s reminding me of a story on OLTL, the cult leader, Mitch Lawrence, going after and manipulating Vicki’s daughter Natalie. It looks like Ian will do the same with Summer. I never liked the whole story. Hope Y &R adds more of a twist.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    I’m rooting for him. Agree with what’s been said about his playing more watchable grief, and YES — never quite seen Paul Williams so ridiculously “needing information” at the risk of medical attention. He already thinks Adam’s dead and revealed himself to be “on Billy’s side” to Nick a day or two ago before he’d found Billy and Adam — why the urgency to grill a guy who’s bleeding and barely conscious?

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    I think they need a new chief of police. Paul couldn’t find his ass with both hands.Kevin and Victor’s PI found all the info. Maybe the Mc’Donalds in GC is missing a pancake turner or a packet of ketchup.

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    Yesterday’s episode (Wed) speaking solely for myself was somewhat flat after the last 3 weeks of riveting YR :love:….like something was missing. :~

    Nikki\Nick was great, PB never misses a beat but Sharon’s story has me baffled in so many ways? :~ Is she cray-cray or this “Cassie” a real person stalking Sharon? Makes me wonder….Could this team actually be bringing back a Cassie twin or doppelganger story? :~ If that’s the case and how I loathe doppelganger stories I could accept it if CG is returning.

    Having said that…are JFP & writers once again rewriting Bill’s great history of storytelling like Cassie is alive? Just to ruin one of YR’s best stories ever? I hope not as the cult fiasco I will be so pissed! |( Doesn’t anyone have any respect of Bill Bell’s great abilities, Sony, YR exes, CBS, I just wonder with all the dabbling and damage that has been done to YR over the last 8-9 years.

    OK! This is the one that makes me furious & see red! |( Jill and her story….it’s early but I’m questioning the direction of the story and how they reintroduced Colin…

    First, we get flashbacks and had no Jill present for over 3 weeks and than Colin blackmailing Jill into marriage! WTF! Could he know something about this god awful story of the Fingerhut music box? Tell me how if this is case? The look on Colin’s face and his smirk? :~

    Second, nothing burns me up more then not acknowledging the history! |( |(
    JILL BROKE! :O WTF! This is where the writers are lazy and NOT doing there research. Could they be thinking this will be awesome storytelling by making Jill broke?….LML tried the same thing when Jill was suppose go broke and went back being a manicurist for Mrs. Chancellor…how long has Jill been on the poor house?

    Third, Jill owns half of Fenmore’s! Half of major department story…please

    Fourth, she got 20% of the Jabot Cosmetic Company in her divorce settlement w\John, back in the ’80s (think BD) and Jill had developed the first men’s line at Jabot which was extremely successful and still at Jabot’s!

    Fifth, in the early ,70s Mr. Chancellor made sure Jill (again BD) & baby Phillip was extremely taken care of with millions left to her. This is when a drunk Katherine plunged over the guard rail and was in the accident with Phillip recently being divorced from Kay.

    Mr. C married Jill on his death bed and told Jill she & Phillip would never have to worry again about money because MILLIONS was set back in a trust.

    Once again drunk as skunk Kay seethed with envy because Jill had his child & his trust & his name, the new Mrs. Chancellor. Kay, the vodka vixen had Sherman take Jill to court to rid Jill of everything Phillip set up, creating one of the best storytelling and it started the Katherine vs Jill in full gear…Katherine tried to gain custody of baby Phillip which failed, Katherine tried to break the trust & failed again, Katherine tried to have the marriage annulled from Phillip, she was successful after Jill agreed…only if baby Phillip could keep the last name of “Chancellor”!!!! :love:

    I’m done on my rant but this truly grates my last gay nerve when soaps show no respect to history.

    Jill Foster Abbott should never be “broke”….It would make better story if Colin going after Jill’s millions and blackmailing her with a prenuptial. OK, but Jill is way to smart of being under Colin’s thumb…this isn’t JILL…bring on the ruthless Jill back and she won’t stop until she gets what she wants! Period….

    So we have endure Colin the whole year of him controlling Jill? JFP’s direction for her obsession of weak woman is appalling. JFP, no matter what soap she was in charge always makes the men strong, aggressive, controlling types! why? |( |(

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    It was such an easy fit into a role and DT didn’t miss a beat. I love that he’s returned to the role, his delivery of Billy is so different than BM.

    I loved BM’s version and I said this on a different post a couple of weeks ago, what BM did as TL was his ornery and sexy humor, where DT’s Billy brings the skill of great drama as PB. I think this will enhance the grief in Billy in a more realistic way….he had the tears spot on when talking about Delia! :O Amazing! It showed depth and he wasn’t even present until the end of the story! :O

    It’s early as Tedew mention to fully evaluate the direction of Billy but I didn’t mind his first scenes in the least. :bigsmile:

    Victor’s flashbacks was probably the best part to watch and EB is bringing (of course) about a tortured father having such a tumultuous relationship with his son….EXCELLENT soap to watch! :bigsmile:

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    harlee, I definitely took it from the smirk that Colin is wise to the value of the music box. Perhaps spotted it when Jill tried to hock it on E-Bay?
    Yeah, I have a bad feeling about whatever the Creepy Cassie storyline is. If that’s actually Cassie, ridiculous. If it’s the twin sister Cassie and Sharon never knew she had, ridiculous. If it’s Daisy Carter with Botox, hmm!
    Genoa City has a slightly disproportionate number of doppelgangers and resurrections.

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    Thursday’s was excellent. At the GC hospital that looked like GH. Jill interacting with her original son was like old times and it showed with the flashback to the Glow by Jabot days. Colin is a dastardly bastard up to no good where Devon and his billions are concerned. So Over Abby and her Negro. I can say that cause I’m black. Good Show!

    It was like David hadn’t missed an episode. He and Amelia fit together well. The whole episode was excellent. The shot of Genoa City at night was beautiful as were the shots of the Chancellor Mansion.

    The GCAC under renovation has me excited about what the new set will look like.

    Victor’s flashbacks were amazing footage as were the scenes with him, Chelsea and Jack . Great episode. Could not ask for more form the production staff writing and cast.

    Today’s was great. Glad to have Jill back in action with her significant other Colin. Ian is going to be a mess to deal with. Jack and Nikki was a great scene as well.

    The CGI Newman Ranch home was used accidently for the last scene. Get it together post production. Other than that really good episode.

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    You hit the nail on the head for me. JFP makes all the women on her shows into dumb women. Jill was NO such thing and that is the reason soaps took off. Bitchy strong women. Not this weak woe is me bs.

    The cat fights between Jill and Mrs C. How about the knock down drag out with Lauren and Tracey.
    But by all means shove agent orange on us.

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    Having watched Y&R since 1982, I rarely missed an episode. Starting last September, I tuned in a few times as I just didn’t care what happened day to day. It seemed my love affair with Y&R was over and done with.
    That said, the last few weeks, Y&R has been (for the most part) great. The acting has been fantastic (MCE better get a Emmy nomination). I’m back to “can’t wait to get home and watch my show”, lol. And with David Tom breathing new life into a character that had been stale for the last year, I’m back to caring about Billy. P.S: I still fast forward anything with Avery & Dylan. Also Neil is just too boring.

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    I was just thinking that maybe this “Cassie” was a plant by Victor.

    Remember when Noah slipped to Victor several weeks back that his Mom had been “seeing” Cassie. Victor asked a lot of questions about that. He still hates Sharon, in his own warped mind, so this theory makes sense.

    It could explain why she actually felt a body if Vic hired someone to drive her further crazy.

    I like the twist actually since we’ve been having “Cassie” talk to Sharon since the return, and now she just stood there and glared at her. Something’s changed, so I’m interested.

    If they had gone the twin route from the start it would have made for a much more interesting story, however, Josh didn’t take enough risks.

    At least we are seeing some risks under the new “three” writers.

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    I’m enjoying the show.

    However, I’m still a bit cautious because every new writing team that has come in for the past decade or so has been great at cleaning up the previous team’s messes. It’s when their own stuff is in full spotlight that I start going, “WTF is this?” ;)

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    I guess I’m in the minority here (I don’t mind being the oddball) but I prefer Billy Miller as Billy hands down. I never cared for Tom’s portrayal back in the day. Nothing against the actor, I just never cared about the character until Miller took over so I hated to see Miller leave. To each their own I guess.

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    Alberto…Yes a lot of the soap sites have been leaking the CBS Daytime ratings all day.

    Good news for YR and BB.

    A 4.0 rating is a HUGE deal. We should see the entire ratings tomorrow.

    I don’t know if they’ll be able to maintain that, but if the writing keeps up maybe so.

    And SoapA…I so agree with you. I remember when Josh and Maria took over from that stupid ass (sorry) Latham. It was around Christmas time and the show took on it’s old signature. Then by 2010 or so, it was crazy town.

    Josh took it back in Oct 2012, and things kinda settled down again.

    January was a great month. I just wonder what Jean P has planned long term for the show. (Yikes)

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    I was a huge David Tom fan and was sorry to see him go but didn’t have a problem when BM took over the role. I was shipping him with Mac back in the day before shipping became in vogue; I was sure he had the chops to reprise his role as Billy. If anything can get me back permanently to Y/R Tristan and David fills the bill.

    I usually watch only when certain characters in story are on e.g. Jill, Katherine back in the day, Druscilla, Malcom etc. Whether he has chemistry with Victoria or not I need more time…but I know she sucked the life out of BM’s Billy. I hope they cut him loose from her for a minute.

    CBS was out in our area for about a week because of the weather so I’m playing catch up, I didn’t know until reading post here that Jill is broke?

    That doesn’t make sense Jill’ finances have been on point for decades, there had to be another way …

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    ^^^Whatever it is, it intrigues me. And I applaud these writers for mixing up all the storylines with surprises here and there.

    Josh never could surprise us with his tame writing.

    I just don’t want it to tilt toward the GH side, if you know what I mean.

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    TraceyAbbott….You never fail making a me laugh or smile with your intelligent quips!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: I love you! :love:

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]I knew there was a reason I like you, HARLEE!!!![/quote]

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    P~ You might be right on Victor\Cassie angle. Victor could be playing with Sharon’s sanity….maybe someone might saw what happened on the stairwell between Phyllis\Sharon and using this in way to drive Sharon away from Nick and children being Newmans? What a twist that would be ;) ….A Victor goon? Personally, I wish they had done a twin for Cassie. I love CG and have such fond memories of her and watching her grow up on YR. :(

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    Sorry ’bout it…

    But I’m liking this scary staring Cassie…

    An unexpected twist.

    Did anyone listen to Victor’s speech today one or two scenes right before we saw scary Cassie? He’s ALL about his family.

    He wouldn’t see it as being disrespectful to Cassie, just as a way to further “get rid of” Sharon.

    Carry on.

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    Nothing against David Tom because I think when things settle down, adjust and change he will do just fine. But right now something is off kilter with him suddenly in the Billy role at the end of the Delia fiasco. I do think that Billy should have been missing for a few weeks first.

    The end of our Friday episode (US Monday) was quite well done and satisfying. It will be interesting to see what you guys think.

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    I’m really surprised at all the positive comments. I think that David Tom’s portrayal of Billy is forced. It appears he is over acting. It looks painful to me. I’m uncomfortable watching him. His grimaces, expressions and whininess seems too unnatural to me. He needs to relax.

  44. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=teresap721]His grimaces, expressions and whininess seems too unnatural to me. He needs to relax.[/quote]

    You so described BM in many instances of his acting…. ;)

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    Harlee…^^^ Yes.

    The one thing I’m noticing, and I love David Tom and jumped for joy when I found out he’d replace Miller when he left, is that he is coming off young right now. The curse of a baby face.

    I know that’s a weird comment since he’s actually a bit older than Miller.

    I’m not sure we’ll have any more sex scenes with Watros, which is probably a good thing. I think it would be jarring.

    I think he and AH have chemistry. Sometimes I think she acts like he’s HER brother.

    I have no reservations about him at all. Just an early observation, and one that will go away once he settles in and has more scenes with the other cast.

  46. Profile photo of harlee490

    P~ Me too! :love: Yes, he needs to find his Billy but I’m still loving he’s back…I think he has done an outstanding job coming end on such an emotional story, many couldn’t have done this and be successful.

    He’s cursed with that baby face…maybe they should have Billy grow facial hair might help.

    I saw the same thing between DT\AH they do have some chemistry happening and getting stronger which help when Billy’s nasty deed is exposed.

    I would like DT’s Billy testing the chemistry between him and Chloe could be interesting and have Kevin hookup with maybe Alex ;) >)

  47. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m SOOOOO missing Alex.

    I wish they would have tied Alex and Rafe somehow. Cousins, brothers, lovers… ;)

    Rafe was introduced so well as gay. (Gotta give that one to MAB.) I still think CBS has reservations about those (gasp) gay storylines on their soaps.

    I know ATWT had a popular one, but in the end…

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