CBS Daytime SOARS to Largest TV Ratings in Over Eight Years!

They're having a celebratory breakfast at the Tiffany Network this a.m. Well, if they aren't, they should be! CBS Daytime posted its largest weekly audience in more than eight years for the week ending Feb. 2.

The lineup averaged 4.79 million viewers, it largest weekly viewership since the week ending Dec. 30, 2005. Among women 25-54, CBS Daytime averaged 1.6/09, its largest average since the week ending Feb. 21, 2010.

Both The Talk and Let's Make a Deal served up series highs in viewers, while matching their series-best female demographics. For the week, CBS Daytime's signature chatfest averaged 3.19 million viewers, its largest weekly audience ever and matched its best women 25-54 ratings (1.2/07). 

LMAD delivered its largest weekly audience to-date. The two half hours of The Price is Right posted their best digits in the Nielsens since the week ending Dec. 31, 2004 and Jan. 1, 2005 respectively.

As for the Tiffany sudsers, The Bold and the Beautiful was watched by a whopping 4.17 million viewers the week in question. This was the 30-minute serial's largest weekly audience since the week ending April 13, 2007.

 The Young and the Restless hit 5.73 million viewers the week ending Feb. 2. This was the best showing for daytime's top soap since the week ending April 13, 2007. Y&R also hit its best W25-54 numbers since Feb. 4, 2011. What. Incredible. Numbers!!!! 

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    Both shows deserve it! Y &R has improved so much the last few weeks. The Billy/Adam scenes, Jack and Victor. And I think David Thom will be great as Billy, and Colin’s return will add some excitement. The only sore spot to me is Dylan. He’s just boring! I’m sure Y &R will get plenty Emmy nods with the Delia story.
    Hiring Thorsten Kaye as Ridge was a huge plus for B &B. I started watching the show regularly because of him. I really like Katie and Ridge and their blooming romance. And Quinn is always fun to watch. No wonder ratings are up, the shows have been must-watch lately. Now GH needs to get its act together and stop with the pyschos.

  2. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    I love how Colin and Jill work together. Always fire, he knows how to push everyone’s buttons. Those 2 make up for the boring ones, Tyler and Abby, Devon…
    Colin even brings fire out in Cane, he sure knows how to piss off the natives :)

  3. Profile photo of noway

    Excellent actors USUALLY brings out the best in their co-workers.

    I would like to see DG and DT go at it over their “mother”. Please forgive me CoffeeJunkie. ;)

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    Congrats to CBS!

    I’m glad for YR and BB, of course, and we know these numbers will settle down a bit.

    But the fact that they exist for a week…who’d have thought this a couple of years ago?

    Go Daytime!

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    Amazing! :O efforts for CBS daytime, Congrats! to our daytime dramas. Regardless I’m very happy to see this happening. I might not like all aspects of YR or should I say some couplings but YR has improved drastically in a short time with the Adam\Billy ending, so I hope this is start of something amazing for this gold standard soap. :love:

    I have enjoyed YR more than I have in years but I still find some episodes flat to me. When it has the Dylan\Avery, Noah\Courtney, Tyler\Abby on my screen I just shutter….it’s just UGH to me. This is only my taste to watch and I don’t enjoy. Before some starts crucifying about my taste I just can’t warm up to these no thrill, boring couples.

    I’m not enjoying thus far the Nikki\Ian mess, love the performances by MTS\Wise but it’s not what I want to see in a story for Nikki. Again, personal taste with the fabulous MTS. I feel it’s wasted story only push agenda Ken\Dylan for more story! |( I don’t like Dylan character I don’t think SB is nothing special in acting department only because being a”FOJ” got him his job. It’s probably because how JFP rushed him to YR and truly disrespected his GH fans, even if I don’t watch GH. Ever since he’s had more story, airtime then any performer on show.

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    What I am loving about YR right now is the fallout of Adam’s “death” will be excellent soap to watch. Now, with David Tom returning to the role, which I know many have said it’s a wait to see and I thought the same thing during his first scenes. But after yesterday’s (Thursday) episode I’m so much happier about him returning to Billy. He will flourish once again in the role and I’m a very happy soul. :bigsmile:

    I’m loving the pairing of Devon\Hilary. This is Devon’s first real love story and Bryton James is bringing the goods to the story. :love: I so loving the animosity between Lily\Hilary, it’s just so much fun to watch this bitchfest and to grow into longtime standing between these two divas! :love: I haven’t minded Cane of late. I would watch DG any day over SB….

    Victor\Jack bring it on!!!! Love, love, loving this rivalry renewed in a great story over baby Connor. It feels so natural in a good story and using their history doesn’t feel like a forced rivalry story. MCE’s Chelsea is such an amazing actor and she is becoming one of favorite characters to watch. :bigsmile:

    I have enjoyed Chloe\Kevin so much more with the Adam story then I have in months. I was getting overdosed on these two but this is appropriate and makes it more realistic to me. Again the fallout.

    I love Neil\Leslie together but I don’t want these characters to get stuck in story limbo, it needs something else in the mix. OK, Jean do your magic and make these two characters shine….maybe it’s time to recast Dru ;)

    I love the chemistry between Jess\Tristan they have it in spades, as of now I’m just not sure how this story will pan out…It’s because Jill is my favorite character on YR and what is remaining in a sense of Mrs. Chancellor I will keep an open mind and pray like MF!!! :O

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    Congrats to all!
    I want these shows to succeed. Last thing we need is one more cancelled soap.

    When the Y&R writing team wraps up the stories they started in on and begin their own is when we will really see if this is the Dream Team for Y&R.

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    Restless Fan

    Really happy to see soaps can hit those kinds of number again. After years of watching soaps losing viewers this trend is a welcome relief.

    I agree with Harlee. Parts of Y&R really work, but they still have too much deadweight. The show really needs to work on their couples. Most produce so little chemistry and are hard to watch. That would be, Tyler/Abby, Courtney/Noah, Dylan/Avery, and though I initially liked, Neil/Leslie aren’t sparking like they used too (bring back Dru).

    Y&R is improving. I would still love to see JFP mine some of Y&R’s classic elements. Y&R doesn’t look like the Cinderella-esque show it used to. Its got a very generic look and predictable sound now. But the writing is improving and that is huge. Last week reminded me more of the glorious past it once had than anything else I’ve seen them do in the past 6 years.

  9. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101


    Love the ungoing Kelly/Stitch drama, and the soon to be upcoming Leslie/Neil explosion.

    Finally a possible ending to “The Mystery of The Music Box” and Jill is great with Jill.

    Nikki is all over the place, as she should be, and Ian’s going to be a major player!

    Sharon and Chelsea is better than Chelsea/Chloe.

    And what is up with this Cassie???

  10. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    @stoney07. Hilary is the one character who didn’t make an impression who is now starting to work. I like the prospects of her being that sidekick to Sharon that Dru once was.

  11. Profile photo of harlee490

    It would be nice if Sharon had some bffs as Hilary, Sharon & Dru used to be great friends and I’m liking the Sharon\Chelsea possible friendship with both having been exposed to the Newman family through the Newman men…boy! Sharon could give lots of advice on that note.

    I like Leslie, the character & actor but it does need something added to the mix, maybe something could be coming but right now it’s a little flat.

    I sound like a broken record I know but I would love YR to cast Nate Jr…this would give us some Liv and having a family connection to the Winters family. ;)

    I’m digging on Stitch & Kelly but CW isn’t staying and that’s a shame they have a good dynamic working off of each other.

  12. Profile photo of sillytee

    finally a couple that doesnt need marriage to define them..leslie not wanting to be married because it won’t make any difference is refreshing. i dont know if it’s been done before on a soap, so someone educate me if it does. yes, it’s a soap and we love weddings, but neil crying like a p*ssy cause she won’t marry him was kinda cheesy. he’s been married enough already..

  13. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’m liking all the characters on Y&R right now. I enjoy Hillary even if I think the show needs a bitch to rile up the young generation and one to do the same for the older. It’s sad in my head that they took Hillary so far and then to keep her made her a saint.

    AND don’t pair her with jack. I’ve seen people comment and I don’t want to see that. Give her and Devon a chance.

    Love that we see Sharon all sane and now going off the deepens with seeing a silent Cassie. But I am alone here, but please make the reveal NOT THAT SUMMER IS NOT JACKS but that Sharon, in her cuckoo state, thought she switched the results!

    Please don’t drop jacks vendetta against victor for the drug summer took. I have a small feeling that it will be dropped now that Adam is gone and custody of Connor will play into the main story. As well as the fact that Jill has a renowned search for Kay’s gift with Colin. (It will be sad if that dynamic with jack Jill Hillary and even a lil bit Kyle is dropped against victor. In my head Kay’s gift to Jill was that she had to fight for what she wanted and that’s what makes her happy… Plus one last dig fr Kay before Jill got chancellor.)

    Summer, by the way, needs to be paired with fen and then the two set off on a sweet and fun story. Summer is one misguided and depressed character to watch. She needs to stop whining. And Noah… Well he needs to stop being written like a big joke!!

    Overall I am happy Y&R is doing gangbusters in the ratings! I hope that Jill… Congrats.. Gets back to story telling on a grand scale and writes from start to finish instead of starting and then dropping stories. (We still have a year of “why is Tracey in town? Victoria as a children’s book writer or exec at Newman. Chelsea’s clothing company. Neil’s job. The ballet shop for lily. Kay’s will. Murphy? And more.)

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