The Newmans Learn What Their Father is Capable of on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Victor's (Eric Braeden) eldest offspring find out the truth about their father today on The Young and the Restless. How will Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) react to Jack's (Peter Bergman) revelation about Adam? Watch a sneak peek at Tuesday's Y&R after the jump!

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    Loving the show recently. I like the new twist to the Jack/Victor feud. What that said, I hope these new writers let Victor lose for once. His machinations are getting old when he doesn’t pay any consequences.
    David Tom is killing it as Billy. MCE is on fire as Chelsea. I am waiting for Chloe to completely lose it.
    I am enjoying the new twist with Womack being out of jail. The actor playing Fen is excellent and I am looking forward to what’s in store next.

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    Yesterday’s episode was quite good. :bigsmile: I’m very happy of late with the quality coming back to YR. I might not be enjoying all stories as to say Days but the level has lifted greatly since Jean has come aboard.

    OH! MCE has been on fire in this story of “widow abused” and Chloe I’m just so-so on this story…Liz is excellent and saving this story with her acting abilities. But not finding it appealing.

    I loved the scenes between Jack\Billy. DT has came in on difficult story just ending and hasn’t missed a beat. All those Tom siblings sure do know their craft! :bigsmile: Jack will keep mum about finding out Adam was shot as a good brother. This is typical with the Abbott clan.

    I absolutely loved the ending yesterday when Jack ripped Victor a new asshole in the hospital! Letting the Newman brats really know about what Victor did by not coming forward about Adam…putting salt in the wound how Victor blackmailed his own son! :bigsmile:

    This feud has more of organic feel and not a force story as some have been in the past between Jack\Victor.

    I’m so looking for forward today except Ken\CupBarbie misery…EEK! |(

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    Tuesdays show was EXCELLENT.

    I am just not seeing it w/David Tom though. Esp in his scenes w/EB. He doesn’t have the balls to stand up to him like Billy Miller’s Billy did. He’s too immature, IMO. Half the time he sounds so whiney.

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    The writing and delivery continues to become superior. Amelia better bring it today. SHE brought it. Thats the Victoria i grew up with. EXCELLENT EPISODE! Give MCE her EMMY.

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    sorry but that whole scenario with victoria and victor talking outside billy’s room was badly directed/edited no matter how good the performances were. i’m loving the summer/ian dybnamic..that’s gonna be freaky!

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    So I guess this is one of those times that Victor isn’t exactly coming out on top.

    I like this renewed Jack/Victor feud. And for once it doesn’t involve Newman and Jabot which is refreshing.

    I felt the scenes today where Victoria and Victor were fighting in the hall with Billy and Stitch in his hospital room were a bit awkward also, but the show is so much improved it’s hard for me to call it out.

    I do think Tom is still trying to get back into the role, and I feel he’s done a great job.

    Looking forward to the Billy/Victor showdown tomorrow.

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    Today’s episode was good, I to thought the Victor\Victoria at the hospital was not very well directed. It just seem somewhat off. It was better when they were actually showing Victoria\Victor.

    I’m liking DT and very pleased he’s back. I like BM but not missing him.

    I loved the Nikki\Summer scene, it was very YR style, with the generations co-mingling together I thought was spot on. :bigsmile:

    MCE is on FIRE she is has been simply excellent in this story. Yes, I could do without the Ken doll but no surprise here I could always do without Ken. I liked Avery better today without Dylan when she lit into Ian. The only thing I hope JFP doesn’t let Ian off, she loves her vile sinners to become saints as MAB did with Adam….I hate that! It ruins characters. MM was outstanding actor but I could never warm up to Adam after his deeds.

    HELL YEA! :D Victor’s balls are in a vice and Jack is turning the handle! :bigsmile: I’m SOOOOO enjoying this feud once again and I too think Victor isn’t going to squirm his way out of this mess….Bill always divide it up on wins & loses with his rivalries. It’s about time to see Victor taken down a notch or two…just wait when Jack uses the drug info with upper right cut to the pharmaceutical pharaoh owner….Mr. owner ;) Knockout! Victor will be fighting mad for revenge….which I want a front row seat to enjoy. :love:

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    What, how laughable. Why is this supposed to be a thing in all of the other nuances they could be playing? Why should Victor have had to turn his own son in? Furthermore, how is any of this any sort of news for Vikki and Nick? This is who Victor is and has always been, and they all know that.

    Why does every storyline on this show always have to be about Jack vs. Victor? It is so tedious, and if they are to have battles they should happen from within their respective companies, á la Tuvia vs. Safra!

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    RebeccaJ … I think you are on target right now with David Tom ending what the character needs to have ended. But I do think that when the wash is done he will be quite good in his new surroundings.

    TraceyAbbot101 … Nikki done with Victor??? Come on, it will not ever happen for keeps.

    Yoryla … why do you keep on defending Victor? He committed a crime of omission this time and he’s constantly committing crimes “all for the sake of the family”. If Mr. Braeden had even a tenth of the acting prowess of Peter Bergman then maybe I could believe him and feel for him but he does not; so I don’t.

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    Regarding Jack vs Victor…

    We really hadn’t had much of this under Josh G., so I for one am glad this rivalry is back.

    In Victor’s warped mind, it’s always about “protecting his family”, but I love it when he gets caught in his lies and his family ends up pushing him away.

    I like the tension it’s created with Nikki as well, however, I HOPE this isn’t the writers thinking they can break these two up yet again.

    Then I would cry TOO MUCH. You can have a “happy” soap couple like those two, but still have family drama where they disagree.

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    tedew, You misunderstood. I’m not rooting for Victor at all or feeling bad for him, I just am perplexed that why they would rise the issue of Victor doing something like this at this big *thing*, when this is what he does, every time. Why is it played that Vikki and Nick are so shocked about it? It’s plot-pointy, and vapid and unnecessary.

    Also, I don’t like the repeat of it always being Jack who has to be a thorn in Victor’s side, or the other way around. It diminishes both of them, but especially Jack’s character and it makes him look vindictive and petty. *EVERY* time there is a secret in the Newman family with Victor, it’s Jack who has to blow it open, and when it’s with Jack, Victor has to blow it open. It’s dumb. Especially considering that Victor does have other enemies from ove the years aswell. And I don’t like them trying to hurt each other through their children. That should be the one thing that can bring them together, their love for their children and grandchildren, who are in many ways intertwined. That’s the way it was always played when William J. Bell was in charge. They fought through their companies and in the boardroom, but if Nikki, Ashley, or another family member was in an accident or wound up in the hospital they were both there and declared a seize-fire. That’s not the case anymore. There’s no organicness in this thing anymore.

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    Great acting during the confrontation scenes, I guess the reason I’m not going “Oh wow!” over it is because this this just another time when Victor’s scheme gets revealed, everyone will huff and puff and pull the “I never want to see you again” card, but before you know it… he’ll be forgiven and everything will be back to normal and Victor will be working on his next scheme if he’s not already! It’s repetivive. Just once I would like to see Victor really pay for and regret what he’s done…just once. It is Victor after all so we know that’ll never happen.

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    Monday and Tuesday were both excellent.

    First off, Melissa Claire Egan is simply KILLING day in and day out. No offense to the equally outstanding Liz Hendrickson, but if MCE doesn’t get her long-overdue Emmy for this arc then there really is no justice to be had. Her scenes Monday with Hendrickson were FIRE from beginning to end.

    Second, I hope Victor actually loses this time. I’m on the edge to see when exactly Jack is gonna drop that bomb that Victor’s subsidiary is selling the drugs that Summer accidentally OD’ed on. And to agree with Rebecca above, while I actually prefer David Tom to Billy Miller, I’m not sure if the dynamic is gonna be quite as strong between Tom’s Billy and Victor as it was with Miller in the role. I will say that I like that Tom portrays Billy with a little more sensitivity and humanity as opposed to Miller, whose Billy seemed like a smirky, occasionally hard-edged wise ass.

    Third, enjoying some of the secondary stories more. I really like the Lily/Kelly burgeoning friendship–still don’t understand why so many dislike Watros here, I think she’s great–and I enjoyed the Ian/Avery scenes despite me not liking that story as a whole(mostly of course because of Dylan). Still not sure what to make of Silent Cassie–guess Sharon still sees but no longer hears dead people–but I think that thread needs to be wrapped up ASAP and Sharon needs to return fully to this plane of reality.

    All in all, the show continues to improve. Hopefully they can hold on to the momentum.

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    @Yoryla, I think I get what you’re saying: Victor is always pulling awful sh*t so why should this be any different, right?

    I LOVED the expression on Nicki’s face when Victor yelled to Victoria, “You’ll come back. You always do.” Yeah, sound familiar, Nicki?

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    hey mon

    The Show is pretty good right now.

    Colin / Womack / etc – I hope that this is the beginning of an Organized Crime syndicate coming to GC. The whole Newman vs Jabot thing is getting kind of old.

    Victor and Victoria – Victor was definitely in some serious pain yesterday and today. He deserves to suffer big time.

    Billy – Dave Tom is trying, got to give him credit. What he needs is more scenes with Jill to cement him in everyone’s minds, since they both did a great job 10-15 yrs ago in their scenes together. I realize that Billy Miller just up and walked… so he is stuck interacting with only the Newmans, and not the Abbott orbit, where dave Tom excelled back then.

    Ian – Scene grabber, even makes Jessica Collins and Steve Burton seem interesting.

    Cassie – Likin it. I love gas-lighting, body doubles, etc. Keeps the show interesting.

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    @Hey Mon, yes the show is pretty damn good now. I like the new crime syndicate. It makes me wonder what the shipment is in the Doll. Could it be drugs or diamonds?

    The scenes today With Nikki having the last word with Victor was C4 going off at the ranch. They are really bringing it like they did many years ago. They aren’t going through the motions anymore.

    Lily and her father in law was an excellent scene as well.

    MCE and Daisy Duke brought it today too. You can tell the cast as well as the directors are loving shooting this new material.

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    I think Sharon and Ian should get together. He can seduce her and get her on the correct path. Take her off all her meds and tell her he can heal her without all of that.
    Time her storyline came up and bit her on her lard a(*)
    She’s another one that get’s to skate.

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    The episode was good in spots. I loved the scenes between Billy\Victoria\Nikki\Victoria. Victor is busted big time and he does deserve to have his turn at redemption for his deeds.

    I know many dislike, sometimes hate Victor\EB but when all was at the ranch it was just good soap opera to watch.

    Hey, Victor spoke the hard truth in one instance as Nikki\Victoria\Billy railed his ass and for good reason. When Victor shouted LOUDLY to Billy about “who was the one that left a child in a car alone!!” J) I loved it! :bigsmile: I know many had said when this happened everyone chimed in their parent had done the same thing, as my parents….most were right and we are all older and back in ’70s & ’80s you could get away with it. You just can’t do this in today’s atmosphere to many children have been kidnapped.

    I thought EB delivered Victor’s anger to perfection. This deed might have done real damage to his relationship with his family. Which it should. The ending was great when Nikki spouted “Victor you never learn”… $) On the money with that statement.

  19. Profile photo of harlee490

    I loving this reunion of Shick. I was a big Shick fan back in the day, Morrow\Case has such an easy chemistry together when working in a scene.

    I know many don’t like kids on soaps, but I do enjoy them if they are half way decent and I do like Faith. When she ask about “who will be mommy’s valentine” Excellent. :bigsmile: I was surprise by Sharon’s honesty to Nick about seeing Cassie. I didn’t expect this actually, I thought Sharon would probably go crackers once again…Nick is standing by his woman :love: P~ I think you’re spot on about Victor hiring this girl and then to find out in the story she was a twin and pissed because Cassie was Newman & she was in maybe foster care system…. ;) Wishful thinking I know but to have CG back simply be wonderful.

    Ian\Summer is interesting but I’m not a “loving” this story as some. Too many people our being terrorized, depressed, or wigging at once. Yes, there has been improvement in the writing but it’s still needs better balance in stories. First, Billy’s depression (god awful morgue music has stopped :bigsmile: ) now we going down the road with Chloe, Carmine isn’t done with Lauren more than likely, the Ian mess, Sharon’s still a mental case supposedly, enough YR….they need to lighten stories up with some good romance and for Pete’s sake add some levity to show.

  20. Profile photo of harlee490

    We do have Devon\Hilary, Lily\Hilary bitchfest starting, Ben\Kelly connection, Neil\Leslie and that’s about it when it comes to something with great possibilities to start. I’m loving the Newman’s dysfunction, really loving the Jack\Victor feud smoking up the screen. I do like how they have been writing Jack lately, not as constant playboy manipulator but more mature and John-like, decent, good to his family, protector but not in overbearing way….but scheming enough on business side to be Jack Abbott. Man, we need Ashley home for good would be wonderful! :love: Chelsea stories is spot on w\MCE in performance and writing her dismay and hurt! :love: Why do we still have Anita on our TV and never get any Gloria? I’m not a fan of Catherine Back but am a fan of Judith Chapman, she’s a complete actor and have shown this in the past.

    No Tyler\Abby, Courtney\Noah, & for god sake no Ken\Cupcake Barbie which JFP is trying to convince the audience they are the next “supercouple” of YR! :tired:

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    hey mon

    I really like Anita, she is real and brings life to The Show. Gloria would be good, too, but plays better with Kevin and Michael.

    Eric Braeden Victor was on target giving it the way Victor wold give it, blaming Billy for leaving her alone.

    3 eff-ing cheers for Amelie Heinle for bringing Victoria into life and reality. Just saying she was leaving, that she was done. Very realistic. No hysterics, nothing. Nikki was reading it right, that Vicky may never come back.

    MCE has been Emmy-winning, subdued and really good. Even Kevin and Chloe are palatable and good.

    Forget about Josh G — failure — compared to the current regime.

  22. Profile photo of tedew

    RebeccaJ … I think that the Ian/Summer story is supposed to creep you out!

    I still don’t get all this praise for Victor doing the same things over and over again; especially with Billy when Billy is so vulnerable. I think that Nick had the best thought of anyone in years when he told Victor that he always shows his guilt by deflecting blame onto others. I also definitely do not get the praise for Mr. Braeden plus you can still always tell he’s just reading his lines.

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    [quote=hey mon]Yeah, Sharon is going to be Ian’s daughter. Doris is going to pop up pretty quick, see Ian, and start having flashbacks.[/quote]

    I’ve pretty much had it with the longlost daughter/father/ mother/son storylines.

  24. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I would actually like it a lot if Ian turned out to be Sharon’s father. If for no other reason, because Sharon’s backstory and who her father is, has never been discussed and it has been twenty years in the making. That would also make her Dylan’s half-sister, which is what some were hoping for would happen when they introduced Dylan and Sharon. Also, it would help to explain Sharon’s desperation and clinginess to men and also to see if there is something inheritable along the lines of a mental illness. And not to mention, of course it would connect Sharon and Nikki in yet again a new way. Of course, I’m not expecting for Ian to be staying for a very long time, but still.

    Lol, I almost can’t believe I just said something positive about Y&R :D Of course it probably won’t happen then.

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    I guess you can put 10#’s of lard in a 5# bag.
    I too want Ian to be Sharon’s father.
    I want her to find out about him right after she beds him too.
    He’s about the same age as Victor, about the same amount of money…

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